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Yeshua On Relationships

Yeshua: On Relationships- You Will Know This Love With Others Received through Mercedes Kirkel on April 11, 2012 June 15, 2012 ======================================================== Greetings beloveds, This is Yeshua, who many of you know as Jesus. I wish to be with you today. I am here with my beloved Myriam-Mary Magdalene-and we both wish to be with you at this time. My greatest desire, as always, is to bring you my presence of love, that you may experience this and that you may more and more be able to connect with this within yourself. For truly, it is always available to you. It is what I most treasure, what I feel is most valuable to bring to you and to support in you. So more than my words, I bring you my presence of love. I ask for you to receive it as fully as you can, in this moment, and as much as you are able in all future moments. This is the greatest work before you. You are being transformed. I, and so many beings, have said this to you, and it is absolutely true. As this transformation continues and progresses, you will notice that it is less and less about thoughts and ideas and words, and it is more about this state of love. So, as more of you are maturing, moving forward, this is the primary communication, this state of love. This is what will help you the most. Even as you listen to my words, let my words simply be a vehicle for bringing this love to you. If my words help you to understand, to open your mind, to resolve things for you, that is good. But that is secondary. It is a secondary process. It is as though the words are releasing your old way of functioning, your old supports, and in some ways your old obstructions. As this falls away more and more, what you are left with is this state of love. And so we work to help you in both ways-to help you to understand and to release your old way of functioning and to understand the new and to strengthen the new within you. So listen to my words. Let them help you. But even more so, receive my love. And I say "my," but of course it is not mine. It is God's love. It is all of our love. It is the love that always exists. You cannot claim it. No one owns it. No one possesses it, not me or anyone else. But it is ours. I simply say "my" because I know it as such and share it with you most freely in whatever ways I can. So this is what you are being called to-to rest in this heart space, to abide in it, and to let this more and more become your ongoing reality. And yes, there are processes that can support you in this, especially as you are new at it. There are things that you can learn from people. There are certainly many avenues that can support you in this. More and more, resting in the heart space will be part of your transformation and you will know this state. It will become part of who you are. You won't have to practice it or work at it. It will simply be natural to you, just as the way you function now is natural to you. Thinking is natural to you. You do not have to work at it. It happens all the time, sometimes more than you want. This process, this state, will become the same for you. It will become your natural state. But that is not the case for most of you at this time, at least all the time. And so, practice is valuable. It does help. And the more that you practice, the more quickly this will become who you are, the more quickly you will become seated more and more permanently in this space, the stronger you will be at it, and the less that experiences of life will be able to shake you from it, deter you from it, cause you to forget it or to abandon it in favor of your old ways of functioning for periods of time. As you become stronger in this way, you will see that you are able to function more easily. Things will happen that you used to have to work hard for in order for those things to happen-now they will happen more easily, more quickly, more joyfully, more pleasurably. You will likely be surprised, to a certain extent, by this. You will see yourself changing and you will experience your newness. There will be surprise, delight, enjoyment in all of this. That is wonderful. One of the features of the fourth dimension, that you are all moving towards, is it is a much more pleasurable realm once you are founded in the higher frequencies there. Your life will become more pleasurable, more humorous, more fun, more joy-filled, more peaceful, more harmonious-all of these things. And so, piece by piece, you will start to experience this now as you make this change within yourself. The more of you that make this change, the more you affect the larger picture of humanity altogether. This change is forceful. It is not forceful in the old way of forcing your will over someone else. It is powerful, which is perhaps a better word. It is the power of love. And love is a tremendous power, which most of you are just beginning to know, just touching the tip of your toe into the field of love and the possibilities of what that field contains. The more of you that center yourself in this love, the more that it supports the world in being a place of love, a higher dimensional place. It is true that your Earth is moving to this higher dimension, regardless of what you do or not. But the more that you make this change within yourself, then the more easeful the process is, the more that you support it within yourself, and the more that you support it for others-many others, whether they understand the process consciously, with their minds, or not. It is so simple, simply to remember this heart space. And yet, I understand that from the third dimension it is not simple. It is perhaps one of the most difficult things because there is so much else that is habitually and by tendency drawing you out of this space. It is both. It is a great simplicity and it is something that requires practice and development of your ability to live in this space. It is true that there are many of us at this time who are present with you, helping the beings of the Earth because this is such a wonderful change that you are going through, this transformation. Different beings work in different ways. Different beings are called to support different aspects of the process. My work has always been the work of supporting love, supporting you in living from your heart. And I want to honor my beloved Myriam, Mary Magdalene, my heart beloved, heart partner, who is here fully with me today and who is choosing to remain in silence, but is also radiating powerfully her transmission of love out to the world. Together we have functioned, as always, as a wonderful complement to each other, bringing the Masculine and Feminine qualities of love, of the heart, of God to you both. To the world