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12-20-2010 Full Moon Eclipse Solstice

12-20-2010 Full Moon Eclipse Solstice

We welcome you on 12-20-2010, a very special time for reflection-illumination-transcendence.

During this three day period, you have the opportunity to reflect upon and illuminate all aspects of who you are and to transcend old patterns of limitation. This is the time to set the stage for the great shift of consciousness that you have been anticipating with many heart-felt emotions.

Knowing Now, through these series of articles, about the power of numerology/vibration, we will share with you that the essence of these three days is about balancing your own vibration.

It is very easy to see the choice reflecting in the date over the next three days: either - or - AND, seen in the first three creation numbers 0, 1, 2.


These three days are calling you into a sequence of 8-9-10/1

12-20-2010 = a day of 8
12-21-2010 = a day of 9
12-22-2010 =a day of 10/1

Here are the questions:

Today: a day of 8 - what have you learned and integrated in 2010? This is a question to clearly answer for yourself on this day which begins or immediately precedes the full moon eclipse (the eclipse begins at 10:33 am PST on 12-20-2010; 1:33 EST on 12-21-2010. Reflect upon that question and deeply answer it - for the next year will require that you know yourself very deeply and you know how you view the unfoldment of your life.

Tomorrow: a day of 9 - what are you completing in 2010 and thus, opening to create in 2011? This is the conscious choice making of inner illumination. Knowing your intentions sets the stage for empowerment.

The day after tomorrow: a day of 10/1 - how will you transcend the past and create a New Now? This is the choice of transcendence.

You truly do have a choice now, about the degree of your consciousness. It is no longer about "being in the dark" of who you are. This was the case for much of the last 5,125 year cycle. Humanity was bound by strict rules of conduct, social caste and class, socio-economic limitations and restrictive educational and religious institutions. It was difficult, if not impossible for most people to know themselves during much of this time, unless they were born into the ruling or privileged class, and even then, learning and free thinking was restricted.

Today, in the cybernetic age, the only thing that keeps you from knowing yourself is your choice to remain ignorant of your power. Another way of expressing this reality is: the only thing that keeps you from knowing yourself is your choice to continue to feed your addiction to the victim role in your own life.

If you believe that you are powerless to change and that the world around you does not support you, you are choosing to React-Reject-and Remain where you are in your current state of being. (React-Reject-Remain is a "78" vibration, correlating with the Ace of Pentacles in tarot, signifying safety and material stability -i.e. the known world.) If you are powerless to know yourself, you have the capacity to react to your environment but not to create within in it. Hence, you reject your power, and you remain where you are in the paradigm of duality, Either-Or.

If you are willing to believe or already do believe in your power to create change, then you are choosing to Act-Accept and Attune to the balancing energies all around and within you now during these three days. (Act-Accept-Attune is a "45" vibration, correlating to the 6 of cups in tarot meaning trust and harmony in


collective coorperation.)

Inner and outer balance is reflected in numerology when the sum of the vowels and the sum of the consonants are in equal or mirror relationship.

What difference does it make, you may be asking, to know these things? Knowing the vibration of something, such as your name, can provide you with one more insight about your soul plan, your purpose, your gifts, talents and challenges. Knowing the vibration of a phrase or word can illuminate the deeper "creation" essence of the energy, or as in our topic today, to enhance your understanding of the opportunities available to you. Numerology can provide you with a key to opening doorways that you might not have even known were there!

Consonants and vowels in numerology are equivalent to the outer and inner realms of your life. The consonants in a word or name are the reflection of things on the outside of yourself, your outer world, your situation, your surroundings. The vowels are the illumination of your inner world, your thoughts, feelings and subtle energies.

For example the phrase: Insight-Integration-Inspiration equals 164, the sum total of all letters. The sum of the vowels equals 82 and the sum of the consonants equals 82.
Insight-Integration-Inspiration is decoded as 164: 82-82.

We further correlate 82 to Aura-soma™, a modality of self and soul consciousness.

Equilibrium 82

Equilibrium 82 is called Calypso and contains the subtle energy of deep insight. It relates to having attained wisdom and being able to apply it to current opportunities.

The color energy of #82 is green/orange - the heart and sacral charkas. The victim archetype is most often held in the sacral or orange chakra and acts to constrict the heart, thus limiting space (green) to go in new directions. Balancing this particular energy creates a powerful momentum, as seen in the affirmation of #82: "I open my heart to a new direction." (From: Aura-Soma, Healing through Color, Pland and Crystal Energy, by Irene Dalichow and Mike Booth.)

Working with the activities of Insight-integration-inspiration, thus frees you from the victim mode and opens your heart to a new direction. A very powerful choice.

The topic today which describes the celestial events, is balanced in mirror image:
Full Moon Eclipse Solstice equals: 99: 45-54.

99 represents the final Double Master Number Double Master Numbers

(link). It signifies a springboard into an integrative way of being. 99 provides a connection to the trinities, beginning with the first triple master number 111. 111 is the vibration of many transcendent phrases such as Light Network of Ascension, Sacred Journey of the Heart, Balance of Love-Wisdom-Power.Triple Master Numbers

The parts of the 99 topic today, 45-54 reflect the shift from the 4th plane of existence that you are in now --into the 5th plane of existence that is emerging. This fifth plane is called the Quintessence plane. The quintessence plane unfolds completely within the next 2 years as mass consciousness creates a new way of being. The shift is underway and you are each central to the movement into Quintessence.

