Friday, July 18, 2008

The Challenge of Belief

The Challenge of Belief

This initiation serves as a first level re-activation of our 7th
Dimensional Chakras which supports the recalibration of our entire
chakric system for the 8:8:8 Gateway. Kuthumi also shared with us one
of the major formulas behind infinite possibility.

Please note - The information of this Transcript is free and should be
made available to all that feels drawn to it, however please do not
add, change or alter any of its contents

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations,
simply quieten your mind; find a comfortable place where you will be
undisturbed, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for
your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by
your higher self for your greater good.


I am Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to
greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee a blessing of divine
magnificence, a blessing of divine prosperity, a blessing of divine
abundance and a blessing for you dear ones that will enable you to
utilize all of these and all other energies that we have presented to
you over the past few months and to combine all of this with all that
will be presented to you over the next couple of months and for once
in your lives manifest all that you desire.

Greetings Beloved Ones

Greetings Lord Kuthumi

It is with great joy and with great pleasure within our hearts that we
gather with you upon this day as we hold each of you here firmly
within the Heart of Christ and securely upon the Hands of God.

Beloved ones, what a wonderful and most special occasion it is when
two or more come together in the name of Light, a marvelous and most
incredible teaching of Light is held within every message of light
that is delivered unto your plane.

When one explores the quantum essence of Light it can at times baffle
the brain therefore understand that when the term Light is shared with
you, it is meant for you to embrace this as ‘the Light-ness of Being’.
The light is everywhere yet many prefer to think otherwise. What is
Light? Light is knowing, light beloved light-ones is synonymous with
understanding. Understanding a reality that you are in all your
magnificence a part fraction of Creator Essence and that no matter
what you do in this time line you will not be able to reverse your
light quotient even though there are the times when the human takes
themselves through various life experiences that ultimately results in
them feeling rather dimmed.

During the previous transmission through this channel we shared with
you an analogy of you being of crystalline vibration relating the
human experience to crystals and that no-one remotely need to dissect
you to find the sparkle within, you do recall this?

A: Yes

Mk: Therefore know that brightness and dimness are both light
variables that carry reflection which is what the Creator Essence
within is about for this energy in other words the spark that comes
from the One that Created All That Is, this reflective Spark is what
creates the power for anything to become illuminated as with all of
the reflecting energies that you see within your star-system galaxy
and all other reflections that you observe and receive from beyond
your perceived space. With the ascension process well in place and
more activations underway the planet earth will be able to reflect her
own light oppose to absorbing light.

Reflecting instead of absorbing light beloved ones means POWER indeed
and therefore understand what we have shared with you on numerous
occasions and that is that each of you here present as well as many
more millions out there, you are the ones responsible for the
transition of this planet that will in time to come enable it to
reflect its own light from within instead of absorbing light. As part
of the Ascension process this is made possible by each acknowledging
the light within thus the same energy, the same essence that you carry
within the very core that is you, this energy beloved brothers and
sisters of the light this is the sparkplug energy that you carry as a
conduit which enables you to automatically transfer your
light-quotient into the planet earth.

During times gone by life upon this planet was very different and
perhaps some may think for it to be much the same but those only
express from a heart in deep denial for life upon your planet is
finally in process of the biggest change ever. Planetary Change is the
energy that keeps the wheels of magnetics turning which may tend to
create great discomfort and fear within many. Now if a planet instead
of absorbing light will reflect light and if it is then shared that
this is currently to the greatest part due to the awareness of your
light quotient which results in the transcended illuminated earth,
then know as with everything change is inevitable in every situation
of existence.

There is only one real challenge to the prospect of change, shall we
say that puts a spoke in the wheel of change and that is fear. Fear is
the sharpest spoke in the wheels of change that can cause a complete
wobble in the flow of magnetics therefore understand too that perhaps
as limiting as certain comfort zones may be, at times a pause within
the flow is what is needed for healing to occur thus separate the
‘feeling’ of fear from the knowing of ‘time out’. For very often
within a zone of comfort or a repeated pattern you begin to heal
certain aspects of the self that wouldn’t have been possible in
another way but there comes a time beloved ones, that for you to be
able to move on to a new life, you are going to have to come to your
own party.

Life as you knew it has already ended and with that let us discuss
another very sensitive issue here and that is ascension. The energy of
ascension will ‘officially’ be active within every microscopic part of
your planet on the 21st December 2012. This is a set date that was
shared eons ago. We do understand that there are many other avenues of
expression when it comes to the time line of the end times and of this
particular event, as with some of your ancient sacred calendars some
of which declares the shift to be underway by 2011, well know this:
You are already in the energy of 2012. You sitting in this space and
those that may come to read these words already understand the concept
of 2012, so then what is this?

Many feel uncertain and quite apprehensive when a discussion of 2012
arises for the greater part of humanity always needs logic to be the
front of any discussion hence the need to know ‘exactly’ what is going
to happen. This is due to the insecure spokes that give off sparks
igniting the wheels of fear which prevents change. So at this time of
altered and ascended consciousness thus ascension-consciousness you
will definitely not be able to be thus live within the same thought
consciousness as presently possible and with this let us clarify
another reason why many lightworkers are extremely frustrated beloved
ones, and that is because on the one hand you are already living
within 2012 consciousness which renders you a 5th dimensional being
and on the other end of the scale you still very much live within and
for the most part have to survive the 3rd dimensional experience. This
alone creates huge conflict for you and thus in time to come this will
be eliminated from your conscious reality. Then another truth –
Nothing is set in stone.

There is no fixed preplanned itinerary but many variable suggestions
thus many new-earth holographic imprints are being formed and overlaid
as we speak. There are speculations of the removal of light-beings
either away or within the earth reality as part of another holographic
experience, there are in fact many speculations of all sorts but none
of which are set in stone for if you are creating your reality within
every second that you live and breathe then how can you set that which
is only a probability and possibility within stone.

