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Sekhmet: Connecting With The Universe As One

Sekhmet: Connecting With The Universe As One
Ascension Energy Tools Teleconference- 9/13/11
through Susan Leland

Well, Greetings Everyone! We are so pleased to be here! We want to make a general comment or two before we get into the specifics of our "Yes I Can! 101" lesson for the day. The specifics of that are quite awesome for us to do today. So, we just want to take a moment to assure you that all is well. We understand with all the shiftings and shakings, and everything that's in the news, and all of the lies, and the Truth and everything, seemingly all jumbled up in one big mix, it's difficult, is it not, to keep oneself in balance?

You see, these are the very moments that we've been telling you were coming, Beloved Family, moments of shifting and changes so great that they could literally knock you out of balance. And of course we are in recognition of the fact that even though you're all on that Ascension Path, and you're all wanting to make leaps and bounds upward, upward, upward, on that path, you've still got some housecleaning to do, which is one of the reasons why we're here today.

We just want to suggest to you that you leave the over-view, literally withdraw from it, if at times it seems to be over-whelming. Pull yourself away from those earthquake charts on your computers, and do a little dancing instead - substitution of focus is what we're talking about here, but not because you can't do your high vibrational attitudinal exercises of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, for everything that's going on.

No that's not it, you're all empowered to do those things! It's just that the sheer numbers of events, all of which are leading up to the next now moment, the next and the next, and as the now moments come and go, the shiftings and the changes are more and more in place. In other words, the destination, or the results, are more and more evident. It is simply that there is so much, and it is so easy to get 'boggled' down in that, and then it's that much harder to raise yourselves up.

This is a time for great discernment. Every human has responsibilities in being here on Planet Earth. There are those still wearing the dark hats, and running the dark hat programs. They're in a real big minority now. So you can say, "Well, what's a big minority?" It means that their numbers are shrinking more and more, and we're just saying it's 'big time' that their hold is diminishing so much that all of these changes you've been hearing about and waiting for - patiently and impatiently, and we fully understand that - are coming about.

And it is for you to not be on overwhelm as the changes come, but rather to be in balance, harmonious balance. Now you humans have a fabulous saying. Well we'll use it, but let's just say: All the good stuff is about to hit the fan big time! What it means is: That which you know, the information that you know and resonate with as your Truth, is about to become broadcast World-wide. It's going to splat some people in the faces, because they have been so resistant to Truth. They have bought into lies for various reasons, and you know the kind of lies we're talking about. We're not here to discuss all of that. If you have any questions, you can send me an email, and I'll help out with your discernment.

But what we're trying to say here is that there is so much going on, and this is, this is the darkness before the dawn, as you humans say. The dawning, the real dawning, the official dawning, the announced dawning, of what you call the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, whatever. Oh, yes, we know astrologically speaking that these things have happened already, have dawned, have begun.

What we're talking about here is the realization. We're talking about the bringing right in to what remains of 3D. And here we are together in a higher vibration, just because We Are, and because that's what we choose. And so it is that before continuing upward on that Ascension Path, it's to reach out and help others to climb aboard, so to speak. And it's pretty hard to do that if you're overwhelmed by everything. So we are advising that you take these remaining moments before it hits the fan to focus upon yourselves, your own energy fields.

That is not to shut out the World. That is certainly not to deny Truth to anyone who comes to you looking for it. It's just that right now maybe nobody's knocking on your door for that information, but that's going to change. We've been telling you that for a long time, too . So it's time to do whatever preparations you can do, or feel empowered to do, and we're going to talk about that more, to become even more a part of the One, so you're not out there alone, and you're not feeling like all of a sudden the World is coming to your door expecting you to light the way.

It's WE lighting the way, Beloved Ones. Each and every one of us is shining our Lights, and together we are exponentially brighter than any one individual. Now does that mean that you stop doing individual things? No, it just means that everything you do, remember you're part of the One. That's the reality, and that's what we ask you to keep in mind as you do your preparation individually, or perhaps with a partner or two. But, always your focus for yourself is going to be different than anyone else's. And so it is that you recognize what it is that you are to do as an individual, but always keep it within the joyful, joyful, context of the One We All Are!

