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Archangel Michael: Expedition - Egypt Crystallined

Archangel Michael: Expedition - Egypt Crystallined
Transmitted Through Elanthra
March 26 2012

Greetings Multi-dimensional Valiant Ones ~

This is Archangel Michael, beaming to you from the centre of the latest ascension energy launch. Before we expand on this, I'd like to commend all of you who have given yourself permission to express yourselves freely. The 5th Dimension and above are 'Creative Can Do Realities,' devoid of cannots and shoulds, as you were bound to in your prior 3rd Dimensional duality existence. When you give yourself permission to be free ~ to express yourself through your blessed God-given personality, others will often follow suit.

Dear Ones 'Intention Is Key' in your new Crystalline World. Gratitude and Belief also serve as key factors that pave the way for, not only abundance, but also joy. The Universe will sustain you, and as time speeds up it's cycle, many synchronicities and much serendipity will manifest all that sooner for you, the Divine Co-creators at the helm of the Master Ship.

Having said that, I would have you know that the latest energies have soared in with a crescendo of 'Gentle Intensity,' and know the energies have resounded with somewhat of an urgency out of Egypt.

Dear Ones ~ there is so much to celebrate this day, for Egypt serves as one of the major Crystalline centres for the New Earth, and in turn much knowledge has been preserved there to be discovered when the time is right. And let the storehouses of Divine Wisdom be gradually released and revealed in Divine timing, and may all be blessed with these sacred emanations.

In tune with this, let us get on with the Mystic Scenario that has graced the Earth recently. I ask that those that are ready, and with whom this resonates, call on your Highest Selves now and surround yourself in Golden Light.

Envision before you now a curved 'Y-shaped Seat' floating in the skies; know that this is the Seat of Yahweh (God). You may lie in this hammock-like insightful seat, which contains Crystalline Diamond Heart of God energy to begin. Oh how peaceful and tranquil "You Are" ~ and this is so inviting ~ enticing ~ such sweet comfort.

From this seat, One is provided with a wondrous view of the 'Paisley or Droplet-shaped Fluffs of Light' that buoyantly float until they arrive at the left bottom-side of the 'Divine Doorway.' If One takes a closer look, they will be able to see the visible 'Streams of Light' under it's way that have peered into view.

The Doorway is opened and the Stream of Light pours through and leads the way to The Eye; and know that this is 'The Eye of Horus Portal.'

The Eye parts and the vortex is opened, lending way to flexible 'Linked Diamond Shapes,' that sway forth softly and smoothly in a kitelike swirl.

The Diamonds out of the Heart of God drift to commune with a sheer 'Crystalline Decanter' that is filled to overflowing with Golden Elixir, and this Heavenly Tonic is seen to pour downwards.

Next an adorable, precious little 'Fledgling' (Baby Bird) is handed down by The Elohim through the Eye of the Portal. The fledgling embraces the nurturing meekly as it is blanketed and delivered into Mother Gaia's care. Know dear ones that this Fledgling is represenative of each and every one of you that will be loved and nurtured by Spirit and yourselves, and in turn Rise Up to joyfully soar to unmapped terrains that even you were unware of.

Before you has manifested a 'Golden Bejeweled Trinket Box,' and if you open it and peer inside, a radiant 'Oval Mirror' will greet you. We invite One and all to use Intention And Belief to venture through the mirror. Beyond the Mirror you will be led through a 'Narrow Passageway.' Know dear Ones that The Passageway will part now and One and All will be afforded a 'Mystic View' into an 'Egyptian Divine Temple.' At the Temple entrance stands The Guardian, and he is ready to greet and welcome you.

This Guardian has been heard to say, "We are going to take this to the next level." Once inside the temple, you are invited to sit comfortably upon the intricately carpeted floor, and you will be presented with a 'Crystalline Rod,' which you may receive, if you so desire, in your left receiving hand. Know that this Rod will serve as protection and will house the Egyptian Crystalline energies.

Lastly, we ask you to leave the Temple and put out the intention that you are standing in front of a Magnanimous 'Crystalline Triangular Pyramid Matrix' that can be likened to a Heavenly Slideshow. See it as the clear, dazzling Core Of Egypt That It Is. If you look closer you will be able to see that it's tip points Heavenward, and then if you look again you will experience it's tip transmute to point downwards. This Crystalline Matrix transmits Crystalline energy all across The Globe, and dolphins surround the tip of it's base to receive energy from it's source.

The Guardian of The Crystalline Pyramid will greet you and you will be able to ask permission to receive a Crystalline Upgrade. As the Crystalline healing vibrations beam outwards and pulse and course through your chakras, you will experience a blissful sensation of 'gentle warmth,' tingling, especially at the soles of your feet, and perhaps even buzzing in your ears. If you so desire, you may move the Crystalline energies counterclockwise through you in a Divine, powerful swirl, clearing and healing, paying special attention to blocked areas.

Hop on board, for 'A Winged-Horse (Pegasus)' pulling a 'Golden Chariot' has arrived now to transport you back home. As you ground back into your body and room, picture tree roots stemming and anchored down into Mother Gaia.

Many revelations out of Egypt await to be revealed in the days to come. We invite you to venture here as often as you feel the need to. Powerful Mystic Blessings and Protection have been bestowed opon you, that can be likened to a 'Mother's Womb' and may your hearts be warmed and many be awakened amidst Egypt's nurturing embrace.

Blessed be. Namaste. As above so below, and soi t is.

I AM Archangel Michael

"We Are" The Egyptian Guardians of the Temple and Crystal Pyramid


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