If we of the Ascended Realms of Enlightenment for this exact reason
come forward and request of you to decline any involvement (without
judgment) in any futuristic fortune type telling then how can we by
any means tell you of a set in stone 2012 outcome. Do you follow me?

A: Yes

MK: Very good. Beloved ones northing is set in permanent stone. You
are currently experiencing a consciousness rewire which is very much
the greater aspect behind today’s activation. For some this will be a
new experience and for others a repeat as this has already been done
some time ago. All this is for your greater good. Our greater good
lies within the pleasure of holding your hearts through this change,
the pleasure is ours when we see the love in your eyes, when we touch
you with gentleness and feel compassion fill every part of you that
reflects your divine creator essence, this is what we draw from the
experience of guiding.

Much will transpire on your planet over the next couple of years. We
promised for 2008 to be an eventful year with huge shifts and changes.
There are many though that feels some of the changes to be at snails
pace, the impatient humans stamping their feet with discontent! But
know that there are massive changes within the cards over the next
couple of years and if you could but see a fraction of all that awaits
you, or shall we rephrase this; if you could but share with others a
fraction of the picture you inertly know is waiting, you will reduce
your conflict levels by 90% for that is where most of your personal
frustrations are held, the disbelief of some of your family and
friends for you know the changes are inevitable and you understand the
consciousness shifts, in the same light you understand the concept of
the new earth for you know you carry this in your genes as it is a
part of your divine knowing, therefore if you could but share with
others but a fraction of the reflection of the magnificence of the new
planet earth, it will render you in great excitement for you will wake
up every day with new anticipation waiting for the transformation to
be fulfilled. Yet I say to you, your frustrations are caused by the
fact that you are already within this new energy, and the 3rd
Dimensional irritations just gets the better of you at times, for many
of you at most times.

Beloved ones if you who we refer to as the way-showers are unable to
go and create an energy matrix that will assist in shifting the
perception and reality of the people within your immediate and
extended fields of life, then who can do this for you as you very much
opted for this. You are here to fulfill a divine purpose and for most
way beyond your current understanding, thus the time is here for you
to begin to awaken to the reality that life is shifting as the new
planet earth’s holographic imprints are currently being transferred
and with an instant, as the lightening bolt strikes it will come down
and light up every microscopic molecule within your reality and you
will know of your enlightenment. You will know that you are carriers
of light that are here to hold the human aspect of this divine
transformation. You will never again, not for a single second doubt
the purpose of your being; you will never again question anything upon
planet earth. Thus continue doing your work fulfilling your roles as
light workers planting the seeds for the transformation of the earth
and thus as with everything else in life the more money you deposit
into your banks the more you see your bank balance grow not so, thus
the more light you deposit into the planet the lighter the planet
becomes, so when will ascension take place on a grand scale – when the
planet has sufficient light quotient within its magnetics for the
planet to be able to reflect light oppose to absorbing it, this is
when the planet will reflect star energy and you will reflect
planetary energy for this is who you are, miniature planets as you
align with the vibrations of the planet, you already feel the planet
hurting as you feel the harm done to her. We share this so that you
can understand your vital part in the awakening of cosmic essence.

So the planet earth is changing from a 3rd to a 5th dimensional being,
we have shared previously all that was needed for you to align
yourself to the 5th dimensional energy and as always we suggest for
you to go back and read through all the incredible information that
you are presented with from many different directions or channels and
if any situation presents itself for you to be able to share this
information with another please do.

Life is about giving and sharing, life beloved ones is about caring.

When taking the vibrations of the 5th dimension and one view this
through the wisdom contained within cosmic consciousness you will come
to perceive life as totally different, for your experience is then
reflected through the holographic overview, thus you view not only the
present but ultimately the suggested outcome of the perceived
hologram, thus you come to see a planet as a being that is fully
immersed in all of its outplaying realities. How is a planet formed? A
planet is birthed through the flow of gasses that are initiated to
surge in a specific format or movement. All of the energies of these
gasses which contains variable space matter are released from the
nucleus of the great central sun from whence it moves into orbit
guided by cosmic bands and eventually after many thousands of light
eons and several mass changes within its composition, the gasses
begins to solidify and again changes its components into a denser form
which eventually becomes a body that hosts a planet. All is done via
the influence and direct involvement of those of the angelic and
archangelic realms as well as many others that serve within the many
Mansions of the Creator that creates what the Creator desires. The
Creator Holy reflects a thought which then becomes an expression which
is carried out by the Realms of Enlightenment. Within every industry
what good would you be as a boss if you weren’t able to observe the
creations of your workers therefore the Holy Principle Creator takes
pleasure within His creations by reflecting upon the work done by
Beings that He ordered to do so in other words all that He gave the
Power to Create, all within very specific realms of order all working
as one and through the projection of their God Consciousness in other
words Supreme Enlightened Consciousness are able to create a
holographic overview which is reflected by all simultaneously into the
gaseous abyss which then increases or decreases its velocity according
to the forming planet within the womb of Creation, which develops
according to the desired effect needed within the universal plan which
shapes into matter and this matter then eventually shapes into
planetary lands, seas etc according to the geographic and magnetic
plans or etheric laws depending on the universal and galactic laws.
Some beings from other planets you may feel are rather odd or as you
put it ‘weird’ but then again perhaps that’s the way some look at you,
yet without judgment. Some often fly by your planet and are rather
taken by the anger upon this planet, as you know the joys of emotion
can either be a blessing or a challenge to man. Most other planets
don’t overreact.