Alrighty! We shall now begin the discussion of our focus for this time together. It all relates anyway to that which has just been spoken, and that which I am about to speak, because we're talking about One. We're talking about being One with all living beings, really everywhere in the Universe, but let's just narrow that down a bit to Planet Earth. Because of course Planet Earth is what we, from the, what are you calling it, the Higher Dimensions, are focusing on now. We've got this whole fleet - trillions of ships, really!

Some are observers, some are communications relayers sending back to various places in the Universe progress reports, and updates, and so on. Some are communicating with the ground crew - that's us. Well, I'm everywhere, so I consider myself somewhat of a liaison, or a bridge, as are the other ones who are coming forward - the messengers, who are speaking. But we are very much with the ground crew. And there are of course the healers, there are the mitigators. Oh yes, you call it damage control; we call it damage mitigation, so that when something occurs of a destructive nature upon Planet Earth, we have a whole division of the Ashtar Command which focuses in on whatever is going on that is what you would call of a destructive nature.

There are shifts which are necessary, and there are shifts which can be mitigated, so that they accomplish what it is they need to do, but with perhaps, shall we say, a minimizing of destruction. Now this has been particularly necessary in certain key situations. We will mention a couple of them - yes, the Gulf oil spill, which was deliberate, and deliberately made worse. And then there were, oh there have been various tsunamis and earthquakes and so on, and so on. You all know about this. We're not going to go into it. We don't want to bring up any memories of destruction. We only want to assure you that we have an entire division which is doing the mitigating.

And then we have our hospital division, that is primarily the Arcturians, but we welcome healers from all over the Universe, and so on.

Now communications is really, really, a big deal right now, and the reason for that is that, in order to come to Oneness you've got to pretty much have the consciousness of One. And you need to be able to communicate with others to find out what that consciousness is. Now of course when we measure the consciousness we're talking about measuring the, humm, shall we say, the waves, the telepathic waves. So you see it doesn't really matter whether you speak the language of the English, or of the French, or of the Somali, or of the Islands of Japan, or whatever. It doesn't matter, because there is a certain intelligence that is emitted from every, well, we're going to say human right now, but we're going to really enlarge upon that. That's our focus for this time together.

And this intelligence is what we read. And it is not so much a language of talk, talk, talk, it's a language of thought, it's a language of feeling. It is universal. And so we are here to encourage all of you, Beloved Ones, everyone in a body on Planet Earth, every living, breathing body we should say, and that includes the Minerals, oh yes they breathe, to come into this kind of togetherness, this Oneness, telepathically.

Oh, verbal is nice, and you can sing, and you can speak, and you can do all kinds of things, and yes you reach each other. Even music, you see, has a universal quality to it. Even if there are words to the music that you do not understand, you can still catch the vibes, so to speak. But what we're talking about here is coming into Oneness when you give and receive messages, so that you become on the same wave length in a high vibrational, telepathic way.

Now we said that if you have a particular being you would like to communicate with during our exercise, please to invite them to attend, whether they attend as the little kitten sitting in your lap, whether it is your crystal in the other room, whether it is oh, perhaps the giraffe you made eye contact with at the zoo last week. It doesn't make any difference. If you want to focus on one individual in some kind Exercise that is so easy and feels so good, that you can repeat this, and repeat it, and repeat it, and you do not always have to have the same receiver. You can vary it up, as you say. It is mostly to get into that high vibrational communication, realm of communication, where you really are feeling, and knowing what it is that the One We All Are is focusing upon.

Now of course the number one topic for what to focus on is, you know what? It happens to be a four letter word: L-O-V-E!!! You know some people think that it's almost being a blasphemer to speak publicly, to speak that word publicly, to talk about loving your fellow beings upon the Planet, and so on, and so on. Well that's changing. There are those like Obama who are changing that. Be watching for that. That's the kind of news you want to be just flying high on!!!

