Friday, August 12, 2016

Lunar Eclipse - Atlantis Starseed Marking 8/18/16 - by Meg Benedicte

We are currently integrating the incredible 8-8 Lions Gate upgrades into all levels of our being. This appears as a shimmering diamond-white column of solar light flowing thru your body and energy field. Allow the powerful crystalline light to cleanse and purify you. The intense Solar Light infusion is purging away more density from the past. The Sirian Light is awakening new Soul DNA to crystallize in your cells.

As the two worlds pull apart this year, the 3D earth is pulling out negative memory and emotions from your field – sucking all that polarized energy with it. You may feel like you are being pulled apart as well. Work with the Ego to disentangle from the remains of living in the 3D Matrix. Consciously let go and release your past history from your energy field, disconnect from the 3D timeline altogether.

As the 3D world loses power, you may experience some opposition around you. The fallen forces are being moved into a lower realm of Duality to continue their spiritual training. This is why it is so important to pull your energy away from that world completely. It is volatile right now! The powerful Lions Gate upgrade is clearing out dark opposing backlash, revenge, retribution attack energy that was directed at you from the past. Clean your energy in the vortex, in nature, in water, in meditation. Set yourself FREE!

During August the cosmos are preparing you for the next threshold breakthrough coming September – with off-the-charts astrological events to boost you to the next level. There are 3 eclipses coming, Mercury turns retrograde in Virgo, Jupiter moves to Libra, and the Equinox Stargate. WOW! Take this time to heal, mend, rest, and enjoy life!

Launching all this activity is the Lunar Eclipse at 26ยบ Aquarius coming next Thursday, August 18th.  This Full Moon Eclipse also includes a rare Yod with Jupiter and Uranus. A Yod forms a triangle – 2 angles are harmonious, with the 3rd angle out of synch in a quincunx. With Uranus emphasizing this Yod, it sets the stage for more revolution and rebellion.

According to Arielle at, ‘26 degrees of Aquarius and Leo are the marks of Atlantis. The sun will be at 26 Leo and just before dawn, the moon at 26 Aquarius.  It's the anniversary of the August Harmonic Convergence of 1987, when the Atlantean technology started to return to the planet and activation codes for Starseeds were planted.  Every August, more of those codes go off, and some are 'boosted'.  This year will likely be very strong because of those alignments.’

Those of us who were awakened and activated by the Harmonic Convergence will feel this Lunar Eclipse deeply. It is stimulating the hidden code of Mastery within our cellular makeup. It will support the transformation of the First Wave souls into crystalline Light Beings. The 2nd and 3rd Wave Lightworkers are still pulling out of Duality and Time, clearing the density of thousands of years of polarized persecution.

The Ascension Process involves the decomposition of the past and breaking free of the Matrix interference. 2016 is a ‘9’ year of closure, completions, endings, and letting go of our lives in 3D that the Ego holds onto. The only way forward into 5D and higher is to step out of the collapsing 3D system. Clear out the Matrix programs of addiction, materialism, co-dependency, competition, and revenge. Ground your body/energy field onto the 5D crystal grid daily. The lighter you are, the easier it will be to travel through the upcoming eclipse season.

You are invited to join other Starseeds and LIghtworkers in our Lunar Eclipse Activations, this Thursday, August 18th at 12pm Pacific.
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Lovingly, Meg

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