Monday, April 2, 2007

Bashar ~ Love and Guilt and Free Will

Bashar ~ Love and Guilt and Free Willthrough Darryl Ankawww.bashar.orgQ: I've been struggling with this question, and I thought I'd finallyask it.B: Then, perhaps, that will be an allowance to finally answer it foryourself.Q: That's true. I go back and forth between allowing myself to feel love.B: Yeees?Q: (Crying) And... excuse me, I get very sad.B: Now, do not condemn yourself with that idea, for what you are doingis allowing yourself to become the answer. For crying, just likelaughing, is centering, because you are releasing the idea of yournegativity. Crying is centering coming from a negative point of view.Laughing is centering coming from a positive point of view. But bothof them get you in the center.And you are now, by releasing this as you express yourself lovingly,willing to become the answer that you are seeking. So you do not haveto seek it any more. So please continue. There is no need to excusewhat you are doing; it is a very loving, creative act.Q: Thank you. I go back and forth between allowing myself to feellove, and then go back and forth to feel anxiety and not feeling love.And in my family situation, the way I grew up was that they taught meto feel guilty about feeling myself, and feeling myself feeling love.B: Yes.Q: And I want to get to a peaceful place.B: All right. Now, you have already said that you are aware that youlearned this idea through your family. So therefore, the idea of whyyou are doing it basically is conscious. Yes?Q: Yes.B: Well, if the idea of why you are doing it is conscious, why are youassuming that there is something else beyond just knowing that thatneeds to be done, to allow you to choose something else? You see,knowing that, in and of itself, is the ability to change it, becauseyou are aware of what you are doing and why.Q: I have trouble though, between the places of... I understand whatyou are saying.B: All right. Now, how about this? The times that you allow yourselfto feel love -- how does that feel?Q: Wonderful!B: All right. Now, that being -- that being, that you -- is alwaysyou. Yes?Q: Yes. But.B: The other being is also always you, yes?Q: Yes.B: All right. Allow yourself to let those two beings, the oneexpressing the love and the one expressing guilt -- which is the trueopposite of love, not hate; guilt is the true opposite of love -- letthose two polarized beings be equal. Since you will always be both ofthem, you will never be able to rid yourself of anything, becausethere is nowhere to rid yourself of anything to. And since you willalways contain both of those aspects, then allow yourself to know thatboth of those aspects exist because there is the potential that at anygiven time one or the other of them will serve a purpose for you.That is the only reason why all of these differentiated aspects inyour personality exist -- because they are all different types ofmessengers that give you different types of messages. So that from anydirection you could possibly go in, there will always be a reflectionback to you of what it is you are and what you think of yourself andwhere you stand, with regard to whom and what you are willing to be.Therefore, knowing that all of your personality traits, the lovingones and the guilty ones, all serve in their own time a purpose, allowthem all to be equal kinds of messengers.Do not make it that feeling love is more important than feeling guilt.It may be something you prefer and something you enjoy, whereas youmay not prefer or enjoy the guilt. But the ability to feel love is notmore important than the ability to feel guilt, since there are timeswhen the idea of the guilt has served a purpose -- if only to get youto realize that you prefer to feel love. Which may be the only reasonfor why you are creating it. But you are not taking the final step torealize that that might be, plain and simply, the only reason why youhave assumed that the guilt needs to go on.Q: Oh, okay.B: Allow yourself to know you have been served by yourself. And now,in allowing the guilt and the love to be equal, well then, wheneverything is equal, a choice is easy, because you do not have toreach for what you want. Nor bend for what you want. Nor throw awaywhat you don't want.It is all right here. And it is all equal, so it is very easy. "Well,this is what I prefer. This I do not prefer. It is all right here, andalways with me. So if I should decide to explore something thatrequires the ability to feel guilt, that will also be right within mygrasp." Because, as a total higher consciousness being, the idea ofexperiencing love or guilt is all the same, it is all a tool tounderstand yourself through this particular reality. And to the higherconsciousness self, love/guilt -- all right, well it is all the same.Now, it is left up to you as a physical personality, however, to havethe free will to choose the methodology of what the higherconsciousness wants to explore as a general concept. Therefore.Q: Could you repeat that?B: All right. It is up to you, as a physiological consciousness, tochoose the methodology by which you will explore what the higherconsciousness wishes to explore about itself. In other words, the freewill of the higher consciousness chooses the overall generalized ideasor events that you will explore, let us say the idea of separation, orthe idea of separation and love, so to speak.Q: Uh huh.B: Now, it is up to you to choose, with your physical free will, themethodologies by which you will explore what the higher consciousnesswants to explore. So, you can explore that idea through a positiveidea; you can explore it through a negative idea. Both ideas will beteaching the higher consciousness something, for everything to thehigher consciousness is valid and a learning experience. But you canstill prefer to choose the positive way -- which will then shorten thetime it takes to experience that and allow you to get on with anotherexperience.Separation -- choosing limitation and negativity -- creates separationand stretches out and creates more time. So the idea of choosing thenegative is what creates the idea you call a vicious cycle or a rut,because you are constantly creating loops of time by choosing themethod of separation. Because you do not recognize that you are ontrack, and so you do not allow yourself to act like you are.Q: Hmm.B: You follow me?Q: Yes.B: Now, will that have simplified the idea for you to the point whereyou can allow yourself to know that there are no interruptions in yourlife and that everything that you experience is a product of yourchoice -- but it is still up to you to choose what methodology inwhich you wish to experience any overall idea?Q: Yes.B: How do you feel?Q: Spacey.B: Very good. Now, recognize this as well: if at any time you know youcan conceive of a you that knows that it prefers to always experiencethe idea of the love, then know that that you is always there, and canalways be the present you, or you would not be able to conceive of it.It is you, if you are willing to simply be that you and act like it.And know that every idea in your reality is equal to every other idea,and so it will be easy to choose among them. Thank you.Q: Thank you.