Beloved ones, taking a glimpse into the world of quantum consciousness
and the cosmic seas that awaits you beyond the time-lines of this
universe is what many of you have already experienced in your dream
state, and in fact many of you already have or will in time to come
have experiences of this nature whilst in waking consciousness. To be
able to take this planet into her light consciousness thus ascension
experience those of you who have given your power and your will and
your knowing to the actual understanding of what is taking place here,
you will come to see all that is shared through your single eye, and
by then you will be well informed about the worlds of quantum
consciousness and the energy that extends itself beyond this plane,
you will be well informed on the workings of the scales of life. You
will understand the differences between the various dimensions as you
will understand the energy behind the powerful magnetic planetary rays
and their true meaning once you have removed the glamour. You will
also come to understand an amazing and vast network of Light that
exists within and around you and the planet as has been previously
discussed. You shall then be in full understanding of life beyond the
usual 3D linear entertainment and the concepts behind lifetimes will
all fall into natural understanding. You will also come to fully
understand the biggest cherry on your cake and that is the integral
knowing within 5D perception. All will be understandable within a
universal unspoken language and even more so; how you as a being can
take on the resonance of the frequency of this energy and make it your
own, now is this not amazing?

Thus you will come peep into the energy that stretches beyond your
world into the rest of the 91 universes on this level of Creation and
if you eat all your vegetables you will come to experience more
(laughter) for this will be your pudding for as you know you cannot
run unless you learn to walk first so keep eating your veggies!

Life here is going through huge changes and the most remarkable shifts
but understand that as much as this happens here it happens
everywhere, not the same changes but certainly a similar shift when it
comes to consciousness shifting amongst others, so in other words you
are a part of the earth as part of one of the 91 Universes on this
level of Creation then know too that every one of the 91 universes on
one of the 91 levels of this part of The Fathers Universe is all
changing and shifting and this is only the very beginning for there
are massive changes install. So change is the one energy you must
become comfortable with.

Perhaps one way to overcome this is for you to pack up your houses in
many boxes and then unpack them again blindfolded (laughter) for this
challenge will certainly make you more comfortable with change and
changing your comfort zones.

Change is an energy that is held in deep balance with truth. What is
truth? Can anyone share with us?

A: It doesn’t exist

MK: Brother it does exists

A: But it changes all the time

MK: Absolutely therefore change equals…come you are the bright spark

A: Truth

Mk: The resonance of your heart, which is…Truth as you said.

Change = Resonance of the heart = Truth. Simply put this is the true
formula for trust.

Contained within your heart is the aspect of God (Holy Creator) and
god (man co-creator) consciousness that is always balanced with divine
resonance. This is the aspect within the self that will guide and
guard the self to encounter as well as overcome every object within
your life experience, thus also within this most scared cell is
contained all that is needed to make you stumble or cause you to bump
your toe repeatedly (until the lesson is concluded) when it comes to
your beliefs and trusting. Therefore what is truth but the resonance
within the heart in other words that which resonates with the heart?

Change = resonance within heart = truth, which activates trust.

Change will always be a part of any reality for just about nothing is
ever set in a constant stone in such a set out formula that it is
unable to change its characteristics in fact very little upon this
planet is designed in this way.

The human form itself fights against the changes in its life but truth
is it happens. A few years a few more wrinkles a few more dimples
(laughter) this is truth, but should you wish from your heart not to
have this truth happen simply accept it in your mind and so shall it
be. Truth is that which resonates within you as peaceful change. Thus
to bring forth huge changes within the truths of humanity a lot of new
truths will come to the fore that was never allowed to be and this is
truth for the most important thing to understand, is that change and
truth on either side of the scales of evolution will keep your heart
in secure resonance in other words understand that in every truth
there is change and through every change there is truth and that’s the
way it works and if you could take these two energies on either side
of the scales of balance and closely listen to the quality of their
combined reverberation you will never feel uncomfortable therefore
understand do not simply accept anything set in stone for even the
toughest stone weathers through the storms of time.

Instead of looking at the process of change as duality and
intimidation begin to look at change as an energy of challenge that
rings true.

Truth is an ever changing reality according to the vibrations within
your heart. Change is an ever altering truth according to the
vibrations of your heart.

Thus learn to work with these two energies in this way and with that
be aware of that which is ‘set in stone’ unless you know it as truth
within your heart. In this case if your truth doesn’t resonate with
another’s have the hearth to share and express your truth to them and
allow them to do the same for as divine magnificent beings you are all
entitled to allow your truths to reside within your heart without
defense for this is what the body as a whole thrives on, hence one of
our most used expressions: Keep that which resonates with you and let
the rest go. This beloved ones is one of the keys that will unlock the
full potential of the golden years. This is the time when all present
will acknowledge the Christ within oppose to question the Christ
within. This golden age will reign supremely for at least 3000 of your
years before the next massive shift will come about and ensuring this
is what you came to do therefore embrace the changes allowing change
to bring forth a fresh new resonance of truth within your hearts and
in so doing, get rid of the doubt, get rid of the expectations that
you have placed upon your self due to the opinions of the eyes and
ears of those that surrounds you, in other words the expectations
beloved ones that you have placed upon your self because of the will
of another. Thus get down to the brass tax of your expectations and
find your true essence within. This is the challenge behind the energy
you are currently facing.

Over the past few months you have had to face every challenge that
involved abundance consciousness and over the next few you are to face
all that imbalances you when it comes to poverty consciousness for
these two energies very much balances each other for they both awaken
within the truth of your validation thus for you to validate the self
without any ulterior motives. You will all come to live within your
own validation as this is another energy that the Lion’s Gate will
usher in on the 8th of August of this Christed year 2008 which also
carries the energy of the triple 8. Now there is an amazing story that
is shared by many upon your plane which considers the number 8 as
‘lucky’ especially amongst the far eastern people not so?

A: Yes

MK: who believes in luck?

A: Lady in audience (85 years old) answers ‘I do’

MK: Bye-bye sister out you go! (Laughter). Beloved sister considering
your years of experience upon this plane let us say you carry ‘poetic
license’ therefore your luck is certainly in (laughter). Blessed be you.

Beloved ones the number 8 is considered by many especially those from
the land you call China as lucky and many ‘back it up’ for the process
of gain. The reason for this is when you look at the symbolism behind
the number you realize infinite potential but to make you understand
it better quickly straighten your spines. (all get ready)

To put this into perspective for you visualize in the core centre of
your heart a most special etheric cell the seize of your little
finger’s nail so within each it varies and this is what is known as
your Diamond Core God Cell of Supreme Consciousness. Now let us say
that this point is the exact spot where the two loops of your infinity
crosses are you with me?

