Friday, February 2, 2007



By Cal Garrison

Al Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' laid a lot of harsh realities on our
doorstep. Those facts have been burning issues for many of us for a long time, but
his movie and his book are groundbreaking because whenever anything gets media
attention, it's a clear sign that the collective consciousness is ready to
absorb it. What's also true is that by the time the media decides that it's OK
to discuss anything openly the information is obsolete and out of date by
about 20 years. As much as Mr. Gore is to be commended for awakening the general
public, his 'Inconvenient Truth' is at this point incomplete and more
harrowing than he paints it up to be.


The toxic chemicals we're pouring into the atmosphere have contributed to
the Global Warming phenomenon, but that's only part of the story. In addition
to the pollution it self, the by products of the pollution in the form of
soot, sulfur dioxide, and ash particles are altering the composition of the

Clouds are formed when water droplets are seeded by air-borne particles such
as pollen. When soot, ash, and sulfur dioxide get thrown into the mix the
result is clouds with a larger number of droplets than unpolluted clouds. This
makes those clouds more reflective, causing much of the heat and energy from
the Sun to be reflected away from the Earth, back into space. The reduction
in the amount of heat and light coming into our atmosphere is known as Global
Dimming. Scientists have been aware of this problem for at least 10 years but
only lately have they begun to regard it as a major concern.

On the surface Global Dimming appears to be balancing out whatever Global
Warming is doing to us. In reality, it is making an already complex situation
even more complex. Global Dimming can be dealt with by cleaning up emissions.
The problem is, if we only tackle it from that angle the effects of Global
Warming will increase. This has already been seen in Europe where in recent
years measures have been taken to clean up emissions, with no parallel effort to
reduce the production of Greenhouse Gases.

While this attempt to address Global Dimming may have lessened the severity
of droughts and failed rains in Africa, it seems to have caused, or
contributed to, the European heat wave of 2003 — an event that killed thousands in
France, ignited forest fires in Portugal, and caused many other problems all
over the Continent. The pollutants that lead to Global Dimming also lead to
various human and environmental problems such as, acid rain, smog, and
respiratory afflictions. According to a BBC documentary: 'What came out of our exhaust
pipes and power stations (from Europe and North America) contributed to the
deaths of a million people in Africa, and afflicted 50 million more' with
hunger and starvation — and Climatologists believe that the reflection of heat
has cooled down the waters of the northern hemisphere, wreaking havoc on the
ocean currents that have such a huge impact on our climate.

At the global level, efforts to remedy the Global Dimming problem will, in
30 years time cause:

1. The melting of ice in Greenland, which would lead to rising sea
levels. This would have a disastrous impact on many of our major world cities.
This has already started to happen.
2. Drying tropical rain forests increases the risk of fires. This would
release even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and exacerbate the
effects of Global Warming.

These and other effects could lead to an increase in temperature of 10
degrees centigrade over the next century. With such rapid warming:
1. Vegetation would die off more rapidly
2. Soil erosion would increase and food production would fail
3. Desert conditions would prevail in places like the UK. Other parts
of the world would fare even worse.
4. Methane gases contained at the bottom of the Earth's ocean beds,
known to destabilize with warming would rise to the surface. Methane gas is
eight times more toxic than CO2. Large amounts of methane released into the
atmosphere would immediately override whatever we might do to curb emissions. If
that were to occur, we would all be asphyxiated. The methane issue has become
a serious concern of late. Methane gas frozen in the floor of the Earth's
oceans has already started to melt. Reports indicate that is rising to the
surface in the form of huge bubbles and releasing it self into the atmosphere.

The general consensus on Global Warming and Global Dimming is that parallel
efforts have to be made to solve both of those problems simultaneously,
without putting too much emphasis on one or the other. They exist holographically
and if we deal with them as separate concerns we will only succeed in
aggravating and extremely precarious situation.


Carbon dioxide is another issue. Two years ago the people who study these
things came to the conclusion that it is probably the number one problem in the
world. They found out that some of the carbon dioxide we are generating goes
into the atmosphere, and the rest of it is being absorbed by the oceans. At
this point scientists are attributing the death of the coral reefs to the
high concentration of CO2 in the Earth's waters. As this problem escalates, most
of the life forms in the oceans will die off.


To make matters even more complicated, the powers that be are manipulating
the weather. This has been a known fact since the 70's. Their reasons for
using the weather as a weapon are related to their belief that a good disaster is
the best remedy for overpopulation, a great way to instill fear in the
hearts of the people, and the perfect excuse to install martial law and thereby
gain total control over a population. Super storms, tsunamis, earthquakes, and
volcanic eruptions can all be easily engineered through the use of
frequencies and scalar technology — and unbeknownst to us, the governments of the world
have been making Mother Nature the 'bad guy' in order to accomplish aims
that as far as they are concerned are necessary precursors to the New World

After the tsunami in Shri Lanka a few years ago, a reliable source explained
to me how that tidal wave was engineered. He told me that there are
submarine bases in various locations all over the globe, most of them hidden under
deep cover in river inlets adjacent to coastal waters. The people who man these
outposts load submarines up with explosives and with remote control
technology send them out into ocean chasms and blow them up. The water displaced by
these explosions has remote effects and can generate huge tidal waves in
another part of the globe

The people who mastermind these activities have enough knowledge about how
these things work to be able to aim a tidal wave at any point they choose on
the planet. Related technologies have the capacity to generate earthquakes,
volcanic eruptions, droughts, floods, and Super Storms.

