Friday, May 2, 2008

The Ascending Cosmic Pulse

The Ascending Cosmic PulseBy Shala Mata
MAY 01, 2008 ~~Our Energy Relationship~~
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Dear Light Family,
The month of May will sparkle with lighter energy that all of us will deeply appreciate, especially after the intense energy of April. It wasn’t an easy energy month by any means, and we were forced to navigate the deepest chasms of our emotional body. Did you find yourself re-visiting old patterns, habits, thoughts? Did you feel blue, disconnected or out of “control.” Did you notice your physical body followed your emotional relationship almost immediately and manifested old patterns as well?

What is our “energy relationship”? I pondered this question several times during the roller coaster energy of April. Many are still coping with the physical manifestation brought forward through this fiery energy, where we learned first hand where ever we feel resistance gives the resistance a form or foundation.
Over the past 4 months, our emotional body has been under an intense microscope. We have been merging more deeply with our heart energy and allowing more of the old stuff to come to surface yet again. It seems like this is all we are doing however, there is much more to each layer we remediate. It became even more clear in April how intimate and immediate the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, and our physical body. Colds, sore throats, and flu moved deep into the chest, coughing was the physical expulsion of the old. Stomach upsets and digestion difficulties become more intense. Were we trying to stuff down old stuff or was our body reacting to the old finally leaving?
Making way from the “new” always means making space. If we think of this in terms of adding on an extra level to our house, we first have to move out all the “stuff” from our rooms, keeping what is necessary and usually taking this opportunity to discard all the things we never use or wear anymore. We like the feeling of having less clutter in our new space. This is exactly what we are doing through out the entire year of 2008. Some months will feel more intense than others. April for instance was overwhelming in many areas. Globally, economically, politically, physically.
May will help us find balance in our health, emotions and our general sense of well being. We will feel energized, brighter and this energy will give us the momentum to complete any lingering issues still in the mix. As we allow our nervous system to recalibrate and our foundation to feel strong and intact, we have a grand opportunity to review our experiences over the past six or eight weeks.
Review is always beneficial, particularly when done with love and not judgment or criticism. This allows us to tweak ourselves and possibly find newer or better ways to navigate the deeper aspects of our emotions etc. Over the past several years our journey and healing has been centered within our emotional body. Certainly, we have been working within our four bodies (physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual) however; our emotional body has been the primary focus as many experiences required attention or review.
Over the next several months, we will begin to re-balance our mental body and allow it to “catch up” so too speak. Our goal is to have a congruent flow of energy between all four bodies. This will allow a harmony within our hearts, a joyous sense of adventure and excitement as we continue to anchor higher 5th Dimensional energy and light. Having a sense of calm and harmony will serve us well. It is very apparent that polarity in every form runs rampant upon our planet, despite the many lightworkers and starseeds that are actively anchoring Light. Despite the whales and dolphins ever present grid support for our beloved Mother Earth through frequency and sound.
Tremendous change is upon us and while the month of May will feel lighter and easier, the changes in frequency patterns will continue. The stress of change and uncertainty weighs heavy upon the collective. Those still unable to understand or accept the journey of ascension upon and for our planet are struggling deeply. This is not news to any of you reading this, there is a sense of urgency as time continues to collapse and change continues in every minute corner of life.
Our ability to be fluid and flow, maintaining a strong foundation and holding our light will be the most potent catalyst of support and healing for those we connect with. Things are intense no question, we chose to be here at this pivotal time to be apart of the Ascension. Many of us feel overwhelmed at what seems like a daunting impossible task before us – yet we continue to merge our energies, connect with each other, and accept the loving presence of our guides and teachers from the higher realms.
We continue to find our own unique holographic frequency signature within the vast perfection of our hearts. Light and sound blend into familiar codes of shimmering transcended light that manifest as threads that we can weave within and around us. As we walk between the 3D & 5D worlds our consciousness is transformed, we learn to gracefully transmute the emotions that for many still churn to the surface.
The fountain above is a wonderful representation of our spirit and journey. It shows our enthusiastic leap into the higher realms; reveals the truth and purity that we are all united, connected and most importantly that we are luminescent threads of shimmering light. This is the truth of our “energy relationship.” Each time we reach up to the 5th Dimension and beyond we return with some of that frequency. Our wiring is being continuously upgraded so that we can hold more of this crystalline light. The grids within and around the Earth need this transfusion of energy. The whales, dolphins and all the animal kingdom requires this injection of higher frequency to support and manifest their “energy relationship” in their ascension journey upon our beloved Mother Earth