Saturday, May 14, 2016

e human genetic code, patterns and programs that hold you in 3D

Since March, the Ascension Firstwavers have been processing the powerful Eclipse-Equinox upgrades. The intense cosmic photonic infusion is shaking loose the old, out-dated ancestrial patterns, programs and limitations, so that we can burst forward onto our new Ascension timeline. During this retrograde reset, many are discovering where the enslavement Matrix still has a hold, especially where the ego tries to hold onto 3D.

This can be very challenging, especially for Starseeds, as the human psyche tries to hold onto the birth family, while the Soul ignites the DNA of the galactic family lineage. In order to ascend into embodying the Soul bloodline, all traces of the distorted Matrix must be eliminated. This includes the human genetic code, patterns and programs that hold you in 3D.

Scientific researchers have concluded that 97% of human genetic code is not useless junk DNA, but actually responds to high frequency patterns in Light. They believe that junk DNA acts like a multi-dimensional computer that attracts bits of light information and passes it on to our consciousness. This interdimensional passage of information is called “hyper-radiance communication.”

When Light is introduced into the body thru meditation and intentioned visualization, the DNA is capable of receiving the subatomic light particles from the “super hologram” of the quantum field. Researchers discovered that living chromosomes function just like holographic computers and the junk DNA serve as data storage and communication.

Clearly, 97% of your DNA reacts strongly to resonant high-frequency Light language. Research reveals that humans are basically receivers floating in a sea of frequencies of light patterns. It all comes down to what you focus on and the choices you make. Where you focus your attention and what you choose to perceive, will determine the reality you select from the infinite holographic possibilities.

When you add in daily Quantum Access meditation, you enhance the magnitude of possible futures available to you. Acting as a human radio receiver, the incoming light information will instruct the junk DNA, process thru your holographic right brain and project that selected reality into the physical world. The more Light and Soul Presence you embody, the more world realities are accessible to you.

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Lovingly, Meg Benedicte