Microwave imagery reveals evidence that proves that most of the big
hurricanes that have hit our coastlines in the last few years were artificially
generated. Hurricanes Andrew, Wilma, Katrina, Ivan, and Ophelia are the best
examples of engineered storms.

The point of this article is not to write an expose on the workings of the
Secret Government or their appetite for genocide. The point is that their
actions are creating etheric distortions that could cancel out whatever we
attempt to do about Global Warming and Global Dimming. Those in power have never
been tuned to the idea that Mother Nature is a living organism. They still hold
the attitude that they can do whatever they want with her if it suits their
purposes. This point of view and the activities it justifies are only adding
to the problem.

What makes this part of the story even more insidious is that these
governmental machinations are all top secret — the public is not privy to what is
being done — and if anyone made an attempt to research the effects that
engineered weather is having on our already twisted ecology they would vanish without
a trace, or die under mysterious circumstances.

Unconscionable behavior notwithstanding, distorted perceptions surrounding
the whole idea of power and how to use it have deprived us of all the facts.
Without those facts it becomes much more difficult to know what to do to
repair our environmental issues.


And what about Chem-trails? Talk about overlooking the obvious! For those of
you who are unfamiliar with that term, have you ever noticed the long, thin,
linear exhaust trails that often criss-cross the open sky? They appear to be
jet fumes and they are — but what comes out of the back of those planes is
loaded with Barium and Aluminum particles, along with various other
controversial bio-chemicals — hence the name; Chem-trails.

Chem-trails are another method the government uses to 'thin out the herd',
or reduce the population and there are massive amounts of information about
them all over the place so I won't dwell on the subject. The reason they need
to be included in this discussion is because those chemicals are being added
to the atmosphere in high concentrations. Most of the respiratory ailments,
allergies, and designer illnesses that have popped into view in recent years
are the result of Chem-trails — and there is absolutely no doubt that they are
infecting the environment too.

In spite of the fact that Congress passed a bill to put a ban on Chem-trails
a few years ago, the practice continues. Like so many other governmental
black ops, these things go on without our knowledge, while to our face we are
told what they know we want to hear. Anyone who set about to investigate what
all that Barium, Aluminum, and God knows what else might be doing to upset our
ecological balance would disappear in a heartbeat.

Without that data, it becomes even more difficult to figure out what we need
to do to correct this mess.

What we've mentioned so far isn't even half of what there is to tell, but
it's enough to help you get the picture — which in essence is; there doesn't
seem to be any way out. Even if we found a way, until there is full disclosure
on the complications the Secret Government is creating, we appear to be
stuck. Slim Spurling's Light-Life™ technology, Wilhelm Reich's orgone devices,
Rudolf Steiner's methods, and related technologies all have proven potential to
do good things. But none of them can handle the whole problem — and as we
learn more about what these alternative methods have the capacity to do, a
couple of philosophical issues get raised.

The first one is: are any of us conscious or objective enough to know what
Mother Earth really needs from us at the moment? We've been encroaching on her
rights for at least 13,000 years. At this point her condition could be
considered tortured and delicate. Even with the best intentions — and we all know
the road to Hell is paved with good intentions — are we sure that at any
given time, she's ready to handle the amount of clearing some of these
alternative methods generate?

And the secondary issue is this: If Mother Earth is the embodiment of the
Divine Feminine, what's makes us think she needs help? Maybe we need to respect
the idea that she is, after all, The Source, and not a weak and helpless
creature by any means. Maybe all of what we call an emergency is part of her own
natural process. It could very well be that in our desire to heal her we are
interfering with that process.

These questions are raised to offer food for thought. What no one takes into
account when their high-minded idealism prompts them to save the planet with
an alternative approach is whether or not Mother Earth is comfortable with
it. She's a living organism after all — she has her own wisdom and she knows
what she needs better than we do. When we make it our mission to heal her, do
we take the time to ask her how she feels about it? If we look at the fact
that the pollution issue has gotten worse instead of better, it is obvious that
we need to find out more about how to integrate these new technologies and
gain a much deeper understanding of how they work, not from our perspective,
but from hers, before their potential to be of assistance can do Mother Earth
any real good.