The Quintessence plane is a way of existing and expressing where each person recognizes and knows the essence of every person and thing that they come in contact with, seeing self as other, and other as self. T It is not possible to be a victim in this plane, for you must transcend victim consciousness to shift into this higher level of being. This is the unfoldment of the Maya Christ Buddha teachings that have been expanding to the choice point, now, where the belief and experience of separation is ending and connection, feeling and love is becoming the reality.

Each of these teachings has a quintessence core concept, simply reflected and beautifully stated:

Maya: In la k'esh or "I am another yourself"
Christian: "God with be you, and also with you" or "God is within you, and God is within me"
Buddhist: Namaste or I see the God in you

The consonants and vowels of the topic of the three days of Full Moon Eclipse Solstice also reveal the power available for you to act-accept-attune to the Quintessence energies:

The consonants in Full Moon Eclipse Solstice equal 45.

Equilbrium 45

Equilibirum 45, in aura-soma is called "The Breath of Love". The theme of equilibrium 45 is to Give and Take in Love. This perfectly reflects the opportunity in the outer world during this time. If you see and attune to all events in your world as opportunities to give and take in Love, you will experience a deeper connection with people and events as divine reflections of who you are and who you are becoming. If you take the opportunities provided to you , for you and by you, to give and take in love (BOTH), you are activating your conscious choice of empowered living.

The vowels in the topic today are 54, in Aura-soma, the solid clear Equilibrium of Serapis Bey, the Master of Karmic Absolution.

Equilibrium 54

The theme of #54 in aura-soma is cleansing and detoxification on all levels.

During the actual 3 hour unfoldment of the eclipse, there is a great acceleration of light-dark-light, compressing consciousness into a place of great illumination. This means, with choice, you are able to see into your own shadow, to end your pattern of victim and of being in denial of your own power. You have the ability to transcend the victim patterns by choosing to enter into the Quintessence way of being Now.

If you choose to act-accept and attune to this opportunity, you will look deeply within to uncover your patterns of denial and separation. What am I withholding from myself in the expression of who I AM? What do I fear? What am I doubting?

Use this time, any time during the next three days, to examine the lessons of 2010. Look at what you have learned, what you have accepted and what you have denied within yourself. If you wish to examine your shadow, in this time of longest dark in the northern hemisphere, and longest light in the southern hemisphere, simply select a situation that was difficult of you during 2010. It can be a personal relationship or a larger global event, such as the BP oil spill. Examine your judgments about the situation or person, explore fully all the statements you have said or thought that contain the word "should".. for these are all shadow reflections within yourself. For example, if you were saddened and outraged about the oil spill, list as many "should" reflections as quickly as you can, diving completely into the emotions you felt around the situation.

BP should have been more considerate of the environment
BP should have acted more quickly
BP should have had contingency plans etc.

This demonstrates the attitude of react-reject-remain.

To reflect upon this past situation where you were in judgment, you may wish to turn these statements into your inner world to act-accept-attune to a shift in consciousness:

I am choosing to be more considerate of my own inner environment, making wise choices in my nutrition and in the exercise of my physical body
I am choosing to take action swiftly when I see an opportunity to honor myself and others more clearly
I am planning and imaging many opportunities unfolding and am open to receive divine synchronicities.

Do you see and feel the opportunities provided to you when you look within your own shadow? That shadow is your projection in the outer world, where you judge, criticize and condemn - thereby you are most assuredly doing the same thing on the inner landscape of your being.

During the eclipse tonight and into early tomorrow morning, you may connect to the light-dark-light movement of reflection and illumination, quickly getting to the core of your shadow and the places you are still choosing to deny your power. During the solstice day, 12-21-2010, a day of 9, complete the process by acting as the responsible creator of your life and accepting your power.

How does this look? It takes many forms depending on what is meaningful to you. Choose what resonates in you to serve as an illuminative process. Choose to connect with a deep conscious awareness of the power within you. Some people may enjoy a burning bowl ceremony, some may use an esoteric tool such as tarot or a rune casting. Some may enter into deep meditative prayer, connecting to the still small voice within.
Whatever you do to connect to this opportunity, do it with an open heart. This means, look courageously at what is within, let go of fear and doubt, feel what is inside you and love whatever that is! Let go of your judgment and transform those judgments into your greatest teachers, as we demonstrated above. Know thyself.. Gnothi Se auton, and know that you have the power in this time of change, to transcend the victim role. You have the power to change your outer world by addressing and attuning your inner world.

On the final of these 3 days, 12-22-2010, a day of 10/1 - Ending and beginning again, know that Transcendence is an Act of Creation. It is choosing to be powerful, to be responsible and to be open to Give and Take in Love. Transcendence does not mean to move beyond the human realm, but to immerse yourself so deeply into it that you are no longer separate from it, you no longer judge the human experience as challenging and something to escape out of eventually. You act-accept and attune to the Creator power with you and you emerge into great Light.

Blessings and Joy in this time of Celebration

Note: For those wishing to dive deeper into reflection, the sub-theme of this discourse is also a mirror image numerology attunement:
Reflection-Illumination-Transcendence equals: 165: 87-78.

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