Thursday, April 9, 2015

Soul Presence Will ReCode DNA - by Meg Benedicte

We can breathe a sigh of relief now - the life-changing 2012 Astrology of the past month is flowing into our receptive energy field and transforming us at the Core. The recent 2 Eclipses also activated the final Uranus-Pluto square! They act as powerful ‘course correctors’ that will enable us to align with our true Soul’s Ascension Path. Looking back, do you still feel the same as you did last month?
Experiencing the final Uranus-Pluto square, a Supermoon, two Total Eclipses, the Aries Equinox portal, and full blood-red moon within two weeks time may have been stressful and/or overwhelming, as familial patterns and blockages began to crumble and clear. Many are releasing toxic energy right now, letting go of outdated patterns, beliefs, dreams and wants. As we consciously redefine our desires and visions according to our Soul’s purpose, we benefit from this Eclipse Zone with intuitive, authentic intentions. Clear the old path away, and step onto your Ascension Path of Light.

Today the Moon travels through Sagittarius and joins the current Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo, which is also turning direct today, April 8th. Jupiter qualities in Leo are gregarious, exuberant, expansive, vibrant, bubbly, full of dreams, big-hearted and celebratory. We are now on the other side of the intense 2015 astro-transits, and people are ready for some rest, relaxation, loosening of ties and light-heartedness. Jupiter turning direct in Leo inspires more fun and creativity.

You may find that connecting your energy to the power spots on the crystalline 5D grid might help soothe the purging/birthing process catalyzed by the recent astro-events. For more details on 5D Global Grid, go to: Get grounded, let go and hold your focus on what you want to create in your life!

The Sun-Uranus alignment in Aries acts as an ‘awakener’ of new thought, expanded perspectives and higher ideals. The downside of Uranus in Aries shuts down authentic consciousness with technology that is perpetuating robotic, disassociated behavior patterns. By focusing the powerful Fire Trine energy on future possibilities, spiritual commerce and new earth paradigms, we ignite laser-point intentions with life force magnetism.

The new world will not grow on its own, we need to get involved and direct the flow of energy into harmonious co-creation. All areas of life are healing, mending and rebirthing with new consciousness. Our physical bodies are shedding toxic emotional density and out-dated psycho-patterns, our DNA is disentangling from the human family genetics and global collective Matrix/Illusion.
I truly believe all ‘dis-ease’ (be it physical, mental or emotional) originates from our disconnection from divine Soul life force. Living in separation from the Soul Presence breeds innumerable dis-eased states of being, barely surviving on depleted spiritual ‘chi’. The physical body gradually spirals into decay, aging, parasitic infestation, inflammation, and cellular breakdown.

The Cosmic Ascension Plan is designed to ‘awaken’ our body/heart/mind to shift ‘in phase’ with the energy body and merge with the Soul Presence. We achieve Soul union by increasing our cellular frequency into higher gamma range and align the physical body with the energy body in a coherent field of Light. Without coherence, we will continue to live in a state of separation from Soul life force and the continual degradation of health and wellbeing.
The recent astrological transits are triggering new levels of Soul union, in that our Soul DNA has a chance now to encode and activate the dormant ‘junk’ DNA alive with advanced genetic code. When the Soul descends into the brain, pineal, neurological and endocrine system, a new mutation begins in the DNA. Not only does Soul Presence provide continual life force for renewal and replenishment of the physical body, but it begins to alter the DNA with infinite intelligence.
Extraordinary scientific results of DNA encoding were released by JZ Knight, who channels Ramtha. DNA samples were taken before and during a session while she was channeling Ramtha – providing evidence that the DNA from JZ Knight and the DNA from Ramtha are dramatically different. Test results from 3 national labs are found at:

“There is no doubt in my mind that the DNA from JZ Knight in her everyday life and from Ms. Knight when she was channeling Ramtha demonstrates an incredibly rare scientific phenomenon,” said Dr. Matthew Martinez, JZ Knight’s personal physician, who collected the cheek swabs and sent the samples at the same time to three different laboratories.  “There is no debate – the DNA samples indicate completely different people.”

This clearly indicates that the presence of Spirit is scripting the DNA coding in a way most cannot fathom yet. Our physical body is NOT locked in pre-existing conditions or multi-generational disease history. We can set ourselves FREE from all genetic aberrations of the death matrix by moving more and more Soul Presence into our body/heart/mind on a daily basis. We have the knowledge and tools to achieve not only Soul union, but the progressive reinvention of our physical health in cosmic ways never imagined before.
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