Thursday, July 1, 2010

4th of July Message From Kerrie O'Connor

After years of reading, studying and watching the human energy field there are common themes that affect us. For example, if someone has blocks to manifesting more money there's usually self-worth issues that are out of balance with giving and receiving energy, subconscious beliefs in old programs of lack and scarcity, blocks in trusting and letting go and truly surrendering. These could eventually lead to physical issues with the endocrine systems, hypo-thyroid, ovarian cysts, fibroid or lower back issues just to name a few.

When one or part of the energy field is off balance this affects us as a whole, our connection or dis-connection to Mother Earth or being grounded. We could be "top heavy" with too much energy in the upper chakras or "bottom heavy" with too much in the lower chakras.

I believe the core issues for everyone is the subconscious or sometimes conscious beliefs that individuals believe they are dis-connected from the Creator/Source. For example when we were "kicked out" of the Garden of Eden, Heaven dis-connected from Creator and we yearned to FEEL the connection again.

I have come up with some common themes and how they affect our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When you receive a report that is what your subconscious is "saying" to me. In the world of energy it doesn't matter if the blocks are in the subconscious or if a person is conscious of the patterns, it looks like the same. Many people (including myself) have been surprised by some of the core issues we are leaking or losing our Life Force to we subconsciously feed these patterns or thought forms with our life force and they create pathways that are twisted, ripped and blocking us from truly being able to accept and receive the Universal God Force energy that is all around us, through us and IS us.

When an old pattern is brought up to our awareness it then becomes a choice whether we want to continue with this old thought form/pattern. We can always choose to change our choices because we are Creators in a physical body. It can be that easy if we believe and know that we direct our life force with every thought, word and action. We are directors and "actors" in the "play" called life. When you decide to change the choices you have made in the past you can start directing your life force from the position that you are infinite, eternal and immortal part of Creator.....creating new choices. As we do this consciously you then start unplugging from the collective unconscious patterns/thought forms that influence all of our lives. You can't be in denial we all have what I refer to as the "crazed jungle child" within us. The "jungle child" looks terrified and sometimes will literally be flipping me off, has hair that is sticking out, angry and "living" in pure survival mode. WE want to remember by the time most of us are 4 - 5 years old we are "holding" the generational patterns, karmic patterns, parent and society programs. I often say a 3 year old "wounded" child doesn't care about money or relationships he/she wants their basic needs met and most of us didn't have that for one reason or the other. Many people are afraid to tap into the "jungle child" so I renamed it the "wounded child" because that aspect of us is wounded. It holds on to ancient wounds, past lives, themes etc. Only when we proactively admit, accept and acknowledge this aspect of us we then can make some real changes in our lives. The wounded child is in the driver's seat, driving our emotion and mental bodies into old programs and conditions. When we meet, take in and love that part of us we "move" the wounded child out of the "driver's seat" and re-mind him/her that they are safe, loved and can go beyond survival issues then we can move forward.

The bottom line is we are the Ones we have been waiting for. Separation from Creator/God Force is an illusion and it's our "job" to re-claim our Divine Birthright. We all are a God, acting either small and lost or "big" and connected. We can met and have helpers/teachers along the path that can guide us, get information, help, share what they learned but in the end we are the ones that have to apply, work with the tools, suggestions and take what resonates with you and throw out the rest, without making it a "I'm Right" or "My way is the only way". We are all on a path and The path which brings us back "home". When we are re-connected to our full potential we can start directing our precious Life Force/God Force like a Creator. Look and see where the universal (arch types) are affecting your life. There are four major themes: The Prostitute, The Victim, The Child and The Saboteur and turn the Prostitute into the Goddess/God. Take the child into an adult by taking full responsibility and accountability in where and how we direct our energy. The Victim into Victorious and the Saboteur into Empowerment. We all will "return" home the "when" can be the question. Creator/God Force has a divine plan that we are all a part of. We "lined up" to be incarnated into this lifetime knowing fully the potential of experiencing the Golden Ages - re-connection to our light bodies with the fully activated 12 strand DNA (much like ancient time). Everything is "backwards" we are constantly evolving, de-volving and "pausing/gathering", re-calibrating at the same time.

NOW is the time to FEEL like a piece of Creator. The Creator knows only Love - Is a constant state of Bliss - stop doing and start Being a God in a physical body.



New Intuitive Development Circle

New Intuitive Development Circle

For 4 Weeks

Thursday July 8th 7:00 - 8:30pm EST

Thursday July 15th 7:00 - 8:30pm EST

Thursday July 22nd 7:00 - 8:30pm EST

Thursday July 29th 7:00 - 8:30pm EST

$60 for all four classes or $20 for each individual class

You can attend in person or via telephone.

Each week we'll start with a short meditation to get centered then I'll give you "homework" for you to practice throughout the week. Then when we get together we will practice reading each other.

Over the years the biggest block for many people, around 85%, is that they don't practice and listen to what their "higher self" is saying. The universal symbolic language and your own symbolic language is the key to developing and strengthening your own intuition. We'll end each session with an energetic alignment to strengthen/clear deeply seeded thought patterns. Those people that choose to come in person must sign up to reserve a space since seating is limited. Those who decide to attend via telephone there is no limit and just because you're on the phone that doesn't affect your ability to strengthen your intuition. The biggest and best thing I ever did was join a development circle as it provided a safe environment that you can practice delivering your messages. The class is for everyone from beginners to the experienced since we can always expand our knowledge.

Each week different techniques are discussed and shown to allow a solid foundation for you to expand. You will receive a print out of homework, class notes and suggested reading. This is a commitment to yourself most of all. We are in an amazing bridging period. Join the Circle so you can tap into your own intuitive gifts that we all have.

Week One - Protection, creating a safe atmosphere which is critical so you don't receive inaccurate information, importance of challenging the information received. Create a dream/intuitive journal to start to understand your own symbolic language.

Week Two - Meeting your Spiritual Guide, Animal Totem and Nature Guide. Getting re-connected with 5 major Archangels. Soul Groups a re-connection to your Soul Group.

Week Three - Confidence with messages received. Reading "clearly" and from the Third Eye Chakra and up. Most people "read" from the 2nd Chakra.

Week Four - Strengthening your "Clair" messages through numbers, animal-the world-synchronicities guiding you. ALLOW Surrendering and LETTING GO, increasing your personal symbols. Where/Why you get messages - "clean" reading/"charged" reading. Going with the flow, unlocking the flow gates with accurate info. Clearing bogus info - tools to work with tarot cards, crystals, Angels and Runes.

For more information or to sign up you can email or call 860-887-1201.

30 Minute Remote Session

Kerrie is able to see how you're directing your life-force and where there are blocks and old programs that stop you from creating a life living to your fullest potential. When you know the underlying old beliefs/patterns you then have a choice to choose to re-direct your Life Force into healthy, life affirming patterns. You will receive a report and suggestions that you can use to help re-lease these deeply ingrained patterns. A session starts a process that you can continue to work with that will re-direct your unconscious patterns into healthier ones.

Book a reading during the month of July and receive the Body Temple CD and crystal specifically picked out for you just mention that you read this in the newsletter.

All this life empowering information for only $150. Call 860-887-1201 or email for more information.

Australian Bush Essences

I came across a flower remedy called Austrian Bush Essence. For years I have worked with flower essences and I have had amazing results. I am so excited to be offering the Austrian Bush Essence that I have a special to help introduce it to you. I will mix up to seven different essences specifically for you.

The Austrian Bush Essence is only $22 plus shipping/handling. That's a savings up to $50!!!!!

To place your order you can email or call 860-887-1201.

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