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Living Through Truth

Living Through Truth
September 2008
This article is part of a series from the Archangel Uriel's book 'Shifting Our Consciousness--the Process of Healing and Transformation'' that will be available soon.

When we live through our spiritual authority many opportunities to balance our energies, heal lifetimes of karma and transform our reality are available to us. One of those is the opportunity to live through the truth, to know ourselves from our spiritual truth, to realize our mission in the world, understand our gifts and talents and to move toward the possibility of a joyful, peaceful, abundant life. When we access life from our spiritual authority we accept responsibility for our reality and every aspect of it. As we move farther into this responsibility we begin to uncover the truth, what it means to us and how it works in our life. And we can discover that what we have long held as truth was not true at all.

There is a big difference between the Truth, as in spiritual truth and the truth, as in material truth. Spiritual truth holds no judgments or criticisms, is completely detached from any outcome and holds one belief, we are perfect in every way. Material truth is where we have judgments, criticisms, are attached to outcomes and expectations, and believe that we are imperfect beings seeking perfection, which we will never be able to achieve because of our inherent imperfection. Material truth is what holds us in our karmic experiences, our feelings of inadequacy, powerlessness, unworthiness and fear.

If the spiritual Truth is what has been true for us all along, why has it taken us so long to begin to understand it? After all, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, so the spiritual truth should be obvious to us. And it is, hidden behind the veil of our human beliefs, perceptions and understandings. Our human journey is about transcending the veil, lifting the illusion and creating a bridge between the spiritual and material worlds. We came here to do this work and now that we have done it we can begin to accept the spiritual Truth and learn to live it, instead of the material truth that has been the guiding force of our lifetimes of existence.

Although the spiritual Truth is so much more pleasant and fulfilling that the material truth, it is very difficult for us to believe that it can be our truth. Too often we have many examples of material truth in our life and not many of spiritual Truth. Our world, which we believe is true, often reflects the fear, lack of abundance and spiritual poverty that we accept as truth. And when we live with a truth that is focused on lack and fear every aspect of our reality reflects that. Material truth tells us that we must struggle and suffer, are imperfect, can't create what we want and these are the beliefs we must overcome to create the reality that Spirit tells us is the real Truth. But how do we cross that bridge?

We can start by remembering that spiritual Truth reflects the will of Creator in our life, that we have peace, joy and abundance. This Truth flows to us from the Universe and when it gets to the material plane it becomes distorted as it is filtered through what we believe to be true about ourselves, a truth that is based on our material world experience. This material experience causes us to ask questions like 'Why does God allow this to happen' or 'I am not worth of more.' Turning from material to spiritual truth can be as easy as turning the page of a book or waking from a nightmare to the dawn of a bright and promising new day.

It is our free will that allows us to accept material truth as being our truth and that same free will can open our eyes to the beauty of spiritual Truth, that we are indeed spiritual beings, with the authority to create the reality that we desire, for ourselves and for the world. What we then learn is that there is only spiritual Truth, that material truth is a small reflection of the beauty, joy, unconditional love and peace that is ours by simply acknowledging ourselves as part of a loving Creator whose will has always been for us to accept and live through the Truth.

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