Monday, September 20, 2010

Hilarion's Weekly Message: September 19-26, 2010

Hilarion's Weekly Message: September 19-26, 2010
Received by Marlene Swetlishoff

Hello again, Beloved Lightworkers,

Most of you have made great gains in the past week in terms of cleansing, clearing and releasing that which no longer serves you. There will still be some residual effects that will continue to surface from time to time, but overall, you have come through this period in leaps and bounds, in terms of Soul growth and forward movement. All is well and there will be much activity taking place in terms of the Awakening of your Sisters and Brothers all around you. Your work and your prayers that their Ascension process be easier and more filled with grace and ease than that which you have been experiencing, is in effect.

This means that their Awakening comes with less shock and travail than was experienced by our Beloved Lightworkers but there will still be those who have chosen to experience Earth changes for their greater unfoldment and this will take place according to Universal Law. It has been an interesting ride for each of you and some of what has been occurring still has some of you with giant question marks hanging above your heads and these questions will receive answers as you are ready to hear them. All is in Divine Timing and for the highest good of all. There is much to 'tie' up as you complete your assignments and step into your Mastery.

Mastery entails the ability to adapt to whatever situations that present themselves in your daily lives, for this is where you are of the greatest import. Life is to be lived and experienced first hand in order to transmute and transform that which still needs to be looked at, for it is through each of you that Creator moves and it is your hands, feet and physical beings that Creator uses to implement the Divine Plan for the highest good of all, so it is imperative that you understand that not all that has or is happening to you is because you have done something 'wrong.' Not so, Beloved Ones! You are instruments of the Divine in the great unfolding of the Divine Plan for the Earth and you are much needed to bring balance at this time. Sometimes, there are words and deeds that you perform that have you puzzled and doubting yourselves, as to your Light quotient abilities and we wish you to understand that you are mirrors for each other, helping each other to see those parts of yourselves that need attention and awareness in order to facilitate changes necessary so that you can move forward.

This is a wondrous time to be on this Planet. Each of you is taking in more Light as you release all that no longer serves the Light and in this way, greater transformation of your physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies is taking place. You are becoming more attuned to the energies and vibration of the Earth and many of you can hear this constantly now. There is a low bass sound that permeates life on Earth, a 'humming' that is always apparent to those who are closely attuned to the Earth, such as yourselves, who have been serving in the capacity of Transducers of Cosmic Energies. This will become more important in times to come and will be a way to know and understand what is occurring around you, so if you have been questioning why you hear 'humming,' know this is the reason and that you are blessed, for in this 'humming' flows much information through the Earth's new crystalline grid, which will be getting another boost on 10-10-10 from the great crystals that have lain dormant for eons of time and that will be activated further and brought online again in a unified and integrated way. Many of these crystals and their functions were shut down so that their energies could not be used again for destructive purposes and all is in place to insure that this never occur again.

The times are changing hourly, daily, weekly and the sense of 'time' itself is greatly accelerating so that you are now feeling as though you are not accomplishing all that you set out to do each day, which now seems to have a much shorter span, or so it seems. The Earth is speeding to her new place in the Universe and so all seems to be moving accordingly. It is important to attune to Nature, to watch the animals and how they act, for these are the ways that one now has to learn to be 'in the flow' with the Earth and all that is transpiring. Try to become more Aware of the tree family, the bird family, the animal family and if you watch them carefully, you will begin to sense impending changes that are about to take place and as you practice this watching and observing, you will begin to pick up clues and hints intuitively of the happenings around you such as weather changes and even Earth changes.

Know that you are all proceeding on your chosen journey accompanied by the Company of Heaven. You never walk alone, for we are always with you. Be at peace and be your wonderful, kind, loving and generous Selves, for this is who you really are. All of life can seem to be a risk but choosing Love in all instances and situations will see you through.

Until next week..

I AM Hilarion

©2010 Marlene Swetlishoff

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