A: Yes

MK: Very good pin point this still point and hold your attention on
it. Pause. Now take this energy and from this spot radiate it out to
form the frontal infinity loop and when doing so set the intent for
this energy to bring back all of that which you put out, thus create
the energy of this frontal loop with intent and know that it must
return to the still point crossing within the heart. Thus this front
loop of your infinite possibilities will return to you all that you
give out using the Law of Intent.

Now we take this same energy and shoot it into the back infinity loop
leaving through the back of your heart centre still point but this
time we call upon the Laws of Cause and Effect to take care of this
for this law sees to its infinite return thus from your inner heart it
is send out through Universal Energy and returned back into the sacred
heart core using the law of cause and effect from whence it leaves the
front again to complete the ever flowing loop of endless possibilities.

Now that you know what to do this time extend your loop energy
increasing it’s seize. Before you do this please open your eyes for a
second and watch what I am doing: (Kuthumi showing and explaining: as
this loop leaves the heart out to the front the moment it begins the
actual bend or curve forming the front loop visualize all of that
which you desire and through the laws of intent draw this energy back
into the heart at the return of the loop and then at the back turn
forming the back loop you take that which you give unto the world and
bless it for all to receive). Thus the front loop of the infinity is
what you draw into yourself and the back loop is what you give out
creating balance. The front thus that which you desire is brought to
life using the law of intent and the back thus that which you share
out to others is gives life using the law of cause and effect. The
Sacred Diamond Core Cell that serves as the nucleus within your sacred
heart is what keeps this all flowing and in so doing keep you in
direct contact with creating your reality through the cause and effect
of your intent. The front of the loop is what allows you to embrace
the change of intent and the back is what allows you to embrace the
change of your events through the caused effect. Thus as you sow, then
so shall you reap. Now we shall leave you for a while to do this
exercise in creating what you want by sharing what you have. Long pause.

And now beloved ones, I Kuthumi dare you to extend this infinite loop
of the sacred heart through universes. Why limit yourself to this
space thus extend this light-years ahead of you and at the return give
back to others the light years of your love. Allow these two laws to
create complete balance for you, for according to your intent you
shall receive as this is the desired effect that you unconsciously
caused but surely know: if your intent is to override the laws of
cause and effect you will get nowhere.

A gift for you to share with others and to create some more!

A: Thank you

Mk: You are very welcome!

So the Chinese amongst many believe in the power of manifestation held
within the number eight and the reason why is because they know about
this but in more recent years they concentrated more on the intent
side and forgot about the laws of cause and effect in actually fact
most fall into this trap when the clutches of greed rears its ugly head.

The question behind this formula is: What have I done to another to
have the power of my dreams boomerang back at me with such a speed
that it actually wipes me out’

So the number 8 hosts infinite power when it comes to creating.
However please know that numbers merely carry with them suggestions
for energy as in 1 representing new beginnings and create, 2 duality,
3 truth and foundation, 4 love in perception, 5 change, 6 divine love
in complete transformation, 7 the most sacred divine consciousness, 8
infinite possibilities, 9 completion the end of it all, then you have
the master numbers and also you can use the individual and master
numbers and duplicate them for a more intense insight. Truth be known
in days gone by most lived within very limited consciousness as some
still do as they believe numbers in triplicate represent something
sinister. Numbers in triplicate represent a solid foundation of truth
as Jesus said ‘when two or more come together in my name…’ therefore
understand that this simply put is taking the energy of duality thus
the masculine and feminine Yin and Yang of 2 and add to that new
beginning and create (1) you have truth and foundation (3). Therefore
the 8:8:8 stargate represents a triple energy which shall ground
abundance consciousness upon this planet unlike anything before and I
can hear your thoughts to this “it’s about time” (laughter)

Beloved ones by sharing this with you know that in all these changes
within the grand scheme of things of the holographic new imprints,
with the new wave of ascension consciousness upon you and your ability
to peep into the bigger picture, understand and know that it is
extremely important for you in fact it is vitally important for you to
arrest the negative thought processes that you entertain, we have
shared this on numerous occasions and believe me when we connect with
your energy fields we know what is going on and this channel is in
deep training and at times challenged when it comes to this, yes, we
are not saying this to embarrass her in any way but she sure can let
her mind run with her. Arrest your minds for you have the power and
the ability to create, thus be anything, for ultimately you are
creator beings.

As I said, if you are bored pack up your house, and unpack it
blindfolded (laughter). Charge your energy field with increased light
quotient and claim being light workers.

Did you think for a moment you are called light workers because you
are working for the light? Being a light worker means you
acknowledging the light working for you thus you become conscious on
being in the light. You are the human representation of Light Force
upon the planet. God sees Himself/Herself through your eyes therefore
go forth and allow the magnificence of all others to shine through you
as you uplift each another and instead of being so egotistical or self
centered within the ‘I’ consciousness rather wake up to the reality,
magnificence and power of the ‘we’ consciousness.

By allowing the Light to work for you thus within you, you are
embracing the truth of change therefore your 3D resonance frequency
shifts according to that which is held within your heart. That which
is embedded within your heart has a divine infinite connection to All
That Is. The one part of this energy is the part through which you can
consciously intent to shift your vibrations, and other part of this is
the autonomic part that unbeknown to you, receives Divine Guidance and
Support that allows you to trust in the process of surrender thus you
allowing the Light to shine within you and with that through you unto
another. This is where the law of cause and effect comes into play.
This is also known as the bowtie formula of creating an infinite world
of possibilities within your lives representing that which you intent
and that which you are: for what is cause and effect but that which
you are.

The words may sound quite intimidating “cause and effect” but in truth
this is all that you truly are for you live the effect of your cause
by creating your reality. There is no grandness to this truth, it just
simply is.

