Thursday, January 15, 2015

Meg Benedicte


Since the December Solstice Stargate, we are being guided into more introspection, integration and solitude. It is a time of moving within, being the Hermit and acting as our own personal Healer. Without this time, we would not be able to integrate the Light upgrades we received during the Solstice

At first I experienced deep body fatigue from the crystalline Light infusion. Then after Christmas I found I could not leave the house, just the thought of going outside was unbearable. My energy had become so Light-filled that it was too sensitive to be around the lower vibrations of the collective. I had planned to see friends for dinner, go to some movies, go hiking…forget about it. All my plans fell through, as my body continued to integrate the Light infusion. I needed to stay still, be quiet, and hold inner focus.

The good news is this down time is strengthening our Light Body and building deep inner Soul-Strength.  During the next coming weeks we just need to allow the energies to assimilate with our new expansion of higher awareness. Follow your gut instincts and intuition on what energy to engage in and where to contain your energetic boundaries. I’ve been compelled to contain my living space and remain focused in an inner meditative state as much as possible.

The new Crystalline Light infusion is also anchoring into the planetary gridwork, which will make it easier for the Starseeds and Light Bearers to live here on Gaia. We are experiencing the unfoldment of our Soul Blueprint and Light Body activation…this is a new experience for all of us. We have worked tirelessly to reach this phase of the Cosmic Ascension Plan.

For the past two decades I’ve been teaching about the Ascension Process and how we need to accelerate our energy frequency into higher octaves so that we can access the higher realms. All of my newsletters, radio shows and Ascension Training has been targeting the Starseeds and Light Bearers…you are my Family of Light and part of my Soul Blueprint is to assist the Ascension of Starseeds into 5D and higher. In my first reading with Lavandar ( some 5 years ago, she read my chart and said I carry thousands of passports to bring the Starseeds home.

But a problem developed about 10 years ago…I started to receive guidance from Metatron and the Masters that the original Ascension Plan to migrate from 3D to 4D was not working properly. The original Plan was to anchor the Light so all 3D souls would ascend with Gaia into 4th density. And we see so many signs of 4th density heart activations…more tolerance for others, acceptance of diversity in race, color, religion, and religious orientation. We see more united demands for peace, liberty, and the end of fear, violence and war.

Although Planet Earth has been ascending into 4th density, there are so many 3D souls still stuck in self-serving Ego, living in the dark Time Matrix. Plus the 4D Astral plane has been swarmed with negative polarity and become a ‘battle zone’ between Light and dark forces.

As you know, our Chakras correspond to each dimensional density. Our Solar Plexus connects us to 3rd density, our Heart Chakra connects us to 4th density. The original Ascension Plan was to open humanity’s heart in 4th density to love and compassion. We were to evolve from living in the negative polarity of the self-serving Ego, and ascend into heart-centered service to the greater good.

We were not prepared for the intense negative polarity and Ego resistance to ‘service to others’. And if our heart centers did open in loving kindness, it was manipulated by negative 4D Astral entities to become ‘self-sacrifice’ service, victimhood and martyrdom. Many of us encountered this interference in our heart-filled service to others, and it needs to be cleared and healed.

Our role was to assist humanity to ascend into 4th Density ‘green ray ‘hearts, and to live with love and compassion for all life on the planet. The human race is still learning this lesson and experiencing negative polarity to motivate their ascension. Currently there are 3D souls invested in self-serving Egos, there are 4D souls with open hearts but still being manipulated, being hosted on and entrapped in servitude/sacrifice to others. There are 4th density souls learning the universal Laws of One and evolving into ‘high heart’ awareness and intuition. And there are visiting souls who are ascending into 5th density and higher, as they complete their mission in service to the ascension of Gaia into 4th density. It has been a successful mission and is rippling through the planetary field.

At this point in the plan, the Starseeds are moving into the 2nd Phase of the Ascension Plan…breaking free from the Time Matrix, completing and clearing all past karma, moving out of the incarnation trap and into their Sovereign Light Body/energy fields. The Starseeds are accelerating their energy frequency into the new 5D planetary hologram, so that they can return to living in the Law of One, in unity consciousness.
We have completed our mission of carrying the Light for 3D souls to ascend into 4th density. For the past decade many of us have been anchoring the 5th density hologram to Gaia’s crystalline grids for all to return to the League of Light. Most souls entering the 5D realm are visiting Starseed souls who have already mastered living in the Law of One.

We cannot look back, but must stay focused forward into ascending to our Soul’s destination in the League of Light. Our job now is to continue to elevate our energy frequency beyond 5th density, into 6th and 7th density. We will anchor our physical bodies onto the 5th density gridwork, and continue to activate 4th density heart service to merge with 6th/7th density wisdom, intuition and discernment. We use the golden Infinity Figure 8 of Light to synch up our heart centers with our divine knowing and wisdom in the 3rd Eye of the Higher Self – to become a coherent field of Light.

In this manner, we are ascending into living in our ‘high heart’, which is grounded in ‘discerning service’ to others. We are no longer sacrificing ourselves for the greater good. We no longer carry the burden of saving the 3D souls. We will not tolerate anymore martyrdom, victimhood, or slavery. Our 4D hearts are not to be manipulated with, hosted on or destroyed. We are learning how to live according to the Law of One and will demonstrate unity consciousness with divine wisdom in all that we do.

During March is the final Uranus Pluto square of Ascension Astrology, which will propel humanity through another threshold point of evolution. This coming planetary reset will push the lower 3rd density souls into the 4D Earth, so that all can learn the lessons of polarity at their own pace and predilection. There will be a ‘parting of the ways’ as the higher 5D souls move into more and more unity consciousness.
We are being called to honor, nurture and care for our body and being, to allow the ascension upgrades to assimilate within. New sensitivities are signs that you are integrating the sacred feminine, which is so needed for the balance and harmony of life.

We are completing the 1st Phase of our mission and must disentangle from the 3D/4D Time Matrix. We have completed all involvement in the negatively polarized incarnational cycle. We are learning how to master the polarized self-serving Ego, so that we can live more and more in the divine wisdom of the Soul Presence. And we are elevating up to living at the ‘high heart’ frequencies or discerning love and compassion…guided by the wisdom of our Higher Self.

Lovingly, Meg

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