altogether, we both are doing this. Even though she is choosing to remain quiet at this time, she has spoken to many on many occasions and will continue to do so. For this is a time when the Feminine is finally coming to the front, after such a long period of time of being held back. It is a great blessing to all that this is happening and a great support. She and many others are helping to make this transformation. I will leave it to her at other times to speak about this. But I simply want to acknowledge her love, her presence, her blessing. For it is truly our love, our presence, our blessing together that makes this so strong. She is the manifestation of the Divine Feminine, of Mother God energy. I am the manifestation of the Divine Masculine, Father God energy. Together we are the manifestation of Mother-Father God, the Masculine and Feminine in union, in love, together. And so we bring this blessing to you and to all. It is our great joy to do this. And now I would like to hear your questions. Are there questions that you have of me at this time? Please ask them and I am most happy to respond. Question: Could you address the intimacies of relationship in more depth? It feels to me right now that there is so much separation between male and female. I would like clarification in creating inclusion instead of separation in intimate relationships and sexuality, with love. Yeshua: Love is the key to all, so it is very wonderful that you have mentioned that. This is a very vast topic and a beautiful topic of relationship. At the third dimension, it is very challenging to have relationships with others, because the third dimension is a place of duality, polarity. So your relationships tend to be polarized. For most of you this takes the form of being polarized in terms of the Masculine-Feminine polarity. At base, this polarity exists within yourself, even prior to any relationship that you enter into. Most of you at this time are very out of balance within yourself. You're very disharmonized within yourself. And you are weighted very, very strongly toward the Masculine, whether you are a woman experiencing the gender of a woman, or a man experiencing the gender of a man. It does not matter. Your internal way of knowing yourself and knowing the world is a very Masculine way, which is primarily, in the third dimension, about being based in the mind. Most people are based in the mind in the third dimension, and thus they are in the Masculine orientation. So most of you have balancing to do to open yourself to your Feminine. This is a great deal of the work that my beloved Myriam, Mary Magdalene, has brought forth, as have others-about the Feminine parts of yourself, about your bodies, your sexuality, your emotions, and how all of these contribute to your opening of your heart and being founded in your heart. Until this is the case, for most of you it will not be easy to be in relationships and to have this be a field of love, which you so long for. So, as for most things, the work is to be done first within yourself, of finding this loving union within yourself of your inner Masculine and inner Feminine. Again, there are processes that can help you with this. It is valuable and wise to make use of these processes. However it happens, your opening to love must first happen within yourself. Oftentimes it requires healing. There are wounds that you have experienced. These could be from when you were very young. Many times the wounding happens there before you have any mental awareness of what it is. But it can happen at any time in your life. The response to these wounds very often is to create a kind of protection for yourself-where the wound isn't healed, it's just kind of closeted off. The protection protects you from the wound, but it also creates a hardening, like a shell, around you. So for many of you, it is necessary to heal these wounds and to heal the protective shell that you have created in reaction to the wound, so that you may be open, and be open especially to the feminine aspects of yourself. These are the ones that suffer the most from that kind of wounding, because the wounding happens more than anything at the emotional level-but also at the physical level, at the energetic level, and then most often lastly at the mental level, where you create certain ideas about yourself and the world and attempt to live from those ideas. All these things oftentimes need to be healed before you can have the kind of opening and wholeness that is necessary for you truly to love and know love in your relationships. All of these things will happen most naturally and organically when you make this transition to the fourth dimension. But right now, for many of you, you are still seated primarily in the third dimension. So there is confusion, naturally, around this. Of course you can never change another, and it is against universal laws to try to do so, for we all respect the free will of other beings as a very fundamental universal law. So it is through manifestation, through creation, through attraction that the kind of love you want will come in. It is through knowing this love in your heart and in yourself that you will attract and magnify it in relationship, so that one who knows this love and desires it as well will be drawn to you. Or if you are already in a relationship, the transformation will begin in the other simply by your love and by the attractiveness of your love and the way that you magnetize love through you, to you. Again, these are fourth dimensional capacities. So in some sense, the greatest thing you can do is strengthen your spiritual practice, your spiritual work. This will seat you in the heart, in this heart space of love. From there your world is created. All of your relationships, all of your experiences, everything that you know is created in your heart. So it is not to work on the outside, it is to work on your heart, on your spiritual growth and development, whatever it is that you require for this growth in the heart. That is what will allow you to have these very different kinds of relationships, starting with the relationship with yourself. It is a most beautiful thing. The kind of relationships and love that you can imagine, that you can envision, are entirely possible and will be your experience in the not-too-distant future. I am very happy to affirm this and to reassure you that you will know this love and this beauty with others. The irony of it is that when you know it with yourself, you are so fulfilled that it becomes less of an issue as to whether you are experiencing it with others or not. (laughter) And because of that fulfillment, you will be experiencing it with others. It is rather a cosmic joke. 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