But to communicate Love and to receive communications of Love on a constant basis - see that's what being ascended is about. That's the state of being ascended. That's being Love, and knowing you're loved, and expressing Love all the time, because there isn't any time anyway. So it becomes eternal, shall we say. We like that word eternal, yes, that's a nice word. So it is to practice this kind of communication, high vibrational Love and Joy. Oh yes, you can hear a little laughter here and there, you can do a little dancing and singing - whatever it is that gets you up in that frequency. You broadcast it out and you receive it back. The more vibrations of Love that you feel, and take into yourself from the World and the Universe beyond, the more supportive it is for you to stay in high vibrations yourself!

Now let's flip that shall we? Humm! This is almost like - there's a particular - not logic, what am I looking for? I think I might be looking for Geometry, the word. It's almost like how that works. You have the concept, that you like to receive it. Yes? Do you understand that receiving of Love? Now, here's the Quantum Physics of it. When you are in receivership of high vibrational Love, Joy and all that goes with it, that's all you can send out. How about that? Because you're vibrating so high that none of the fear based stuff can even find it's way into your consciousness. It's not there in your unconscious either at the moment - you actually have raised yourself up and out of fear vibrations!!!

Let me tell you something. There are two women here on this Island of Maui, grand teachers they are. They happened to be in a place that started shaking. There were many others there. All the others went into fear. These two women held themselves up and out of fear, and continually expressed Love for Mother Gaia, and Joy that she was accomplishing what she needed to accomplish, and guess what? Well of course the shaking stopped, and the other people said, 'How did you do that?' It was what they naturally did! They didn't even think about, 'Shall we make the choice between going into fear, and staying in high vibrations?' It came to them to stay in high vibration, because they were so used to being there, and they felt Mother Gaia's Love, and they knew that all was well. You see Mother Gaia communicated to them during the process. They were open to receive a loving message, and they did. How about that?

See, so we're talking about forming attitudinal habits of connection, of bringing in and receiving the high vibrational messages, and then just being - well literally without thinking, 'Which kind of message am I going to send out in this moment?' - because it will be automatic within your fields! And how do you do that? You start out by consciously connecting, consciously communicating. Now the other part of this that we want to emphasize here is that it is time for the Human Kingdom, and in some cases easier, we will say, to include all of the other Kingdoms in your sending and receiving. Oh, yes!

Your kitty cat has consciousness, and it's quite high vibrational, if you would like to know. The animals, you see, know about things that humans usually dismiss: 'Well they're animals, I'm Human, you know, I don't need to concern myself with what the Animal Kingdom's consciousness is at this moment, or what this particular part of the Animal Kingdom is thinking or feeling.' Humm! That's not how you get to Oneness With All Life. And it's even more prevalent with plants. How many of you have a plant in your place where you live, or the place where you work, or both? Raise your hands if you do? Aaah yes!

That's very, very, excellent. By the way, if you don't have a plant, and you're contemplating getting one, here's a little tip. We recommend an Aloe Vera plant of the upright variety. You see plants have consciousness too, and they put their vibes out into the atmosphere. We know there's photosynthesis and all of that. We're not talking about that, we're talking about their consciousness. How are they feeling? What are they thinking? What are they communicating?

And we'll tell you this right now, Aloe Vera has Ormes! Don't you love the idea of some Ormes getting communicated out into your atmosphere that you live and breathe in? Ah hah! Alrighty! But when you bring a plant into your home, or plant one in your garden, or whatever, be sure that you communicate: 'Welcome, I'm so glad you're here. I love you! I invite you to receive my Love, and share it throughout your being, and I welcome your loving messages back to me.' What do you think happens when you hug a tree anyway? Everybody who has ever hugged a tree out here in this grand audience, raise your hand. Ah hah! You see, what's your goal in hugging that tree, if not to communicate Love, and receive Love back?! Now, if you have not brought anybody to this conference, it might be wondrous indeed to bring that tree into your focus when we do our Exercise, and send Love to that tree that you hugged. How about that?

