Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lunar Eclipse April 4 - Meg Benedicte


Last week delivered some of the most extraordinary astrology of our lifetimes! Since 2012 humanity has been bombarded by a series of sharp 90 degree squares between evolutionary Pluto in Capricorn and revolutionary Uranus in Aries. The final 7th square occurred on March 16th/17th (depending on time zone), creating a massive lightning bolt of omniscient Light infusion streaming from the Great Central Sun. The square from Uranus to Pluto is still exact to the degree, and will influence change for a couple more years.

The rare Supermoon, Total Solar Eclipse and Aries Equinox last Friday, March 20th propelled us into a new era! We are currently in between two Total Eclipses, moving through a transitional period for consciousness that culminates with April 4th’s Lunar Eclipse in 14ยบ Libra. This is the time to set ourselves free from old constraints and limitations. While the window is open, take some time to redefine who you are or desire to become in the new era.

Total lunar eclipses alter the moon blood-red when the Earth moves opposite the Moon, blocking the Sun’s light to the Moon. Throughout history, Total Lunar Eclipses have created quite a stir of emotional reactions. This one is no different…and will predictably whip up Full Moon frenzies! The Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible on April 4th from the Pacific Ocean, the Americas, Asia and Australia.

They act as powerful ‘course correctors’ that will enable us to align with our true Soul’s Ascension Path. Despite the emotional intensity of the Eclipse, it is wise to remain calm, focused, intentioned and deliberate. The Eclipse impacts the electromagnetic energy and our neurological system. This Lunar Eclipse in Libra also activates the final Uranus-Pluto square! The Moon opposing Uranus in Aries can ignite volatile mood swings. The Moon square Pluto plumbs the depths of childhood wounding and family conflicts for more healing and releasing. Jupiter trine Uranus offers some relief…inspiring us to embrace positive change.

Experiencing two Total Eclipses within two weeks time may cause some stress, as familial patterns and blockages begin to crumble and release. Letting go of outdated dreams and wants clear the way for newer, truer opportunities to arise. As we consciously redefine our desires and visions according to our Soul’s purpose, we approach this Eclipse Zone with intuitive, authentic intentions. Clear the old path away, and step onto your Ascension Path of Light.

If you live in the Bay Area, I will be traveling to San Francisco to present a discussion on Ascension Activations plus 'Live' demonstration at the New Living Expo, Saturday, April 25th at 6pm. The following weekend we will be celebrating the annual Wesak Festival in Mount Shasta. I will be presenting at Wesak and offering healing spa specials at the Quantum Healing Center. This will be a great weekend event to visit Mount Shasta!

Lovingly, Meg

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