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Archangel Michael: Sacred Geometrics of the Sun

Archangel Michael: Sacred Geometrics of the Sun
Transmitted Through Elanthra
20 July * 2010 * 7:20 p.m. EST

Greetings blessed Wayshowers ~

This is Archangel Michael, and today I come to you to bless you as always and to tell you that You ARE loved unconditionally, but furthermore I'd just like to commend you on the progress that you have made thus far as A Group. We have watched as you have started to Bond And Band Together, and utilize your unique gifts as individuals and in totality as a whole ~ as One. You've begun to create 'Unity Consciousness.' Today I'd just like to encourage you to continue along that vein, and suggest that you do not let anything discourage you. In the event that you ever find yourself taking a step backwards, take six steps forwards. Continue onwards day by day, step by step taking your baby steps in Total Focus and Total Vision towards your goal of Co-creating The New Crystalline Earth.

Lately, we have had unique sets of energies, and with the solar energies of The Solar Eclipse earlier this month, the Earth has been granted the opportunity, and has opened up quite nicely to the Advent of Sacred Geometry.

I'd like to talk a little bit about Sacred Geometry on a whole. Sacred Geometry has been utilized since the ancient of days, and it is a science, as many geometricians and mathematicians can tell you. The pyramids were built utilizing Sacred Geometry. There is an essence and a power in shapes, whereby they are used to contain and house energy and make them that much more powerful and focused. With the advent of The Solar Eclipse the Guardians of the 'Sacred Geometric Design For The New Earth' have come forward.

At this time, we would just like to advise you that the shapes and symbols of Sacred Geometry, namely that of the 'Triangle' and the 'Circle' have come forth to embrace One And All, Who ARE Open, Ready and Believe. The Sacred Triangle emits the ebullient Sun's rays that manifest as spiraled, blessed healing and Warm Optimism, and represents The Trinity of Father, Mother and Son. As you know, The Triangle has Three Sides and it has proven to be a Very Powerful, Powerful Tool. If you look at a lot of your architecture and a lot of structures, both in the past, the present and in the future, you will find that this Divine Shape has been used and will continue to be used, and it is beginning to be used consciously. When you join two triangles together you manifest a Diamond Heart, which will serve as The Diamond Heart of God.

The Sacred Triangles that are coming forth now are housing Sacred Kundalini Crystalline Energies. Light Codes are making their way onto the New Earth, and the energies are intense, as many of you have probably experienced and felt. With this energy will come Transmutation, Healing, Balance and Symmetry, and Protection. The Kundalini Crystalline Energies Renew and Distribute promise for Growth, and spurt the new seeds of today and tomorrow. And You ARE all gathering now to disseminate the much needed Fertile Seeds Of Love And Light Across The New Earth. Fire energy gives One 'Drive' to achieve their life's mission and goals, and supplies One with the energy needed for 'Leadership.' You ARE covering new ground in Innovative and Progressive ways, and many a New Idea and Inspiration will come your way in need of your embrace. I suggest that you Open And Awaken To The Adventure In Grace And Courage ~ to even that which is unknown, as you charter New Territory.

This day I'd like to inform you that you can use Triangles around anything to protect yourself ~ around your houses ~ around your Be-ings ~ by visualizing and knowing that it is so. Today You ARE cordially invited to step inside the Triangle and allow it, in service, to Protect You, even as The Circle encompasses you. As well, with the Triangle is seen a Divine Picture of the 'Triangle Instrument,' and with contact the chime of The Triangle reverberates across the Universe and Galaxy. The 'Divine Caboose Train' then ventures forth decked up with Triangular Windows that echo out throughout the Universe and serve as A 'Vortex Portal ~ A Reflection Into No Time.'

Surrounding these Triangles are Circles. If you will envision the tip of the Triangle pointing upwards sitting on it's base, and then envision a Circle surrounding this triangle, encompassing it. Know that this Circle(s) represents The Circle of Life and of Light, which is a Continuity ~ Continuity of Life ~ Continuity of Love ~ Continuity of Light ~ Continuity of I AM That I AM and All That Is, for all of life continues ever-forth ~ flowing to The Crystalline River ~ Gracefully ~ Peacefully ~ and Joyously.

And if you look through The Crystalline Circle you will see that there is a Reflective Mirror, and this Mirror reflects back in a timely manner All That Has Been ~ The Past ~ The Pre-sent and The Future. Let this Mirror serve as a Divine Vortex ~ a Divine Portal ~ and envision it swirling and twirling in a counterclockwise fashion as it makes it's descent down towards the New Earth.

Consorting with the energies of the 'Mirrored Circle' and The 'Divine Triangle' is The Swirl, and this can be envisioned as a 'Coiled Swirl' ~ Coiled Branches Of Fiery Kundalini Rays Out Of The Heart Of God that oscillate through the Sacred Triangle and Circle ~ Transmuting ~ Healing ~ Clearing And Paving The Path For All That Is To Come.

Know that these symbols consort and adjoin in Symbiotic Union, have been anchored into Mother Gaia this day, and they await your beckoning and receptivity. These energies can be accessed by simple will and the openness of your mind and your heart. Just call on your Higher Selves today and ask to receive these energies, ask to receive the protection of the Triangle with the Circle encompassing it, and envision The Triangle and the Circle enveloping You, your house, your belongings and loved ones. Know that the Light inside these geometric shapes is Golden Light ~ Golden Light Out Of The Heart Of God.

We ask you to cultivate Peace this day in your hearts, and know that All Is Well And All Is Occurring In Divine Timing. We also ask you to continue to meditate for The Earth, for the cleansing of Mother Gaia and all of the sectors of the Earth, especially the waters at The Gulf of Mexico. I just want to re-mind you to Support Each Other And Bond Together. You have all been given Unique Gifts, and if you could coordinate your gifts and work together and build as a Team. as A Team Of Light. that would be glorious. the results will be glorious! You ARE a Community Of Light now ~ A 'Unity Consciousness' ~ and You ARE planning and organizing events in a manner that is to be commended. Carry on in this fashion, come gather together now, and know that 'There Is Strength In Numbers ~ As A Unified One.' We ARE, as ever, always available for you to call on, and We ARE with you every step of the way.

May the circle be unbroken, and know that The Light Will Always Lead You Home.

Blessed be. As above, so below.

Forever yours,
I AM Archangel Michael

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