And of course we're not going to leave out the Mineral Kingdom, and who are the grand communicators of the Mineral Kingdom, except of course the Crystals, and of course the Elements who can appear in mono-atomic high spin state form? You might want to google that one, or look it up a bit. We're not going to go into a lecture of mono-atomic elements and Ormes. You've already heard something about Ormes. Ormes are good! Don't over do! So, we have prepared the focus, the background for the focus.

We are going to do an Exercise in which we connect. You can pick a specific being - another Human, or an Animal, or a Plant, or a Mineral Kingdom member - if you want to start out with a laser-type focus, but we're going to open up as we receive back. We're going to open up to being more and more so that we become a part of the One We All Are in loving service, in loving message service to all, and at the same time open to receive from the One We All Are. Now that's huge, but we are structuring this, and we have taken this time, as you measure it, to prepare this background information for you so that you all know just where we're going with this.

Now, we will say this - do not, "Do Not" come into this Exercise with any expectations, or shall we say demands upon yourself, that you get it all the first time. We, and those of us who do the messages, particularly Ashtar, from this Voice, have been saying for a long time - practice, practice, practice. It's a form of self-nurturing, and it's a lot of fun too! Just open yourselves to receive the vibration, the energies, or the Love, if you will, of feeling the Oneness. And if you choose to start out with one specifically, remember, we shall then open to receive and to send to the One We All Are, so that you get a sensation of that, and then practice, practice, practice.

Sometimes you might want to address a Human specifically. Sometimes you might want to address a particular Animal, or Plant, or Crystal, or Rock, or whatever. But we always suggest that you come to the point of literally merging, or feeling, because you are anyway! We're just suggesting that you open up to feel the Oneness.

Is everybody ready? Get real comfortable, and we just ask that you breathe. Just breathe. Breathe in Love. Breathe in Freedom to express Love. That's a 'biggie' you know. Breathe in the Joy of expressing Love, of being Love, of sharing Love. And when you're ready join the circle, you can sit or stand. Just come into the circle, and if you have brought someone to focus upon to begin this Exercise with, place them inside of the circle facing you, that intelligence, that consciousness, that living being.

Just allow them to face you. Closing your eyes it makes it easier. So now here you are in this circle of us, standing or sitting as you choose, facing the one you have brought with you, or you can face yourself if you wish. If you would like to start by addressing yourself, that is absolutely wondrous indeed. Has everybody got their partner? Alrighty!

Now this is how we do it, and it is very simple. You can state your message when you have your position, and the position of the one you're addressing, very clearly in your mind's eye. You can state it out loud, or simply within your being. But as you do, bring in the Light, and bring in the empowerment. You know how to do it. Bring it in through your hands, and up your arm, and across your collar bone . Stop for a minute, and send some Love into your heart, drop some off there. Continue on to your other arm, and then you can hold out your hands, one hand receiving the Light, and the other hand giving the Light, sending the Light out.

So, now beam this Light upon your partner, whoever is standing there in front of you, be it the one you invited to come, or be it yourself. Everybody deserves it anyway. How about that? And say either out loud, or within the silence of your being, 'I'm sending you Light, and beaming Light from my being to yours. I choose to know when you have received this Light, this Love I send to you!' When you see them, or feel them, or know that they are bathed in the Light that you have sent, invite them to bring it into their hearts.

Do you think that Plants don't have hearts? They do. It's different than yours, but they have a heart space. Every living being has a heart space. A heart space where they can feel, a heart space where they can receive Love. So, invite whoever it is standing in front of you to receive the Love that you're sending, and to tell you in some way or other. Perhaps it will be a little tickle, perhaps it will be a sudden little whisper somewhere in your being, perhaps you'll hear a word,' yes,' or 'thank you!' It makes no difference, just allow that connection with the one that you're sending the Love to.