During the month of August 2008 a few of the Lords of Light that goes
back many eons will come forth to support you, Lord Horus, Lord
Akhenaton amongst some, and many, many more that will come to bestow
upon you the divine magic of the world of infinite possibilities which
they knew about back then and are coming to support you in waking this
memory and this beloved ones will support a further influx of energy
portals throughout the globe to support you in every way. The Lions
Gate will usher in this new and most powerful energy at the midnight
hour of the eve of the 7th of August and as you say ‘when the clock
strikes 12 all bells will begin to ring’. Another of your favorite
‘All hell has broken loose’ well to that we say to you it is already
so, darkness or the lack of light for a better expression is grabbing
everyone unexpectedly bringing hopelessness as it sews the seeds of
despair, supporting unhappiness and sadness but know the only truth to
darkness is its ignorance for that is all darkness is, ignorance, for
they haven’t entrusted the Light to work for them as you have.

The time is now for you to work consciously with yourself, be still
and ask from the very core of your Diamond Cell for that which you
need for this you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened for
you. Know that ‘according to your belief it is done unto you’ – this
is another aspect of the law of cause and effect. This works through
the powers of manifestation which delivers unto you all of that which
you bless out to others. Setting the intent is the declaration of
hope, trust, and a total true and deep understanding of your divinity
and magnificence for how can you be this divine magical mystical
person and still fear your inability to manifest and thus not being
cared for. How can you have ‘hang ups’ for when there are issues there
is uncertainty and when there is uncertainty there is a problem
pointing to validation and worthiness, which brings you back to square

Do you want to see what is beyond this universe…?

As we have shared many times; to accommodate mass change mass truth
needs be revealed. Therefore expect much changes in the near future
within world governments and know this will surface rather suddenly
within world political organizations and municipal offices but do not
for one second step back and loose that centre still point within the
sacred heart which is the power point that hosts the knot keeping you
bowtie of infinite possibilities in tact, do not let this go for a
single second for this most precious sacred etheric cell also
represents you faith for no matter how the worlds may seem to turn
against you, it is that which is contained within this inner nucleus
of the sacred heart that brings understanding of your deserve ability
called faith which will secure all that is needed for you to manifest
within your lives all that you desire or need. Whilst we are on the
subject to clear some minds beloved ones know that when we speak of
manifesting it doesn’t necessarily mean that of material origin or
monetary gain or that which is tangible. To manifest that which you
want within your life more importantly can be your own ascension seat
within the etheric planes.

Living a life upon this world beloved ones is extended to you as a
gift for you to come experience the most divine energy, the energy of
change and truth, the energy of light and the challenge of dark for it
is the duality experiment of the polar opposites, there always has to
be balance thus the changing truth of the times. So you are here to
experience change and growth and with that to have an amazing time,
and are you?

A: Some one answers ‘Yes’

Mk: Very good sister – keep going (laughter) for that is what the
Universe intended, over and above all it is for you to be here, be
alive, and have an incredible time, thus live out your lives with joy,
with vigor, with excitement, with love, laughter, passion and
compassion, live and strive for your enlightenment, stand up for your
own magnificence and above all be ever so ready to take a chance on
change. By daring to be authentic you will experience the truths of
change which charges you with new vitality, by never taking a chance
thus by not daring to put your last dollar on the table you will never
come to trust that the odds are not against you. Incidentally this is
not an encouragement to gamble so don’t go there! (laughter). It is
only a metaphor so don’t get excited (laughter)

A: Person asking ‘Lord Kuthumi which horses will be coming in today’
(Huge international horse race: Durban July Handicap) – screeches of

Mk: Beloved brother since you have such an amazing pulsating third eye
why don’t you share with us who to back! (Screeches of laughter).
Brother perhaps you have some inside information for the world of
greed is very fond of ‘under current’ plans not so (laughter)

So dare, take chances, be within yourself, be whom you are and live.
Understand as we have shared before when the day arrives for you to
make your way across the seas of transition from matter to spirit
crossing the lakes of human unconsciousness through the veils of
forgetfulness, do not be the one to find yourself looking back
uttering the words ‘I should’ve’. Life is about living and take this
to the extreme by shifting the borders of your own consciousness to
the limit and with that be the bearer warrior or light and be the
light workers that allows the Light to work for you, through you and
in so doing for you to support the awakening of light within all
others for this is all part of your current process of being.

So by extending your vision beyond all limitations then so too
understand that as there is a new holographic imprint being overlaid
upon the current reality then so too beloved masters of the light
there is a new holographic overlay being imprinted over every part and
particle of all of that which you represent. Jesus said ‘All things
will be made anew’ and this is exactly what is happening as you are in
the process of becoming anew. You are in process of knowing thus
claiming life as a gift, having fun and in so doing push the
boundaries of every lesson or experience you thought you had mastered,
that’s evolution and with this you will have to face some personal
changes within your lives, do not see change as challenge but rather as…

A: Truth

Mk: allow all of this to come together bringing a whole new perception
of resonance for you, that which resonates within you. Allow truths to
come and go by having the courage to embrace change for the only truth
in a world of variables is that nothing is constant.

Beloved ones, would you please straighten your spines for this
afternoon’s energy recalibration and activation. (All get ready)
please drink some water and be comfortable. Long pause.

Sit comfortably with your back firmly against the back of the chair to
align the spine, be comfortable within your hips, be relaxed and at
peace, place your hands wherever they feel comfortable, be at ease
within your breathing. With every inbreath give thanks for the gift of
oxygen which allow a whole new world of experience to unfold for you,
and with every exhale release from your system all the stale breath
and stale oxygen from your lungs and as with everything that is stale
simply let it go. Pause

With every inbreath acknowledge that you are a divine magical mystical
being and that you have the power and the will that is bestowed upon
you by the One that Created you for you to manifest all within your
lives and with every exhale release all the blockages that have kept
you trapped as you release all the energy that have prevented you from
moving on. Pause. Give thanks for all that kept you in limited
vibration for its purpose served and set the intent for the laws of
cause and effect to take all which no longer serves you and to
transmute this into the hand of the Lords of Transmutation for this
energy to become the gold dust of all of the universes. Very long pause.

