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Light Wave Synergy Teachings

Light Wave Synergy Teachings
Light Body and Fusion Energy Systems

The Fusion and Light Wave Energy Systems

Transfusion into Regeneration and Transformation
The Tao through Lilliya Nita Mahalani

The light wave biology within the ascension path is a different path
from consensus based ascension. Consensus based ascension creates
moving energy systems founded upon patterns associated with nature and
the land. In building a field founded upon magnetic resonance with
earth one ascends as a consensus keeper. Consensus keepers also help
to heal the land as this is their underlying nature; and often
consensus keepers attune to the kingdoms in great love and honor as
this is a beautiful relationship.

Light waves have not been a part of the consensus ascension path other
than in very small amounts due to the requirement to not over heat the
land. In light wave work one separates from the movements of the land
and ignites fusion light wave synergy into the biology and fusion
body. The fusion body is a larger version of oneself in the same
physical shape but woven of light waves.


Light waves are rays of light that emanate from the sun and other
stars. Light waves also emanate from earth's aurora. There is also
an intricate light grid and low show surrounding earth. In light
fusion one taps into the light of earth or other creations and then
runs the light through the field. The light grid is due to expand
exponentially due to increasing numbers of light workers in light wave
synergy in the years ahead. Light wave synergy is a photonic energy
system. As the photonic dream increasingly surrounds earth the light
grids shall expand and there shall be greater warmth and light along
the surface allowing for a new magnetic resonance to unfold,

There are those who are spinning light formations that are highly
electrical. Those who are ascending in biology associated with
electrical creations will have a tendency to foster an electrical
light fusion body. Electrical light waves are non-resonant with
earth's magnetism and carbon based foundation. Electrical light waves
tend to split apart with one polarity becoming anti-light and the
other antimatter. In this type of ascension the antimatter splits off
leaving the light polarized in the ascension. The antimatter is left
behind rather than transmuted by light due to a lack of whole and
complete light wave synergy to accomplish the task. The result is
that the density is left behind rather than completing transfused.
This type of ascension is incomplete and causes many problems for
individuals along with the consensus. It is time for light workers to
bring their ascensions forth and depart from false ascension
tendencies and this is the purpose of this section of materials.

Photonic and magnetic light waves are resonant with our ascending
consensus and will foster life rather than destroy it through
excessive heat and incomplete evolutionary sequences. For the past
four years light workers have been moving more greatly towards the
production of anti light and antimatter than pure magnetic light.
This is really the result of ascending into genetic sequences that are
impure to this new dream. In order to rectify this patterning and
problem the intention to ascend into purely magnetic biology is
required; and as this occurs the vastly incomplete nature of ascension
shall be brought into balance with our consensus. At this time and if
this is not fulfilled upon we will manifest another world war in the
coming century; and this can be offset for our future generations
ahead in causing complete light wave synergy based ascension.

Nemesis studies and karmic release is necessary to the cause of
evolutionary fulfillment. Nemesis studies are a topic to understand
destructive tendencies that are held in the karmic systems of non-
resonant biology. As the karma for nemesis is released then light
workers can unfold into genealogies that resonate and bring our global
ascension back on track. At this time most of the electrical light
grids and patterns in the aurora require recasting by light workers as
they are non-resonant and filled with too much anti-light. Anti-light
burns the environment and creates vast disturbances in the weather
patterns of earth. Earth is heating up in vastly imbalanced manners
and this shall cause greater problems within the new dream than not;
the imbalance also negatively impacts human dreams by causing them to
become out of balance leading to the rise and decline of greed and
poverty along with potential nuclear war. As the light sequences of
dreams come to balance so will the dreams that humanity creates and
all shall Segway into a new day ahead.

The resonance of DNA for this segment of new dreaming requires
magnetic and photonic impulses. The magnetic light waves come from
within the mother sun's dream rather than outside. The magnetic light
frequencies are particle bandwidths of resonance unto earth's
structure. These forms of light waves regenerate the body and expand
the consciousness into new frequencies of understanding that are
harmonious, compassionate, loving and resounding in truth. Truth is a
missing attribute in human dreaming sequences due to the presence of
too much anti-light. As anti-light frequencies are disbanded then so
is the non-truth of dream that the current paradigm exists within.