And when you have confirmation that they have received what you are sending, tell them that you are now ready to accept Love back to you from them. And if you wish, you can take your hand that is sending, and you can make a kind of a circular motion. Some people like to use what you call the infinity sign. That's a very powerful connecting link, you know. Some people might want to just make a circle. You can do it in a clockwise motion if you wish, and connect yourself, literally connect your energy fields with the one that you are sending Love to, and receiving Love from.

Get that connection really lit Beloved Ones! Now notice, if you will, that everybody's glowing, and notice, if you will, that now there are these connecting links, these circles, or spirals, or infinity signs connecting with each other. ,So now you have those on either side of you connecting with you. How beautiful is that? ,And it's going all around our circle. ,And everybody's connecting with everybody., Keep the connections lit. Let your Love shine forth!!!

And now notice, if you will, that these links are expanding, or shall we say duplicating, replicating, in great numbers. And all of a sudden, why there's the whole Kingdom of the Kitty Cats, all connecting with this circle, all connecting by these links of loving energy. And here come the trees, the trees of the forests, and the woodlands, and the yards, and the parks, of the Planet. And here come all of the Spirits, and the Divas of Mother Gaia . And here is the Kingdom of the Elementals, all in connection. Expansion is going on - Love exponentially beyond all numbers to compute! Expansion of Love connections, all of the Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, all of the Angelic Realms, the Elementals, the Ascended Masters, the Star Seed Civilizations. Indeed, feel the Arcturians, turning up the juice, if you will. They are great, great, scientists you know! Here are all of those who have gone beyond their bodies, and are now connecting with their spiritual selves. Here are all of the children, and yes the future ones, past, present, and future, all represented here, and Mother/Father smiles her/his great Joy!!!

Beloved Ones, we have connected with the whole entire Universe. And here it is, here we are - Great Living Beings connected in the Oneness, in the Love from which we were all created! No wonder Mother/Father is smiling. And now as the One We All Are, we understand We Are All One with absolutely no separations or divisions. And when we can communicate this Love with the One We All Are, we remain in high vibrational Joy in every nano-second of every moment - the time that was, and time that is, and time that is about to be, as it is measured here on Planet Earth. We have connected, we have communicated, and we have joined together in a communion of One!!!

And let the messengers, particularly of Mother Gaia, send their thanks and their Love to you. Feel the Oneness with them, and feel their invitation to you now, to continue this connecting. It is particularly with the other Kingdoms of Planet Earth, the other Kingdoms of Mother Gaia, that you are invited, and encouraged, to connect with. See these beautiful bright shining links of connection, and know that you are empowered to connect with every individual member of every Kingdom, as well as the totality of all of Planet Earth and the One We All Are beyond.

And let this be a living, breathing part of your lives from now on, because the more you enjoy this connection, with each and every one of you, Beloved Ones, and with each and every one of all of us, the more you bring in Peace and Harmony, and yes Love, in all expressions, and thus you open even wider the doors to the Higher Dimensions! Because, Beloved Ones, the Truth of it is when we are all connected in this Oneness and feeling it, and knowing it, sharing it, blessing it, and spreading it, we are up and out of that which you call the third dimension, and we are soaring into the Higher Dimensionalities!!!

And this Oneness, this Bliss of Oneness is how life is all the time, and for all time after you complete your Ascension Process, which is moving forward even now faster than it was before we began this Exercise in Oneness together! We Love you beyond words! Feel it! Let it in, and bring yourselves back to this moment of Oneness, so that it becomes habit, it becomes your natural way of being, and then help others to do the same. It's how we get there together, it's how we walk this Path. We are here with you on this high Path of Ascension. Oh, yes, we're coming through to you, because you are coming up to meet us, and this is how we do it!

Thank you so much, Beloved Ones, for your participation in this momentous event! Return often! Make it your lifestyle! And so it is! Namaste!

Transcription by: Arnold Neal Troeh

Susan Leland

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