Monday, April 12, 2010

Message from the Masters

Message from the Masters
Received by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
April 5, 2010

Anshallah! Entui ensi nehedrae lahallah!

From within that which is light we celebrate you!

It is that in this now you are entering into your galactic bodies, a level of being that you have not yet experienced as human beings. It is that within these changes there are also great leaps in your abilities to reach into the infinite for all aspects of your very existences.

Your consciousness is super luminal, faster than the speed of light, able to retain all knowledge and awareness and still be present in your human nows. Your abilities to reach into the vast and infinite consciousness have bridged their gaps of density and harmonized within the greater One. Your abilities to consciously experience the all are coming forward in your energy fields and you, as your universe are experiencing galactic alignments in response to the shifting energy patterns of creation.

This is a time to celebrate your beingness! This is a time when you are no longer inhibited by densities in the universal fields of energy. The corridors to the infinite are opening wide and clearly in such a way that no human being has ever experienced.

With these changes also come changes in your subtle energy fields. In this now your fields are responding by changes in polarities that may be affecting your human biological make up. The layers of frequency sets which comprise your very beings are also re-harmonizing. They are becoming of an entirely new and different series of energetic relationships. Your abilities to heal the physical are exponentially growing. Your access to the Akashic records is simplified and limitless. Your levels of awareness have opened beyond the human spectrum of energies and unified within the One.

To experience these changes from a consciously aware perspective it requires nothing but your desire to become aware beyond your earthly illusions. That which you are in truth is far more than limited biological entities. You are pure energy forms that became dense for the experience of the five senses and the ability to love in physical ways. What we mean by this is that your bodies experience chemical and energetic changes when your emotions are felt. As this occurs, your emotions are communicated to the infinite and the infinite scribes all of this information into its memories. Every challenge you have had, every emotion you have felt, every thought that has occurred to you has been remembered for all time.

The idea that any one of you experiences aside or outside of all others is a fallacy. Even when you are not aware of it, all other experience universally affect you and you respond. Those days when you feel out of sorts or contrarily, when you feel jubilant for no apparent reason are clear responsiveness to the universal experiences. When you feel as if the entirety of your world is beyond hope or you feel as if you can change the world with your intentions, you are momentarily tapping into the entirety and responding to its current experiences.

What would be well to remember is that the entirety of creation is constantly changing, evolving, and communicating to every particle of your being every event and experience it is having. Because of this it is also for you to know that your very being can and does communicate back to creation in response. As this occurs, you are literally instructing all of creation to morph into the reality that you have communicated. This is the power of being one with the infinite. To communicate and therefore create reality.

As the coming times evolve this gift that each of you carries will expand and grow in ability. Your intentions and perceptions will continue to communicate and respond within the consciousness of the One. That being said, the power of you evolves and grows in its ability to affect reality. As you come together with causes and intentions, what occurs is that the synergy of your joining exponentially grows in its ability to communicate. As you joint together to create reality it is not necessary to project details of outcome, only your sense of what the outcome will feel like. As you project your feelings together, waves of energy of those feelings move across all space and time all the while communicating to all of creation instructions to create your new projected reality. Ultimately that reality comes forward as truth because it was your truth and the truth of those with which you have joined.

When the truth is conveyed it becomes reality.

What is important to remember that all truth is your truth. In other words, what is true to you is reality. Reality is created of truth. In that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, simply universal response to the commands that were sent to it. When the power of intention is fueled by passion it becomes real on all levels of perception. That is why your world seems to be in continual conflict. As belief systems and religions are propagated with passion in groups of people what occurs is that the truths often conflict from region to region of your planet. What you often do not realize is that each of your truths all reach to the same goals and outcomes. To honor your divinity, your gods, and to sublimate yourselves to them.

Humanity has not yet quite realized that you are programmed to seek, identify and become your divinity. Your divinity is nothing more that you as you are each integral and unique parts of the whole. As you communicate to creation in all of the ways we have mentioned above, the divine you has created the reality in which you live.

On order for the consciousness of humanity to gain cohesiveness it is vital for each of you to look past your thinking that you are anything less than divine and reach past that into the perception that the divine you is both instructing and responding within the creative process of the One and gaining exactly the reality that you have communicated.

In this now and with the shifting changes that are available to each of you, your abilities to communicate have leaped beyond measurable words and your connections are clear and fluid in their messaging.

Do not in your sense of humanity ever allow yourselves to feel or believe that you are powerless to change anything. Change begins with you. Change is whatever you believe it to be. Change is inevitable as you and all of creation evolves. Our question to you is do you desire for these changes to be of your making or do you desire to believe that you are powerless and victims of events and occurrences in your world? The fact that you are gifted with free will allows for all outcomes to be your choice. Always.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.

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