Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Uriel's Message -- Seek with an Open Mind

Uriel's Message -- Seek with an Open Mind

As you open your heart to receiving and create a space where you allow yourself to be blessed by the unlimited abundance that is available to you, you must also open your mind so you can acknowledge that there are greater possibilities than those limited by your thinking. When the heart desires what the mind believes is impossible your dreams always seem to be beyond your reach because you cannot manifest what you do not think is possible for you. Your heart and mind must be in balance to create boundless abundance, joy and love and to fulfill your dreams.

The open heart transcends the third dimension and creates from higher vibrations that allow the manifestation of miracles. Without the agreement and equal participation of the mind, which is closed when it is grounded in the third dimension, your desires are limited by the mind's judgments. Unlimited creation is your destiny and this is in true alignment with your heart. You must open the mind to allow it to be on the same plane of creation as the heart or you will feel stuck and limited in every aspect of your life.

How can you manifest your heart's desire if your mind is not listening to its voice? When it is closed it unable to access the higher dimensions in your field of potential, in which you find everything that is not in your life in this moment. Everything you desire is possible for you and the wish for it comes from your heart. Your closed mind will see this as impossible; your open mind agrees with the heart and creates the thoughts that make the wish possible.

Without the balance between the heart and mind you become a limited creator, grounded in that which you can know through the mind's logic and intellect. The heart is filled with your dreams, and holds the promise of joy and love that are your birthright but their fulfillment lies within the mind, through which you send out the thoughts that create the heart's desires. Allow your mind to be as open as your heart is so when the heart speaks to you of your life's possibilities your mind is able to expand to include your dreams in its thinking and you will find the abundance, joy and love you seek.

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