Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Lightspeakers: Panning For Gold

The Lightspeakers: Panning For Gold
through Christie Pennington

Holy, Holy, Holy is to be your mantra. In touch with the essence of yourself and others. Flow, flow with it all, do not try to direct the course with your will but allow and trust the flow of goodness in your life. It is goodness flowing, gushing forth from the mainstream of the Godhead above your will and desires which are uneducated still.Trust the greater knowing and allow the oneness of All to be experienced by you now in all it's beauty and love.

Without judgment of good enough in any way in your experience, just noticing the pure potential for joyful experience in each moment. You are caught in the hands of the Divine as the precious energy of substance, substance and hands together molding the next experience of awareness.

Enjoy to the full the moments given, so precious they are, as you are, as all are that you meet and experience with. No experience, no person, too ordinary, too lowly to love and interchange your divinities. Together learning anew the many multiple reasons for your coming here.

Expect your joy, but do not define too closely what it must entail. Find the gold within each moment's interactions. Sift through what may appear unwanted and you will see; first the glimmer, and then the steady glow of love's ultimate aim established in every interaction, in each experience regardless how humble.

Know this, your Divine identity cannot go unmasked for long. The divinityis inherent within you and all you breathe within. This mass consciousness, this soup of awareness, every bit is divinity becoming and reforming another version of itself. You and those you see cannot be separate from such substance of All or from one another.

To see all as Divine transforms every experience, each one you meet and most importantly, yourself. It is both humbling and laudatory in the same breath, for all the wonder that you recognize within is without and within all. Seeing this wonder how can you then detail how the wonders will come or what they will look like. Can you allow the beauty within the appearance of the ugly and unwanted before it is truly revealed and unmasked before you?

This is the secret to inner joy that is unchanging. You ask the wrong questions and so receive no answers and so your longing and yearning grow. Receive your questions from the Light of All and the answers come, sometimes concealed within the questions, but the answers are always available for you at once. You may have to play catch up with your own knowledge of time however to receive them now.

"Will I become rich" is transformed to "will I always be open to receive all the goodness of safety, security and well being that I know is mine? Is that then a question or an answer for you?

"Will I find a mate" becomes "Can I express the innate vast love within me that I understand is me already" Can I ever explore fully all the love that I am which continually explodes and transforms and increases, taking on myriad shapes and forms? Is that then the question or the answer itself?

Be the fullness of the Divinity that you are. Holy and whole are you and are we together with you in the Love that is all.

Christie Pennington

The Lightspeakers are reflectors of the Light, teachers expressing wisdom and love from other realms of consciousness, their purpose is to empower us by stimulating our conscious remembering of our Divine connection. Christie Pennington is a channel, intuitive coach, writer and speaker. As the voice of The Lightspeakers, she is called to help you to remember who you are. Sign up for The Lightspeakers free newsletter at * * * Individual and group channeling/ spiritual coaching/workshops * phone: 540 371 1507 * Christie also writes in her own voice at her blog "Living With Light" at Her new ebook "Transform Your Negativity; Ten Short Visualizations" is available through *