Beloved ones, the first time that this particular activation was done
it was facilitated through the bottleneck squeeze of truth (throat
chakra) and as with all the changes in life and the shifting of truths
we wish for you now to bring your awareness to your heart chakra.

Your heart centre in the very core of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension
vibrates to the energy of green and the flame colour of this centre
pink. Now with your intent on your heart embrace the knowing of the
love within your hearts beloved ones, embrace the knowing of
forgiveness and compassion, embrace the inner knowing of the truths
behind those that betrayed you or that you have betrayed because there
is an eternal strive towards forgiving the self for all of that which
was caused by the self, to the self, through the self and all others.
Because you understand the concept of the higher heart at a
subconscious level I now wish for you to blow some power into your
heart as you allow your heart chakra to slowly expand extending itself
from the very core flame outwards, feel it reaching the outer skin
making sure you can feel this energy expanding towards the back and
front. Pause. Now call upon the Lords of Light that works within the
sacred realms of the 7th dimension to deliver to you assistance in
expanding your heart centre further, and as this happen you will feel
the vibrations on either side (back and front) increase and the
original vibrations of green and pink now takes on the energy of
Emerald. Pause. Extend this energy 7cm out the front and back of the
heart centre. Pause. Now at this new level of your 7th dimensional
chakra I wish for you to set the intent for the energy of pink
Tourmaline to manifest itself deep within the core of the Emerald
energy. Pause. The normal chakras extend 3-5cm beyond the body and the
7th dimensional chakras spins out much further in this instance beyond
7cm. Now with your intent add to this, as you would on a canvas, a
touch of Mother of Pearl energy which brings this chakra into a
metallic vibration. Long pause.

Beloved ones the heart is the vital organ of the body as it acts as a
pump, moving the blood around the body, and the circulatory system of
blood is what moves the physical aspect of the heart throughout the
entire body. So understand whether oxygenated or deoxygenated blood,
the action within the heart’s pump is to allow a flow of forgiveness
to and fro the heart, this is what changes lives and with this new 7th
dimensional vibration of the emerald chakra with a touch of Pink
Tourmaline and the mother of pearl adding a metallic vibration,
acknowledge within your heart that you as a magical mystical being
will continue to strive practicing forgiveness on all levels and in so
doing release all that have ever kept you bound to the conditions of
your love, (pause), and with that allow the pink tourmaline and the
rose quartz energy within all the levels of this centre to birth
unconditional love within every aspect of your heart. Long pause.

Now bring your awareness to the level of the throat. At a 3rd
dimensional level within this centre you have the blue vibration
within the outer chakra and sapphire within the flame or inner throat
or evolved core of this centre. Now bring your attention to this
energy and allow this to expand as with the heart and once comfortable
expand it further to allow the 7th dimensional throat chakra to ignite
7cm to the back and front of this centre bursting forth into a gentle
explosion of the most exquisite crystalline stars and sparkles. This
energy is the most brilliant blue sapphire and with that allow the
diamond sparks within your new sapphire 7th dimensional chakra to
spark new light into your throat which will support you in expressing
yourself fully. Pause.

Now bring your attention to the back of your head and neck. You have
heard much talk about this area of late from many avenues and sure it
is an area that you will come to know much more about in time to come.
We are referring to the area known as your Medulla Oblongata protected
by the Occipital bone which is also the area that hosts the Ascension
Chakras. You have awakening at an individual level and pace 44 minor
chakras within this area which all supports the awakening of your
consciousness. These chakras allow a connection to the vortices of
your ascension chakras and this area is personally overseen by
Archangel Michael. So knowing this visualize the 7th dimensional
sapphire chakras sparkling 7cm to the back and front of this center
and connect with the Energy of Archangel Michael as He places his
palms over the area and with that releases a specialized shield of
protection over this area. Firstly visualize him releasing from his
palm chakras a metallic shield of titanium and then he shields this
area with platinum and once settled because of the intensities of
these awakening chakras and because of your expanded consciousness a
mere 2 years after this was first activated archangel Michael places a
magnificent pure diamond shield over these two energies. You will feel
the energies at the back of your neck increasing like feeling a
heaviness pressing on this area, can you feel it?

A: Yes

MK: Simply breathe into this very powerful energy are you with me?

A: Yes

MK: Now acknowledge within your mind that you accept this protection
gift from Archangel Michael and as you do so allow this energy to be
duplicated throughout all of your lower and higher bodies. Pause. Know
that you are safe and protected from any outer source energy with
ulterior motives as you allow your 7th dimensional sapphire chakra to
birth a mother of pearl energy which transforms it into a metallic
vibration. The properties of Mother of Pearl carry the iridescent
light energies of Creation. Pause. Know that this energy will assist
you as the way-showers of the new world. Pause.

Now bring your attention to the level of your 3rd eye chakra. Pause.
Here you have at the 3rd D level the energy of indigo with the flame
colour being emerald. Allow this energy to become alive as you extend
this energy to ignite 7cm to the front and back of this centre into a
deep midnight Indigo-Tanzanite vibration. Pause. Now from the back and
front of this centre allow the Tanzanite to reflect into the inner 3rd
eye a violet energy which melds with the indigo and Tanzanite birthing
a mother of pearl energy which expands this new centre into a metallic
vibration for your 7th dimensional tanzanite chakra thus a 7th
dimensional frequency. Pause. You will feel the pressure increase so
please simply breathe into this new energy. Pause. With this new
energy beloved ones comes for you a new found knowing for you to trust
in the process of life, and learn to let go as you grow in its flow,
thus instead of persisting in creating your own flow why not surrender
into the flow of the rivers of life. Allow this energy to simply carry
you in its flow thus instead of resisting change why not embrace the
truth of an ever changing oppose to constant reality. Pause. If it is
your personal wish and will to have your 3rd eye fully activated with
this 7th dimensional vibration and connected through the 3rd and 5th
dimensions of linear time and infinite space, then create the figure
of 8 energy within the third eye, find the still point within this
centre the same way in which the heart carries the Diamond core cell
here it is the inner sacred pyramid which is contained within the
deepest inner core of the brain, and with this allow the law of intent
to create the front loop of the world of your intended infinite
possibilities and the law of cause and effect to create the back loop
as you consciously give your love for the cause and effect of all that
is. Pause.

