Friday, October 9, 2015

Gamma Photon Light Infusion - Meg Benedicte


We often hear from the religious zealots that humanity has entered the ‘End Times’ and is preparing for the ‘Rapture’. The Christian Bible predicts a time in history when believers will rise in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. We see similar New Age conviction that humanity will be air-lifted off the planet by ET ships.

Although quite diverse in approach, both belief systems perpetuate the notion that outside forces are going to rescue us from a dying, collapsing, chaotic world. For some, the recent Wave-X hoopla may have sparked more debate about the current Ascension Plan. So let’s have a practical, grounded discussion on what to expect and how to accelerate your personal Ascension transformation.

So yes, we’ve been living in a dark, chaotic world dominated by the primal Ego brain and the lockdown of the Time Matrix. I think we can all agree on this. Our Souls knew what they were getting into. Many of us are visiting Souls from far-distant star systems who volunteered to go undercover into a dark Matrix with the sole mission to anchor Crystal Light and raise Earth’s energy vibration. All shadow is drawn to the Light!

We decided to step into chaos and begin the re-ordering process on all levels of existence. Our purpose is to embody the Crystal Light and transform our physical bodies and the planet. We are located all around the planet, firing up our Light quotient, and grounding unity consciousness into our Being and into the collective field. We are lifting the planet into higher vibrational frequencies that will catalyze a regime change from the dark cabal back to the awakened humans.

Since the September Eclipse Stargate infusion, the Cosmic Ascension Plan is not embedded in the planetary collective consciousness. All Souls on the planet now need to choose either ascending with Gaia or leave. Waiting to be air-lifted off the planet is not the solution. That is a disempowered choice stemming from victim mentality.

You are a powerful, masterful Galactic Soul…you have access to all that you need to ascend. The cosmos are supporting the stair-step upgrades with incoming Light infusions from the Galactic Center’s photon bubble. You can read more about the planetary effects of the photon Light infusion here:

Since the Eclipse Stargate infusion (Wave-X to some), you may be experiencing new sensations as well as familiar physical symptoms. The Crystal Light blast is literally purging toxic energy from your field. The higher Light energies accelerate our frequency with electrical surges through our Chakra Pillar, into the brain stem, nervous system, cell nucleus and Heart Center. We are in the process of crystallizing our cellular makeup.

The photon Light infusion needs to be integrated deep into the cell nucleus, at the atomic level. You make be experiencing physical shaking, overstressed nerves, nausea, heart palpitations, headaches, body aches, flu-like symptoms, needing more sleep and rest. The purging process can overtax the liver and kidneys, so take extra care and hydrate. Up your silica intake and support your electrolytes while the body absorbs the photon Light.

Not only are we purging density from the cells, but toxic emotional energy is being swept out from the elimination organs, fat cells, and morphic fields. If you experience sharp emotional reactions, pause, breath, step back and move the emotions of your field. Spend some moments re-centering yourself back into your neutral Still Point. Do your best not to get caught up in the chaos, drama, battles and step back into your center. The emotions are rising to be cleared, not to be re-energized into more toxic buildup. Pay close attention to the vibration of all energy you ingest into your field…be discerning and protective of your well-earned Still Point. Radiate the powerful Light to help others shift higher with you!

Not only are we still integrating September’s Eclipse-Equinox Light infusion, but we are responding to the astrology of October. First up…Mercury stations direct on Friday, October 9th in the first degree of Libra, opposite the Aries Point. Mercury is also conjunct the North Node in Libra. This is highlighting the cross section between microcosm/macrocosm, global/galactic and between the personal and interpersonal realms.

As we move through the Ascension process, we become more aware of the interconnectivity linking the universe. As we eliminate separation consciousness (Duality) from our field, we embrace our presence in the grand scheme of things. We are pulsing alive in the electrical lattice of the unified field in Nature. Our mind affects the universal mind and vice versa. No longer can we avoid our personal impact on reality anymore. As we ascend higher we realize our role in providing solutions to the problems in our world.

Joining this month’s cosmic soup is Saturn now secure in Sagittarius until December 19, 2017. For the past 3 years Saturn has traveled through Scorpio, initiating deep healing and karmic resolution. Some of Saturn’s positive attributes provide focus, discipline, security and maturity. While moving through Sagittarius, Saturn will touch on topics of freedom, ancient wisdom, universal knowledge (akashic records) and revealing the truth (full disclosure).

The Ascension plan is shifting into the ‘building phase’ of the New World. You may feel called to get more involved, take conscious action and apply your special skills in creating the new paradigm. It is your job to maintain centered neutrality and high vibration, especially as the global institutions change, restructure or collapse. It may look worse in 2016, so remember you are part of the ground crew initiating order in place of chaos. You are transcending the fear/anxiety/obsession stemming from the Ego’s ‘service to self’ mentality. Allow yourself to unplug from Time and embrace the eternal Now!

As we move into the final quarter of 2015, the Ascension pace picks up speed with cosmic dates of activation…10:1011:11, and 12:12. During the summer I began to see those number sequences more and more around me. They create portal openings in the unified field for more Ascension Waves to influence our transformation. We will be broadcasting Global Intention Meditation on all these dates to support the personal/planetary upgrades. As we unite in focused intention, we are changing the world as we know it.

Lovingly, Meg

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