Monday, February 26, 2007

Bashar on Positive Change

Bashar on Positive Change

*When you begin to allow all events in your life to serve the purpose -- no
matter what the circumstances -- to serve the purpose for which you created
them, you will be able to view any event in your life with regard, with
respect, with relation to the entire life -- what you have lived, and what
you have yet to live.

*The reason you are experiencing negative circumstances, with regard to the
positive purpose you are creating, is because you still assume that the
circumstances, in and of themselves, bespeak the purpose of the situation
-- which they do not necessarily have to.

* A [seemingly negative] situation is valid, in the sense that you had to
agree to co-create it to show yourself something about your belief system,
about yourself...

* Love the idea that you are creating this [seemingly negative situation]
so that you can recognize what the belief is. Once you recognize, by
allowing your physical reality to be an obvious reflection of what you
believe about yourself; once you recognize this reality to be reflective of
that belief; once you recognize a belief, it transforms -- if you allow it
to serve the purpose for which you created the scenario that showed you
what the belief was you had.

* Allow yourself to interact with the situation. Do not be standoffish. You
have created it; you have co-created it. It is your reality, get in there
and act in it. Thus you may find that some of the things you may want are
even in the situation you think you don't want.

* You are infinitely and multi-dimensionally creative, and always will
bring to yourself the answers you seek through many doorways that you may
not expect that they could come.

* When you go with your own flow, you will sense that it has changed.You
see, many of you individuals ask for an increase in your acceleration, but
when you give it to yourself, you hold back and don't take it by acting
on it. Thus, if you made that move and created that scenario, and went into
it and acted into it, and you arrived at a point where it became sticky, it
is an indication to you that you have changed, and that now something else
can occur. But many of you choose to ignore the idea that you can simply
change out of this again into something else, and choose to stick with it.
So it sticks with you.

* Why do you find that you have ascribed this symbol of what you supposedly
call absentmindedness to people who you think are geniuses? It is because
it is a trait of listening to the inner self. And when you do that, as
those so-called geniuses do -- that is why you think they are geniuses:
because they are listening to their inner selves and acting upon it --

8 Start [by creating] a question within: "Well, why such-and-such and
so-and-so? [Then] you are linking with your pictures, with your feelings,
with subtle ideas and feelings of energy, and forming scenarios that you
are describing in terms of what you would rather the situation would be
like. Now as you create the scenario of what you would rather the situation
be like, you are, in the moment you are creating that scenario
even as you are forming the question which separates you from it -- you are
forming the vibration of being that person in that preferable scenario. But
you let it be so subtle, you don't pay attention to the fact that
even as you're asking the question, you are creating the answer by the
feelings you are giving yourself about what you think you prefer.