For those of us who understand that we are sourcing everything that happens
in our outer reality the idea that the planetary crisis could be any worse
than it was 30 years ago is hard to fathom. After all, we've been working on
our selves and using our spiritual knowledge to take full responsibility for
this state of affairs. Theoretically, things should have improved by now, what
with all of us praying and meditating on the problem. With all of our
high-minded efforts to heal the planet, there is no way to avoid facing the facts —
and perhaps begin to realize that in order to heal this global crisis we, a)
need to understand it from a more objective perspective, and, b) be willing
to put our selves under the microscope to see more about what it is in us that
is feeding the issue.

After 13,000 years of darkness we are beginning to remember that we are God.
Most of us agree, at least intellectually, that our inner and outer
realities are one, and that we are creating our own experience from moment to moment.
In spiritual circles it's de rigueur to act as if we're totally clear that
everything is our own creation — but when we get home and look at our lives or
take in the news do we really understand what that means? It's an
interesting concept that makes all kinds of sense, but how do we ground that idea in
our lives — how do we relate to it in real time?

Meher Baba, one of the great spiritual masters, made it a practice to read
the newspapers from all over the world every day just to find out what he had
created the day before. After taking that information in, he would meditate
and connect with the part of his Being that sourced those events — because he
knew all of it came from him and he understood that those circumstances could
only be remedied from within.

Think about that for a minute. If push came to shove would we be willing and
able to do the same thing? Could we read about the wars, the genocide, the
starvation, the tsunamis, the earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions, the
environmental crisis, the governmental corruption, or anything else we find in the
news, and take full responsibility for the part of us that created it? Finding
out where those things live in us and transmuting all of it from within
holds the key to changing the world. It's a tall order, but these are strange
times, and more seems to be required of us now.

When we reach the point where we are willing and able to accept the fact
that we are sourcing not just the small miracles that delight and please us, but
everything that happens 'out there', becoming adept at creating a better set
of conditions is the next step. How good are we at living in the Heart and
to what extent do we operate directly from our own Source? Do we make any real
attempts to get there, or have we become overly identified with the
spiritual mask and think it's enough to dress the part, go to workshops, read books,
talk about it, and meditate when we're in the mood? And if we do know how to
get there, do we really understand how to work from that place well enough to
turn things around in a nano-second?

When you're in the Heart, one nano-second is all it takes to transform
things. It is more than evident that we either do not know enough about what we've
been taught, or we are not putting it to practice effectively. If we did,
the outer world would not look the way it does.

With so little time left to make a difference these are questions we all
need to be asking our selves — because what's happening in the world around us
is whatever we're projecting — this is our creation and it is only through the
work we do on the inside that we can hope to change it. For us the real
'Inconvenient Truth' may be that we know what to do and either aren't doing it,
or what we are doing is an illusion.

It might help to remember what Drunvalo has told us so many times:

"For reasons that are hard to explain we lost sight of our connection to
Spirit. The belief that we are separate from the Creator, from each other, and
from life severed us from the memory of connection. Long, long ago we humans
were quite different. There was a time when we lived in Unity and One-ness. We
could communicate and experience in ways that only a few in today's modern
world would even begin to understand. We could use a form of communication
that does not involve the brain whatsoever, but rather comes from the sacred
space within the human heart. From that sacred Heart space we could create and
heal anything because in that place of Unity we were one with the Spirit that
lives and breathes and moves through everything.

This work is about finding the way back to the sacred space within the
Heart. It is about remembering who you really are and returning to the place in
the Heart where you and Great Spirit are intimately one. The Light that this
universe was created for lives in each one of us. By remembering and living who
we truly are we can change the dream we are living into one of great beauty,
harmony, and ease. Within us lies the answer and solution to the world's

In this blending of hearts and minds of people all over the world — through
this remembrance of Unity that is created — we can overcome the problems
facing us. We do not have to experience this transition we are all in as
turbulent and chaotic, In Unity we can do anything. Working together, we can share
with each other our experiences and our wisdom — and with love we can open to
each other in ways that bring trust, harmony, and healing in our lives so that
ultimately the whole world can come into balance. It is your choice. It
begins with you and me.

Once you have experienced what it means to live in the Heart your life will
change forever — and together, from that place we can consciously co-create a
new and better dream."

How many times have we heard this? How many times do we need to hear it b
efore we realize that just because Drunvalo's out there holding space for these
Truths, his inner work isn't going to cover what each one of us needs to be
doing? Going into the Heart is like anything else — it takes practice,
patience, and time. But that's where the solution lies — it is not in the mind, it
is not in anything external — it is within each one of us.

Right now all of us need to use what we know and find a way to get there, to
feel our way back to that place and remember how to live there. Bringing our
consciousness back to where it was before we fell into separation sounds
easy enough — but evidently it's not that easy because we aren't Home yet. It
all boils down to practicing what we preach. If we can do that, every one of
these 'Inconvenient Truths' will transform in a single breath, and this new
world we say we want to dream into Being will become a reality.


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