Sunday, January 17, 2010

You Are Being Called Into A Point Of Light That Is Excited About You Being There

You Are Being Called Into A Point Of Light

That Is Excited About You Being There

as received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan for Sedona Journal

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. On this day we come forth into
your being, energy field and heart. We bring forth the essence of
truth – undiluted, untainted, raw truth. Truth is what you all seek
and truth is what will be issued to you as you walk into more of your
true essence. For many years you have hidden from yourself. You stand
behind the door looking through the crack at your life, being afraid
to fully immerse yourself into life. You do not come here to sit on
the sideline, to stand in the bleachers, to hide behind doors. you
come into this life to experience it 100%, to open up every inch of
you that has been closed, to feel into the fullness of time, to let
the raw passions, the juices of life flow through you.

You are afraid of what your heart and your soul asks you to do. Your
humanness says to walk up to that person and say hello yet your knees
shake, as fear becomes your new best friend. Why are you so afraid to
walk forward and introduce yourself to the very love of your life?

the very vibration of the word AFRAID is a 10/10/10 energy a #30 in
fullness. ‘Afraid’ asks to be cleared in the year 2010 (#30) Using
the vibration of conversion which is an expression of the energy of
the #10 send love into all you fear, all you are afraid of, what goes
bump in the night in your soul. Dilute the fear fields with the soft
rains of love. If you feel fear in any thought/ from walking in the
snow/ice/ to living or dying/ stop, take a deep breath and send love
into that fear.

Everything in you screams that you hate your life, your job, your
relationship, and yet you do not take one step toward changing your
experience? It is a time of loving where you are planted. From that
point of loving, from that center of your universe, move forth fully
into what your heart desires. Otherwise you will be stuck in a sea of
mud with the very energy of hate keeping you bound to the person place
or thing.

Life is not your jailer. Earth is not a prison. It is but a grand
amusement park and you are afraid to ride the rides so you stay in the
shallow end of the park. Most times you are afraid to ingest the
sweetness life has to offer. Afraid of what is good, waiting on the
other shoe to drop. You stand still, paralyzed with fear like a deer
in the headlights, afraid to move forward, afraid to move backward.
Your life shows that.

It is time for all of you to hold your arms open wide and embrace what
is yet to come. For your days of time have shortened. You no longer
have the gift of time in the package of 24. Time shortens. Your life
quickens, your heart quickens, your pulse quickens, and your passion
awakens from a long sleep. You need to get back in the saddle again.
As humans you are Gods in disguise. You are blinded by your own light.
You wait for the writing on the walls to explain the next step of the
journey. But the next step of the journey is described and decreed by
your own motions and emotions. When you deny your emotions, there is
no motion in your life. Your car stands still. Your body stands still.
Your paychecks stand still. Your very dreams stand still. Open up to
explore the New World of you. You have come to the edge of your world.
You have come to the edge of your expectations. Will you fall off?

Immerse yourself in this next leg of your journey. For what abounds
before you is beyond your conceptual understanding of time and space.
Every cell of your body bursts forth as it remembers its stellar
origin. You are off the maps. You are off the screens and the
satellites cannot find you. You are expanding faster than the speed of
light, if you choose. The more that you hold tight to a state of
motionlessness, the more your life will scream at you. Your life
screams for its life. You are the Apex of Creation the favorite horse
in the cosmic race. The entire universe has bet on you. Everything
awaits your choices.

Earth is not meant to be hard. Humanness is a divine point of origin.
Life is a gift. Flesh is a gift. Air is a gift. You are a gift. Love
what you have created and let it love you. Honor what you have
created. Honor whoever is in your heart, whoever is in your household,
and whoever is in your life. You so often want to scrape your life off
of your shoes as if it is something dirty. Love this point of creation
that you are that you will be, and that you are becoming. The future
is up to you. You hold not just the future of your own minimal
existence but you hold the future of the entire universe that bets you
are a good choice for funning the long race. Time waits for no man but
Time waits for all of mankind.

Each step you take into your fearlessness, each thing that you do in
love -- no matter how small, ripples out and touches the universe. A
great applause is heard throughout the heavens. You took one-step
forward into fear, into love, into the future. You stepped away
fearlessly. You stepped off the mountaintop knowing you could fly
without fear.

Your life beckons you. You are being called into a Point of Light that
is excited about you being there. What we come to say to you, in a
rather serious tone, is that we need you to be in love. Not just with
a person, or a body, or a new car – but with your every experience. We
need you to like what you do first, to like whom you live with, and to
like your family. And then eventually when you are brave enough to
venture down the corridors of love.

We need you to like yourself, because without liking yourself first,
you can never get to the point of loving yourself. You are divinely
proportionate with what your experience is. You create the ratio of
light to dark.

Open up your heart to this next level of your experience. The entire
Universe needs you. We are the Pleiadians. Whatever you yearn for –
become it. Whatever you wish for – let it be your experience. Stop
wishing for it – live it. Allow life to come into you and you to come
into life, without regrets, without angers. You are vast beings that
we salute. You are braver than we -- as you incarnated at this time of
transition and ascension. We hold the porch light on for you as you
find your way home. We leave