Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Radiating Adamantine Particles into The Many Pyramids of Light You Have Created

Radiating Adamantine Particles into The Many Pyramids of Light You Have Created
Ronna Herman / Sacred Scribe

We Now Offer You a Precious Gift, and as a World Server, We Ask You to Share this Blessing with the World.

If you are willing, before you fall asleep, go into your personal pyramid of Light and lie on your crystal table where there is an Etheric Replica of your Soul/Higher Self. Envision a stream of Light flowing from your personal pyramid up into the World Pyramid. Follow that stream of Light and envision another Etheric Replica of your Soul Self in your personal crystal chair within the World Pyramid. These Etheric Replicas of yourself will, henceforth, remain in place so that the flow of Creator Light can flow freely back and forth between the different pyramids you have created. There will also be a smaller stream of Light that will radiate a small fraction of the sixth-dimensional frequencies into your personal pyramid if you have connected with the higher-dimensional City of Light in your area, via the meditations AA Michael has given us. There is also a stream of Light that flows from your personal Pyramid of Light down into your physical vessel so that you are constantly receiving a flow of Creator Light/Adamantine Particles, and you will also be sharing the Light you have activated with you loving intention, your sacred breathing techniques and your affirmations. This is true tithing, dear friends. What greater gift could we give than to share our God Light with others?

Affirmation: I Am Made of Pure God Substance. I Embody and Radiate the Essence of Our Father/mother God.

Eternal love and angel blessings,

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