Thursday, November 10, 2011

Message from the Guides: Anchoring into the Crystalline Grid

Message from the Guides: Anchoring into the Crystalline Grid
by Carol Fitzpatrick
November 2011 Light Streamings

We are in the state of higher soul awareness. Everything that we desire is to be imagined into creation at this time. This imagining is not to be done with the mind but received and anchored into the new crystalline grid by the heart, the high-heart.

There are many beings who will come to us and tell us that we are not to create in this manner. You are not to listen to any outside counsel. You are to honor thyself and know that as you do, all is well.

The portal is now open and much in the way of information is streaming in. Yes. This is true. But the energies of the planet are not yet balance and harmonized to accept the higher light beings.

Accept the earthbound creations and know that as you do, there shall come a day when the structures that are in place will be no more.

The children will lead the way. You, in your child-like manner shall know the way. See that in yourself and you will recognize the others who are to co-create with you.

Now is the time of the preparation. Like the wanderers of old, it is your time to prepare for the building of new community--non-hierarchical structures where all voices are heard.

Look to the downward spiral of available economic resources as humanity works to sustain itself as the catastrophic changes in the earth increase in number and magnitude. This is to humble your heart and to teach you how to move as one, and to honor life in a way that is precious.

Enjoy the time of the harvest. You have persevered.


We are in a time of accelerated ascension when the veil is quickly disappearing, and that alone is very exciting. The frequencies are escalating and these highly refined wave patterns that are formed from these energies are helping us to spiral up in consciousness. What a joyous ride, and for those who are already soaring, we will only open to even more expansive life-expressions from here on out. Just remember self-care.

As the energies step up, it's important to stay alert to even the most subtle of shifts for allowing the openings to continue. Even as we are soaring with joy and excitement for what we are now experiencing (some as increased vision, knowing and a sense of connection to the universal oneness), watch for any internal triggering of fear, especially as we begin to more fully merge into a collective quickening of consciousness.

The key word is to "anchor," to anchor the love that we are into the human matrix.

Everyone on the planet has their own particular version of heaven and hell supplanted somewhere within them. Our human consciousness stores every hurt, slight or transgression against the self with minute detail. The human mind is like looking through a catalog of fear-based consciousness. It remembers the full spectrum fear with a vengeance then hides it behind a mask that allows us to surivive in the world of doing, building and creating.

It's those times in our lives when suddenly, or not so suddenly, we ascend and recognize our high self, the all knowing, being self that is hard-wired into the circuitry of pure source love.

As we focus on anchoring the purest source of who we are in the form of an earthen grid, the soul-level awareness that is hard-wired into love without any condition at all, is happily pulsing more of this purity of heart into the body-mind matrix.

This is great if you are experiencing the upward flow of the spiral in your life. If not, you'll first start feeling stuck in some aspect of your creation, which is always triggered by one's relationship to self and others. If you do not make the internal correction, fear will show up in the physical as conflict--conflictual thinking, doing and being.

At any point in this continuum, be willing to let go of any fear no matter how real, how rational or relevant to your life situation it may seem. Let it go. Drop below the consciousness of the mind, and there you will find the peace. Below that you will feel the flow of grace. Once you are in the deeper river become a good stewerd and stay in the flow. Allow absolutely no interference.

Many of us have been diligently working to raise our vibration and keep it high by most fully honoring ourselves in this manner. If you are living a balanced, harmonious life, you will feel the shifts as soft and supportive, inspirational even. If you are still entertaining polarized energies in your life-choices, pay closer attention to what you are being inwardly prompted (through the choices now presenting themselves) to let go of during this time-frame and be willing to go with the flow of least resistance. Pick the most immediate next step that represents the feeling that is most expansive, regardless of any fear.

This open portal is providing us the energetic support to make physical changes in our lives. But like two completely different universes colliding into one another, the break-through we have been wishing into form can be a dramatic forward moving forward with ease and grace, or the ride for your life down the shoot of letting go. The soul does not care about comfort. It's concern is to get the stuck aspects of the Self to release and let go in order to be in the correctly aligned energetic positioning and geographic location that places one in the right place and soul grouping for the next 5 - 7 years.

