Thursday, April 22, 2010

Transforming Your World

Transforming Your World
by Jean Warner

Most people tend to categorize changes as good or bad. The recent surge of powerful earthquakes and other catastrophes have no doubt been considered bad. This expands negative thinking. It is time to look for the positive, for every event produces a positive effect, as the Father does not take away without giving in return. We do not mean to minimize the sadness and suffering some events may cause, but if one looks at the greater picture he will understand that millions of people have come to Earth at this time to contribute toward changing a world of darkness into a world of light. Each came with a purpose toward this end, and each came voluntarily to take part in whatever circumstance was necessary in order to bring Earth mankind into the Light and out of the abyss of a dark past.

There has been a massive uplifting of consciousness as a result of the catastrophic events that have occurred in recent weeks. Tragedy instills compassion and effects unity, support, and bonding which contribute to the realization of the Oneness of all. For everyone and everything that exist are connected. A great catastrophe can open the hearts of many who had been focused only on their own little world. And great challenges can produce determination, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Let us consider the importance of positive attitudes. It is so easy to see just the negatives in life. Yet we are all familiar with the glass that can be seen as half empty or half full. It is all a matter of perception. The way we view "negative" situations forms our conception of life in general. Those of a positive outlook can take in stride the downers that occur in every life and still view life in general as beautiful, peaceful, and joyful. And so it will be, for it will reflect their viewpoint. Where one may see a hopeless defeat; another may see a challenge, knowing that overcoming a challenge will produce something better.

On a larger basis, think what transformations can occur when hundreds or thousands of people expand their viewpoint. And that is where you come in. For as you raise your consciousness, and your perceptions, the new attitude is magnetic and affects the outlook of others. First, those around you will be uplifted. Then those around each of them will lift their consciousness. Do you see how positivity can spread? One person may affect a hundred others. Each of them may affect a hundred more, and on and on. The change in attitudes can build and build incrementally as each person's response goes out to many. Do you see how one person's expanded viewpoint can produce an effect upon millions of others as a field of morphic resonance emerges? Before you know it, the entire human race will be uplifted.

Look upon mass consciousness as though it were a band of energy circling the earth that contains all thoughts, words, and feelings of the entire population. This energy then has an effect upon each individual's belief systems. The goal is to put more good energy into the ring than bad and direct the influence it has on mankind in a positive way. Your positive outlook will help to bring that about. This is another way you can help, and it is a powerful one.

As you have been told many times, like attracts like. If one sees the world as good, goodness will abound in every aspect of life. But those who see only the dark side of each situation will draw more and more darkness into their world. Every event, as with every being, has its own frequency, and frequencies draw other frequencies of the same level. Do you want to invite the dark vibrations, or would you prefer to bring in the higher light vibrations? The magnetic frequency you are registering is the frequency you will draw to you in regards to people, situations, or events.

Are you getting the picture? Whatever you focus on pulls in more of the same, whether it be sickness, poverty, failure, or whatever expectation you may dwell upon. The attraction is equally strong when you focus on strength, success, bounty, friendships or whatever you have opened your heart to receive. Every word, every thought, every feeling attracts. And, yes, positive words, positive thoughts, and positive feelings will result in positive effects.

How you view the world was influenced by the attitudes of others, especially those you were surrounded with during childhood. Habits formed through many lifetimes, as well as those based on current life foundations, can be hard to break. This does not mean you can't change them. Perhaps you just need to take a closer look at all the influences that have formed your thought patterns and belief systems. See them as what they are, just influences. You have free choice. You can turn them around. They need not be a crutch. You are powerful in your own right. You can always change the patterns. You do not have to mimic anyone. You can do your own thinking and reach your own conclusions. So how you see your world is subject to change. You are the only one who can change it.

Now to get back to the universal law of magnetic attraction.. At any time, any moment, you can decide to start over with a clean sheet. You have that power within you. You can draw away from those who can see only the negatives in their lives. By changing your perspectives, you can reject the poor-me attitudes and look to the light. In doing so, your gravitational frequency will soar! And what then will be drawn into your world? First, you will probably attract more and more positive-thinking friends. When you stop worrying about your finances, you will draw more and more abundance, and so it is with your goals, your career, your health, and so on.

So let go of the past, at least the things of the past that formed disruptive thought patterns and self-defeating attitudes. Leave them where they are: in the past. See yourself as a new you, a strong, vibrant, confident you. You will find you like yourself and respect yourself more than you ever have before. Watch the things in life come to you in magnetic waves. And this is most important: share them! Share your smiles, your new radiance, your uplifting countenance, your optimism, your light! The more of these you send out, the more brightness will come in.

Now, another note about frequencies: The world may seem to you to be in total chaos at this time. That is what appears to happen when changes are taking place. And great changes are in the works. The old dark systems are being released to make room for the new. Everything is in a state of flux. Can you realize how important it is for you to contribute to the planetary shift? By changing yourself you expand the frequencies of your planet and to all life upon her. What a glorious goal you have before you! As hundreds after hundreds of people on Planet Earth raise their own vibrations, you will see a wondrous transformation develop into a beautiful world. The change in perspective, understanding, upliftment, will build exponentially as each of you send out a higher frequency into the collective consciousness.

Please recognize what a powerful contribution for good you can make! For you are unique in your outlook, thoughts, and perspectives. Do you now see what an important role you have been cast?

Never look back. Today is the first day of your new life, and all of the Heavens are celebrating!

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