Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thursday September 18 Astrology/

Thursday September 18

Trines are aspects of ease and an aspect of Jupiter
(supersizing) and Saturn(Accountability & duty)
To the Moon in Taurus brings us trines which
Can make this a very easy day.

Are you into acceptance of HOW IT IS? If
So, you will have a wonderful day. If you are
Fighting the inevitable you may perhaps be dealing
With that Saturn Uranus opposition. Which of course
Will be happening all day and night every day and
Night for the next year.

Asking us to dream, believe and do the work
Required to make it happen. Sitting there on the
Couch is not going to work well, but we all need
Rest sometimes.

Today could be that day when we all
Get a MUCH needed rest, so that we can get up and
Get busy this very interesting weekend.

Our kiss for today is RE-ENERGIZE yourself in the
Way which works best for you today please.
- Another kiss for today is rest and relax today….
- Color today white for purity and opening to assistance
from where ever
- Use appholite which is the spiritual travel stone
for spirit work today, and Maybe onyx, jet or black
tourmaline for practical applications
- Oil of Cypress, which refreshes and relaxes & has
been used in church and holy services for hundreds
of years

Control what you can, but surrender
to what you must.