I have been counseling loads of people who are in this category. We are being moved around on a cosmic chess board again much like 2003 - 2005.

Even as we have been willing it, praying it forward, the recognition of the life-shift can be downright disorienting to the mind. Our human mind has no context for what is actually occurring, which requires us to be still inside and deeply listen to the peace that is there even when we are pushing against the change.

Over the next few months, as we integrate these higher frequencies into our bodies, it will our require total focus and the practice of patience as we listen to what is ours to do.

We are working together on a plethora of energetic levels as we are laying down new grid lines but the shift in consciousness is a physical thing too. As the frequencies continue to elevate it is because the earth is lining up with particular star coordinates, which open up the gateways. Think of them as frequency matches to your particular DNA.

The number sequencing of 11.01.11 and 11.11.1 correspond to a signature code that when seen or heard prompts us to literally get ready to receive.

This new cosmic reality is being transmitted through the high-pitched hum of dynamically changing tones of the grid and through spectrums of color. Whether you can see the color or not does not matter. Like the rays of the sun, you can feel the fuller spectrum of light and sense the soul infusion as we sit in silent meditation and allow the subtle body to open and receive waves upon waves of iridescent fairy dust-like particles. I am feeling this dusting in the very early morning hours and as a blanket of deep peace accompanied by a more inspired state of being.

The high-heart acts as grand master and central station as it partners with the human matrix. The human matrix comprises the first 7 layers or levels of consciousness that make-up the auric field. Pure source energy is pulsed through these layers and flows through the inner pathways of the body's meridian system. The meridians are comprised of thousands of energetic pathways and inter-connecting nodes that flow life-force through the body. The high-heart is directly connected to the soul as receiver of these refined frequencies and sends them through this matrix for transforming the Self into less chaotic, more fluid wave patterns. This is phenomenon, in the context of an electrical, sound sea of consciousness, serves to evolve life on the planet.

The new paradigm of oneness (some might say heaven on earth) is the manifestation of these gentler wave patterns that are taking form as new paradigm social, political, and economic environments, which prompt the building of physical community that embrace non-hierarchical processes where all voices are heard.

The building of these new structures offer up not only an energetic match to our DNA but also our soul grouping. The soul group that is triggered by the number sequences of 111 and 1111, 333 and 555 correspond to the star coordinates of This is the numerical representation of the portal or star-gate that is now open for the next 12 - 25 years. These numbers also represent 17 of the 32 star tribes here on earth that being more fully activated.

These coordinates, when triggered by this now open portal, prompts us to make choice. If unable to sustain the energies in the body and anchor them into the earthen plane, we are called to return home, and this open portal allows us safe passage. If we stay open and integrate higher soul-light frequencies into the body, then our work from here forward is to anchor the wave patterns into the earthen plane as new paradigm structure in whatever form we can imagine into creation.

This transformational process is like getting a whole new set of navigational tools but from the perspective of ground zero. This allows us to better see what has been in front of us all along. The stepped up frequencies also provide us with the support of the other light races as we all work in different energetic systems for ushering in an entirely new era of what it means to be human.

We now have the vibrational eyes and the support of others who are building new systems and structures from the inspiration of visions that, up until now, have seemed more like wishful thinking or fantasy than what was held possible just a few short years ago.

The final message for this month and for moving forward is to do whatever is necessary to get your energy system anchored into the new earth crystalline grid by keeping your focus on the Self. I have posted a sign in front of me that says, "Mind your own business."

Enjoy the building!

In grace,
Carol Fitzpatrick

Carol Fitzpatrick is an avid spiriitual activist. She uses her gift to help others understand what is beyond the fives senses; to help people to see clearer pictures of their lives, and to understand what role they have chosen to play in service to humanity at this critical time. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. It is her role as a translator for the Guides, angels and other light beings who are here to share their wisdom that brings her the greatest joy in service to others.

Carol resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is the mother of two grown children.

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