Monday, January 25, 2010

Seeds of Change 1/23/2010

The Family of Michael
Seeds of Change
January 23rd, 2010
as channeled by Robert Theiss

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Serving Life

Greetings! As the winds of change continue to sweep into every facet
of life on Earth, I, Archangel Michael, stand before you as a friend,
teacher, and servant to a unified field of consciousness that supports
all of creation. If you allow it, you can feel my presence touching
your heart, reminding you that now is the time to reveal the gift you
carry. This gift has been called by many names, and today we will call
it the "seeds of change."

Seeds of Change
Before you incarnated, you knew that the soil or conditions on Earth
could not support this sacred gift. You knew you would need to change
the unfertile conditions to ensure that these seeds could grow. Many
before you also attempted to plant these same seeds. Their attempts
were honored, but the seeds, for the most part, never received the
nutrients or energy they required. Despite all of this, each of you
came again to this planet as bearers of the seeds of change, and much
to your surprise these seeds have taken to Earth. Their roots have
descended into a rich bed of nutrients that are now supported by a
renewed human spirit.

As caretakers for these seeds, many of you spent several decades
refining your relationship or connection with Spirit. You understood
at a deep level that these seeds can only be activated by your love.
You explored the nature of your wounded heart, your conditioned human
nature by practicing a variety of different healing modalities. Many
of you also began to experience a type of addiction to this healing
process. You created a belief that the messenger or seed bearer must
heal all of your human conditions in order to serve this sacred gift
with integrity and honor. During this process, many of you also
discovered a profound new relationship with your soul, but you choose
to contain that experience to your own life. You embodied a type of
unexpressed enlightenment.

All of you are deeply honored for being here. I, Michael, gave my word
to each of you that I would remind you at times of the sacred nature
of the gift you carry. It is a gift that every soul carries, but very
few serve. There is now a small but vibrant group of humans who have
walked out of their healing process and discovered a new sense of
empowerment that utilizes many new creative abilities. They have
consciously planted these sacred seeds within their own creative
expressions. For some it has taken the form of a service. For others
they choose to express this gift within a product. They are beginning
to celebrate their own unique, artistic expression. They are
discovering the more they share this gift, the more connected they
feel to life and to an ongoing stream of support. They have embraced a
new relationship to service that compliments their own sense of
empowerment and abundance. Their creations are now beginning to take
on a life of their own, drawing on additional resources and people for
support. We celebrate this new awareness and remind all of you that
this is just the beginning. Buckle your seat belts, you're going to
enjoy this ride!

Shifting the Collective
These potent new seeds of change have developed their own unique root
system. They are supported and interconnected within a series of other
sacred seeds that have also sprouted. This in turn is shifting the
energetic balance within the very core of your planet. For Gaia must
accommodate whatever system of reality you embrace. Gaia is now
accommodating a state of consciousness that is new, profound, and life
altering within and above her crust.

For those who have become actively involved with serving these seeds
of change, we notice many of you now perceive life from a radically
different perspective. You recognize that your service to self was
indeed an essential part of your growth. In hindsight, you see the
value of your healing process for it uncovered many illusions. You
became aware of a lingering cloud of inertia that hovered above your
life for many years, attempting to deny your freedom of expression.
This inertia kept the focus on you. It served to maintain an identity
that was all about "me, me, me." You had become victims of your own
healing process.

We share this perspective with you for in your horizon is another,
much larger group of souls. They are indeed living on Earth and are
just becoming conscious of these sacred seeds. We see this group
numbering in the millions, they are feeling this urge to change with a
lot of unanswered questions? They are just beginning to turn their
attention away from a support system that no longer lives up to what
was advertised. They are beginning to recognize your unique, creative
expressions in a variety of services and products they hadn't noticed

Now, the timing of this shift is beautiful. Many of you have waited
your whole life for this moment. You also became bored and disgruntled
with the timing of this change. What is the point of serving change if
no one is listening? We hear you and honor your patience. We now call
out to those of you that are hiding in stale relationships, boring
jobs and tired bodies. Seed bearer, now is the time! Where is your
passion? When will you express it?

Serving Life
I, Michael, promised each of you that I would do whatever I could to
remind you of your service to these sacred seeds. I ask of you again,
who are you serving? For the mind will attempt to convince you that
life doesn't need your passion. It doesn't need your joy. The mind
will try to convince you that your fragile self esteem will only feel
humiliated if you risk exposing your heart's desires. There is also
this small yet vibrant group of humans who are now consciously serving
life, waiting for you to join the party. Inviting you to share your
creative gifts for all of humanity to see.

We will say it again, the family called humanity is just beginning to
awaken from their own nightmare. You are not here to stand on a pulpit
declaring the truth of some God. Your creations will carry your
message, infused by the presence of your soul. They must however be
visible to the human eye. Your human family will be looking for an
authentic representation of a unified field of consciousness. How
important is this? Let me be very is "required" at this
time! Required if change is indeed what you serve! If a new
consciousness is what you are truly celebrating!

I do not come on this day to give you weather reports of things to
come. You can feel what is coming! I come to you to honor your service
to life by addressing this cloud of inertia. Invite me or Yeshua into
your life. We are very skilled at helping to ignite a new passion that
places the "me" in the back seat. The new consciousness is about "we,"
and we are here to compliment your new desires.

Life is calling each of you to step out of your comfort zone not
because we are trying to put you in harm's way. Dear soul, listen to
us . . . you are in this moment in harm's way if your not serving your
creative abilities. These seeds of change will not germinate if they
are planted by the mind. The mind hasn't a clue what to do with them.
It is time for your mind to begin serving the change! Stop teasing
this family called humanity by denying them tangible evidence that
life is truly sacred. Life wants more than anything to serve itself as
YOU. The new service is your passion in action. It is time to join the
party and let the creations begin.

All of our blessings,