Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bashar: All of It

Bashar: All of ItB: Now recognize that we have discussed many different ideas andaspects and points of view and approaches to realizing your ownabundance in life, which is natural -- a natural state of being. Youare naturally abundant; and if you can allow yourselves to perceivethat natural abundance, then you can open all the doorways throughwhich abundance can come to you in any form, any way that it is ableto come. Not placing upon it, as we have talked about before, anyparticular expectation of how you think it should come, because thenthat may actually limit its ability to come to you in the quickestpossible way.We have discussed many times the idea of the ownership of materiality,of material things, of what you call possessions upon your planet. Andthere have been different schools of thought throughout the variousages on your world regarding the idea of whether or not you,quote/unquote, own anything. Generally it is surmised by those thatthink of themselves as approaching it holistically, naturally, thatyou do not really "own" anything. And in a sense this is true. But theidea also can be said in exactly its polar opposite way, and stillmean the same thing, you own everything, everything, all of it.Everything, in a sense, that you own, it doesn't mean that you own itin the sense of having to hoard it. Many individuals who think aboutthe idea of abundance, sometimes out of the habits you have created inyour society, tend to think of abundance as an actual holding on tosomething, a having, a maintaining, an isolating, a locking up, alocking away of wealth of many different kinds.But recognize, as we have discussed, individuals who truly function asrich individuals, to use your terms, you can very often observe (that)it is not so much that they have things, but that they use them. Theyflow things through the persona that they are, through the life stylethat they are, through the situations that they are. Individuals whoexpress high degrees of abundance and wealth are usually individualswho get things to flow, who are facilitators, exchangers of energy --shifting this for that, replacing this, trading off. Allowingindividuals to receive certain ideas that they need in return forother things that someone else needs.The whole idea of even your monetary form of abundance is still theidea of exchange, fundamentally, first of all, not so much the idea ofholding on to it. For after all, if you actually hold on to it, allyou are actually holding on to physiologically is paper and metal. Theidea of what money is all about is what abundance symbolizes: theexchange of things.Now, many individuals, as we recognize upon your planet at this time,are dealing with different aspects of their old ideas of abundance,and what they may believe prevents them from having what theydetermine should be the abundance they desire. But this is simplybecause this prevention, or so-called prevention of abundance isusually because of the attitudes, the outlooks, the way you look atabundance, not because you are intrinsically lacking in the ability tobe abundant -- which everyone is, in their full natural state.Now the idea -- if you are willing to look at it this way -- ofrecognizing your own natural abundance is that all of it, everything,belongs in a sense to all of you. All of you. You will use a certainform of abundance one time, and when you are through with it, someoneelse will use it -- in much the same way that when you are throughwith one of your dollar bills and you spend it, then someone else getsto use it. The whole idea is to create a flow, in that sense.So recognize that you already own everything, and that each and everyone of you has a natural access to every single form andrepresentative symbol of abundance that exists in your society. Thewhole idea is to loosen up with regard to how you see yourself -- asto whether you deserve that or not, and as to whether you can handlethe flow or not. For these are the two main ideas that many of youhave created that seem to prevent you from utilizing in a consciousway the abundance that is naturally yours.If you know you own it all already, then realize there is absolutelyno reason -- at least as far as the universe is concerned -- why youcannot flow whatever level of abundance to your life that you'rewilling to believe you're the level of. And all you need to do toreally activate that flow of what you already own is to trust that ifwhat you want to do with it represents your intention withinintegrity, you will be given the opportunity. That's all you need toassess within your conscious commandment, within your consciousdecision making capability: that what you want to do is within theflow of integrity, and represents the ideas that excite you.Those things -- if you allow yourselves to fully believe and trustthat you will be able to handle whatever opportunities are presentedto you, once you allow it to be all right to be who you are, thennothing will stop the flow of natural abundance in whatever way, shapeor form it needs to come to you. So simply remember: you already owneverything -- literally! You already own everything.You can use anything. And all you need to do to attract to you theopportunity to use it is to simply make the decision that what youwant to do is absolutely within the intention of integrity, becauseintegrity creates a positive flow. And if you are doing the thing thatexcites you the most, it will create the activation, emotionalmechanism, to attract into your life the opportunity so that you canact upon those opportunities, and accelerate and stimulate that flow.That's all you really need to do.We understand that in your world now, because of what you have createdyourselves to be, and the habits you (have been) in for thousands ofyears, sometimes it seems to take time to get to the point where youwill allow yourselves to be aware that you are a being of integrity.Many of you don't believe that you are a being of integrity. You aretaught from when you were very young that integrity is not somethingeasy to do, easy to maintain -- that is requires stamina, that itrequires effort to maintain the idea of integrity.As we have already also discussed, many of you are talked out offollowing what excites you from a very early age on, not being willingto trust that life can be that ecstatic and that simple. Allowingyourselves to finally give yourselves permission to know you are abeing of integrity -- for no more complicated reasons than because yousay so. That will be enough. You have that degree of power.When you decide you are a being of positive integrity, your life willbe reflective in a positive way. And the only thing you need to do todetermine that you are in fact a being of positive integrity is todecide that you are and act like it. That's it; that's all it takes.It is that simple. We will remind you, once again, it is that simple.qSharing!