Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Letting the Emotional Field GO - Meg Benedicte
As we move through the different phases of the Cosmic Ascension Plan, we cannot avoid the necessary step of detoxification. This involves removing toxins from the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of our human energy field. Not only does this process increase our energy vibration, but it resolutely sets us free from past emotional pain and debilitating mental constructs. Remnants of negative emotional pain and karmic debt are stored in our bodies, creating toxic energetic buildup. When not fully accepted and resolved, the toxins join together to form an energy field that lives in the cells of the body.


The emotional field originates in early childhood and builds layer upon layer through adulthood, much of it created by the voice of the Ego. Introduced by Eckhart Tolle, in The Power of Now and New Earth, he calls this energy field of ‘alive emotions’ that live in every human being as the pain-body. This toxic energy also includes the pain suffered by humanity throughout history, still alive in the collective psyche from centuries of war, pillaging, rape, torture and violence.


In order to maintain our inner Core Balance, we need to clear all stored negatively polarized charge, be it thoughts, emotions, operating systems, and Ego identities. This requires an honest assessment of own personal karma and choosing to confront the depths of our personal shadow for healing. The capacity of the human Ego’s resistance to self-reflection, analysis and forgiveness is astonishing, but very real. We would rather distract ourselves with just about anything before confronting our personal pain.


We all have the opportunity to travel the path of divine enlightenment, the physical embodiment of the OverSoul. And that journey includes the gradual healing, clearing and releasing of all toxic negativity from our body, heart, mind, our morphic fields and our consciousness.


June is the perfect month to focus on personal cleansing and detoxification. Every quarter year is celebrated with a powerful threshold upgrade occurring at the Equinox and Solstice events. To attain maximum results during the quarterly upgrades, I spend 21 days prior to the event doing a detoxification cleanse to prepare my energy field. The June Solstice threshold is arriving on Sunday, June 21st. I’ve been doing this cleansing ritual for many years, just as the ancient initiates prepared for Ascension Activations in Zep Tepi Mystery Schools.


Contributing to the detox ritual is a Full Moon in Sagittarius today, June 2nd.  This Full Moon also aligns with Archangel star Antares and illuminates the hidden shadow for cleansing. Each Full Moon cycles assist the purging and releasing of out-dated energy from our lives that does not serve our higher purpose. The radiant sunlight reveals any shadow subconscious ready to release. The Sagittarius Full Moon opposes the Sun, Mercury Retro and Mars in Gemini, and T-Squares Neptune in Pisces. This is a volatile Full Moon that requires conscious attention to healing, cleansing and releasing past burdens of psychological enslavement.  Be careful not to self-medicate to numb the emotional pain surfacing.


Yesterday we started our 10 Group Cleanse. Whenever I remove my 'comfort foods' I start to experience my own toxic emotional field, as Eckhart Tolle calls the pain body. I woke up this morning feeling emotionally heavy, dragging, depressed, overwhelmed and lethargic. These emotions need an outlet as they release from our cells, especially the fat cells.


As we delve deeper into our shadow self, we uncover the negatively charged energy ready for healing and forgiveness!  We do not need to ‘relive’ the emotional pain of the past, we are not recycling the emotions, but acknowledging and accepting the unexpressed emotions, then releasing all that stuck energy!


Every layer of shadow that we probe, uncover, heal and integrate will contribute to increasing our energetic frequency vibration and assist our transition into the 5D feeling field. As we let go of more and more heavy, dense, stuck energy we begin to feel lighter and lighter. We feel lighter thoughts, lighter feelings and also lighter bodies! By converting the dense, lower vibrational shadow consciousness of duality into higher Light consciousness, we enhance our physical health and wellbeing. We begin to feel less disconnected and empty inside, with more Soul presence and joy in our daily, human lives.


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Lovingly, Meg