Now bring your attention to the crown energy. Pause. The crown chakra
extends above the head like a full blown lotus flower opening its
petals to the heavens above. The usual colour vibration of the centre
is violet with its inner flame colour gold. Now we wish for you from
the area of the crown to extend this into its 7th dimensional
vibration to the front, back and above, as you allow your 7th
dimensional chakra to take on its new energy of the Moonstone. Pause.
Feel this energy like a protection helmet and in so doing push this
energy 12-15 cm away from the head in all directions (back, front and
above). See this as a halo-helmet which takes on the energy of
moonstone. Pause. Now allow this energy to birth mother of pearl
flowing in all directions from the inner flame of the crown which will
naturally overlay a further metallic protection shield for the area of
the 3rd eye and evolved crown centers brining a further link between
these two centers. Pause. Once this is activated you will feel the
pressure released from the throat, 3rd eye and crown lifting
substantially not so?

A: Yes

MK: Anyone needing assistance?

MK: Very good simply surrender into this energy as you allow the Lords
and Ladies of Light that works within the transformational Realms to
see to the perfect flow of this energy. Pause.

Now bring your attention to the area of your solar plexus. Pause. Now
at this level you have the yellow energy complimented by the ruby-gold
flame within. Now from the very core of your solar plexus I wish for
you to extend this energy 7cm to the back and front where you ignite
the pure golden energy of heliodor and from this bring in some Yellow
Fluoride to blend with the heliodor and from the inner core of the
solar plexus visualize mother of pearl birthing into the solar plexus
and beyond it into its 7th dimensional frequency creating a metallic
vibration. Pause. This is your Helios Plexus. This energy was first
introduced some years ago, fully activated 2 years ago and is now
being reinforced. Pause. Now acknowledge that you will do what ever it
takes within your power to stand firm in your belief in yourself, and
that you shall not walk away from valuing the self in any given
situation, and with this acknowledge that you fully understand the
difference between the lower ego and self value and with this knowing
you claim your right as a co-creator in manifesting that which you
desire and in so doing will pass on this information to all that feels
drawn to it so that you will bring some way for them to understand
that they too carry the same magnificence as you do. Pause.

Now bring your attention to the area of the sacral chakra where there
are two energies combining as one, the sacral and sun chakra. The
previous calibration of this energy was held 5cm into instead of
outside the body but due to the powerful goddess energy unfolding we
now suggest for you to extend this energy out to ignite 5cm away from
the body transforming the orange with the inner violet flame into the
purest golden Citrine energy. Pause. Allow this to also extend to the
7cm area as with the previous chakras. Pause. It is from this
psychological centre that we suggest for you to quietly affirm that
you intend living your life with balanced emotions for the imbalance
caused by disturbed emotions is what causes by far the most damage to
anyone that feels uncertain or unsure for this gives birth to
destructive insecurity within this centre. Pause. When this happen the
unevolved sacral passes this energy into the solar plexus where one
feels even more unsure of the self, the solar plexus then extends this
into the heart where you feel non-deserving due to guilt of some
sorts, from the heart it then pushes this energy into the bottleneck
squeeze of the throat where the throat through the lack of will pushes
this into the ‘we cannot see a way out’ within the brow, and from the
brow the ‘I don’t believe it will happen to me’ (I have no faith)
within the crown shuts down all the systems – and according to this it
is done unto you. Pause. Now allow the mother of pearl within this
centre to transform it into its metallic vibration. Pause.

Now allow your attention to go to the area of the base centre. Here
like at the crown extend this energy within the base 12-15 cm to the
front, back as well as downwards from the scrotum between your legs.
Here you transform the red and inner flame white of the base into the
energy of Garnet which ignites into the 7th dimensional chakra with
the release of mother of pearl which brings it into its metallic
vibration. Pause. Now set the intent for a further release of mother
of pearl energy to be released simultaneously from the Helios solar,
sacral sun and base centre which transforms the lower 3 centers into a
further metallic vibration. Pause. This will ensure the flooding of
the lower bodies with this new vibrational frequency. Pause. As
mentioned mother of pearl serves as a transformer, shifting all of the
centers mentioned into a metallic vibration.

So you have the metallic garnet within the base extending 12-15 cm to
the back, front and downwards, the metallic Citrine within the sacral
and sun chakra which previously were inverted 5cm but now is also
extending 5-7cm to the back and front, the metallic heliodor and
metallic yellow fluorite within the Helios chakra or solar plexus, the
metallic emerald and metallic pink tourmaline within the heart or
emerald chakra, the metallic sapphire within the throat, the metallic
tanzanite at the 3rd eye all extending 7cm to the front and back into
your light-body and extended bodies, the physical, mental, emotional
and spiritual aspects of the self. At the crown you have the metallic
moonstone extending 12-15 cm to the front, back and upwards creating a
halo-helmet. Then at the base of the neck you have your awakening
ascension chakras linked to the 44 minor chakras which are protected
by titanium, platinum and diamond shields gifted to you by Archangel

Now to seal this energy please visualize yourself within a magnificent
golden cocoon energy that completely envelops your entire energy
field. Pause. Please understand beloved ones it does not matter what
you feel you want, or demand what you deserve, but it truly matters
that you embrace all that is given to you from the Creator, passed on
to become one with your creator essence with the knowing that is done
unto to you according to that which you believe. Know that all that is
bestowed upon you is also gifted to you for you to utilize to the best
of your ability in making another’s world a better place and with that
pass on to others the reality of the new dimensional worlds. This is
life as a quantum reality and it is alive and thriving beyond the
linear 3rd dimensional ways of existing. What matters more is for you
to be able to embrace the changes and truths that binds life, love and
matter and to be able to integrate all of this in such a way that it
will allow you to share this with others within their understanding
and in so doing allow them to embrace the reality of being able to
create a whole new hologram overlaying that which they perceive
themselves to be. Pause.

