Monday, July 9, 2012

Messages from Archangel Michael: Channeled by Ron Head

Messages from Archangel Michael Channeled by Ron Head July 6, 2012 ============================== Simply add your will to the Divine Will and all will be well Many people have been expecting wondrous things to occur on this day. Many of them will be mightily disillusioned. However, it would serve no useful purpose for actions of third dimensional duality to be attempted at the wrong time. Better to watch as the power of love and light accomplish the same things with no loss of life and little calamity. We have never advocated the type of action that has been forecast. The sheer weight of your collective intent will be enough, as difficult as that is to accept for many. We quote for you, in this regard, your favorite prayer. "Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven." It is unfortunate that you were taught for so long that the power invoked by these prayers exists apart and separate from yourselves. It was never taught so by your beloved Masters. You have also been told recently that action is underway. This is truth. We advise a bit more patience and discernment as you read the headlines that are beginning to surface. Huge institutions are teetering on the brink. The house of cards will indeed topple now. Knowing this, plans have been laid for the least impact to be felt, though there will be some, of that there is no doubt. You have also been advised that alternate systems are in place and ready to take over. This is also true. However, at this time, your ability to hold your intent and vision is of paramount importance. You have had some evidence of even the most dedicated slipping into negativity and lashing out. You may yourselves have negative reactions and their attached emotions come up for you. If you can stay centered only upon your goal, these will quickly dissipate. Feed energy into your purpose and all will be well. Pain and confusion are visible around you. You may be experiencing these yourselves. It is the last gasp. This was forecast for you as well. Let it pass. Let it go into the light, never to return. You cannot take that vibration, which you have harbored, into the joy and light which is your immanent destination. Release it now. You know how to do this. Do not blame yourself. Just release it. There is once again a flood of raised frequency and light sweeping around and through you. In your quiet moments, breathe this in and send it to every cell of your being. We will not speak today about the benefits of this. You have been made aware of them already. You will feel and experience them for yourselves and that is the only thing which will convince you in any case. Move now from believing into knowing. Play with what you discover. Be a child again. Have fun. These are the very changes which will manifest the great changes for which you pray so diligently. You are not alone in experiencing them, you see. There is not one molecule upon your planet which is not bathed in this light as we speak. Try as some may, the effect cannot, and will not, be denied. Simply add your will to the Divine Will and all will be well. We are here with you now, beloved ones. Call on us as you need us. Walk in peace. You Are the Master Creators Our message this day is one of cheer and joy. It has been noted that your star has once again stepped up the flow of light to the planet. Many strong emissions are now on their way to you. Tomorrow will be, by your calendar, the seven-seven day of this momentous year. With it arrives the light energy to continue in earnest the changes which you have begun. A less gradual dissolution of the negative or dark energies will now become apparent. Feelings of freedom and joy will be more frequent and profound. Glimpses across the remnants of the veil will occur more often. Many who never seemed to have any interest in things spiritual will begin to surprise you with their comments and questions. All of the things of which we have spoken are indeed in progress. The use of your full DNA is being returned to you. This must, of course, be a gradual thing. You will already, in many cases, be experiencing the effects. Your perception of the world around you will change. Greater still will be the change in your perception of the world within you. You are once again moving from a period of assimilating heightened energy and into even greater and higher frequencies. The negative on the planet is being exposed as never before. Remain above the judgment and anger and be a cause for change to the better wherever you are personally able. The judgment and anger is also something which it is necessary to release at this time. We have advised that you remain steadfast in your focus on the view of the new world which you desire. Your ability to do this will keep you from falling into the lower emotions of anger and fear. Recognize that the very reason for all the apparent chaos is the making way for your dreams to manifest. The old must fall to make way for the new to rise. You are the master creators of the past worlds and you will be the creators of the new one, as well. This time you will be able to do so without the weight of the negative upon your shoulders. Find each day now reasons to feel gratitude and rejoice. You will see them increasing rapidly. Your journey through this last few months and into the next year will seem as quick as the blink of an eye. Find as many ways as you can to enjoy it. Bumps along the way there may be. We will be at your side every moment. Ask for our aid whenever you need us. Remember, you do need to ask. Good day, dear ones. Ron Head Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. 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