Now visualize the 7th dimensional sheath enveloping your golden
cocoon, which is a combination of the energies of amethyst and citrine
creating a ametrine shield of protection for you. Pause. Now visualize
a further metallic cocoon forming which is the energy of mother of
pearl combing with the ametrine creating a further 7th dimensional
metallic sheath of protection for you. Pause. This will also enable
you to you tap into your forming light body with greater ease.

With that all done, take the energy of the amethyst and moonstone
within the crown and extend it into the heavens. Pause. Now take the
energy of the garnet and ruby within the root center and ground it
into the body of Gaia. Pause.

Now using the combined energy of emerald, malachite, jade and green
aventurine and extend from your heart a divine blessing to All That
Is. Pause. Take your time doing this and once done ground yourself
properly, move your limbs, come back into this room at your own pace
once you are surely and thoroughly grounded. (All do this). Please
make sure you are fully grounded back into your bodies. If you have a
problem doing this please tell us. – Very long pause, no problems.
Once you are fully back you will feel the energy within this space
also settling down. All agree.

With this exercise beloved ones we have pushed the boundaries of your
consciousness into a expanded quantum field of wonderful new insights
and understandings as we have pushed every proverbial button within
your 3rd, 5th and metallic or 7th dimensional chakras to the fullest.

Kuthumi checked all is grounded.

MK: is your third eye fully activated?

A: Yes

Mk: Then please tell our brother who is going to win at the races
today! (Screeches of laughter).

Are there any questions that we may assist with this afternoon?

A: Master Kuthumi thank you for this time..

MK: You are very welcome

A: We are told there will be some big happenings in Canada next month
to do with the world illumination congress

Mk: This is correct

A: Please could you share some insights with us?

MK: beloved brother this is a cosmic well known event that have
evolved naturally where the concept of creation upon your plane, as it
is set out to be, will break through barriers of limitation, most of
which was created by the lack of light and by saying this understand
not necessarily fear based but more so lack based on the lack of
knowledge. This event as all will come to hear about over the next few
weeks for it is still as you say ‘early days’ is a global event that
is set to work specifically with the expanding and full integration of
the abundance grids around your planet. As previously mentioned most
lightworkers that are facing monetary problems and cash-flow abundance
limitations and so on and so forth, are facing these blockages apart
from a personal perspective as part of shifting collective karma thus
many are working clearing planetary stagnate energy, some even extend
this on a universal level. The event mentioned is an extremely
important energy for every lightworker to connect to no matter your
location. If for any reason you are unable to connect with others then
by all means stay within your own connection but as mentioned the
power in numbers as so fondly expressed through Christ Jesus Sananda
when two or more come together in my name – it creates a triple aspect
of truth and foundation therefore if two or more of you come together
over that particular time it will deliver to you just that much more
power to be able to integrate and connect to the abundance portals or
divine golden gateways which is creating a more intense link between
planetary and personal abundance grids. The event that is to take
place at that time is also blessed with the energy of Lord Merlin who
personally works within the master vibration 22 as you well know, and
thus will extend his every field as part of many thousands of masters
to help you in manifesting miracles magically. The most amazing thing
is that during this current period of July you will have every button
pushed to reveal to you the true faith behind your belief in magic,
miracles and the manifestation thereof. This global event which is
held in such a special location and sacred space holds one of the
major etheric mansions that host one of the most powerful energies
upon your planet called Archangel Michael. During this time archangel
Michael will gift unto every one that connects with his energy field
or this event, your own aspect of his Excalibur sword which will
support you in cutting the ties that bound you to poverty
consciousness, therefore know the importance of creating grids as was
previously shared with you. Understand that now is the time when ample
opportunities will present themselves to you that will empower you
with the knowledge and understanding of manifesting from a quantum
perspective, and furthermore the support is for you to draw this
energy through these abundance portals and claim this energy as part
of your life. So this is not only an event that enables you to tap
into your life’s desires but beloved brother it is very much an event
that gives unto each a chance to be in service abolishing poverty
consciousness, the illnesses, dis-ease, dis-aster, to let go of all
limitedness with the understanding and further integration behind the
reality of your divine knowing, thus being such a magnificent person,
does this answer your question?

A: Thank you very much

Mk: Blessings you are most welcome.

Beloved ones, the Lords and Ladies of Light within the ethereal realms
of Supreme Enlightened Consciousness are all with you.

There is blessing within this message extended to each and everyone of
you, and that is to make the most of your lives, thus push the
boundaries of everything known to you just as you have pushed the
boundaries of your 3rd and 5th dimensional chakric consciousness this
day. Understand that no matter the situation that you currently find
yourselves within, no matter the situation that you ultimately wishes
yourself to be within there is always a light at the end of your
tunnel, for there is always Light within you most beautiful sparkling
gems, you most precious beings. This light that is within you is what
allows you to claim being a lightworker, that supports you in working
for the light as light works within you. Understand and know that if
this Light within never worked for you, you would find it very
difficult to see with clarity your way forward in any given situation,
any time, any where.

Thus as this light shines from within, as you embrace the knowledge of
change, by walking through the worlds of truth, by embracing the calm
within which allows you to be in resonance with your heart, as you
make your claims to that which is truth and that which is not, venture
further from denial and with that know that as the Light of God and
Christ shines within you not now or not ever can you be alone.

I am Kuthumi, I am the Lord and Master of the Golden Rays of Love and
Wisdom and I greet and bless thee in love, Adonai.

Chanel Lingenfelder
SAQA Registered

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Cell: 083 787 2893

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