Many light workers suffer from acidosis and uridosis along with other
symptoms of electrical light structures. Sometimes the liver or
spleen can swell or kidneys fail due to excessive uric acid in the
system. The excessive uric acid is the result of a higher cellular
metabolism due to the light infusion of the cells. Anti light tends
to over infuse light into the cells raising the metabolism higher than
it would be if magnetic light were run through the fusion body. The
higher metabolism increases the production of cellular waste released
into the blood. The excessive uric acid released in light work and if
not balanced can cause one to become quite ill over time. There are
many diseases associated including Epstein bar, Chronic Fatigue, MS,
liver disease along with kidney disease. Transitioning to a partial
photonic fusion body resolves the resolves the health issues of light

Many electrical based light workers also crave protein in an attempt
to rebuild the muscular structure as it burns off in the light
infusion. Electrical light infusion will burn off healthy tissue that
should not be dissipated The requirement for protein and the problems
of acidosis or uridosis can be surmounted in creating a fusion body of
photonic and magnetic light systems rather than of electrical light.
Magnetic and photonic DNA can be ascended into through intention.

The application of light is a direct ascension formation. In
consensus ascension, biological pathways of ascension are mapped
through an intricate system of ancestral archiving in which genetics
are analyzed for their origins and nature and brought forth. In light
infusion the biology reveals its own archives allowing ascension to
become direct; and one can call forward from one's own cellular
structure the next level of DNA to re-encode the field within. The
blood holds holographic archives of all formations of DNA ever
associated with one's inheritance. As light is applied the possible
DNA reveals itself and one is free to pick and choose what one shall
ascend into next; and the intention to call forth the healthiest and
best possible magnetic DNA to ascend into is a good intention to make.


In order to transition from magnetic consensus ascension into light
wave synergy ascension, the etheric body is replaced with what is
known as a fusion body. The fusion body has many components. The
first component is a light wave based etheric structure that runs
through the meridians and along the skin surrounding the body. The
fusion body replaces the etheric body as one departs from consensus
ascension. The act of running the fusion body is called transfusion.
In a state of transfusion light waves are activated and flow through
the body in syncopated rhythms that infuse light into the cellular

There is also a larger fusion body that contains up to 18 layers that
develops over time and through continued ascension. The large fusion
body is about five times bigger than the physical structure. The
large fusion body is constructed from a variety of light waves that
fuse together. The new modality of fusion body includes layers of
photon particles. Photon particles soften the nature of the fusion
body so that it does not overheat the cellular structure leading to
disease. It is as the larger and smaller fusion bodies ignite in wave
synergy together that the body increases in temperature.

Light is infused into the fusion body through fusion. Fusion occurs
as the tailbone or sacral area is connected with light tethers to
light grid centers known as pallets. Pallets are spherical in nature
and often at large junctures of light grid work of earth. The new
pallets that are to be orchestrated host photonic and magnetic light
only. The body can be fused in two ways; one is to create a light
cord from the tailbone or sacral area between the pallet and fusion
body; the other is to allow the feet of the larger fusion body to rest
upon the top of the pallet. Light workers may be in need of creating
their own pallets to stand upon through light wave synergy

The fusion body is transfigurative in nature but transformative in
posture. Transfigurative nature allows the biology to alter itself in
time and space restoring prior sequences of health or move into future
sequences of evolutionary fulfillment. Transfiguring into sustainable
health is a good daily intention as one runs one's small and large
fusion energy flow. Transfiguring into new genetic formations to
create greater health as well as ascend the vessel is another good
daily intention to make.


The small fusion body is a loose to tightly woven series of threads of
light that illuminate the cellular structure burning off density
through application of heat. The heat is not to be confused with
kundahlini energy flow that is fire element and light based in the new
system. Consensus keepers often host a kundahlini that is fire
element only and with little light. Transfiguring into to a fire and
light based kundahlini is helpful to emerging light work amongst
consensus keepers. A blending of about 50% light with 50% fire within
the kundahlini can augment times of hot fusion. Generally speaking
the fusion system runs separate from kundahlini except occasionally
when the body requires a thorough toasting for the purposes of
healing, release of density or mastery. In such moments both the
kundahlini energy system and fusion body runs at the same time.


There are two types of small fusion body light wave systems. The
first is a hot fusion system that regulates light that heats up the
body for the regeneration or renewal of the biology. The hot light
fusion system can run every hour to two hours throughout the day.
Using pink and white light is best for renewal and regeneration
through the fusion body. The pink and white light will form against
the skin and can be readily perceived illuminating the body. The
light will move through the meridians and cells allowing for the act
of regeneration. Pink is associated with the ray of love and
forgiveness and triggers sequences of self healing in degenerated,
wounded or decayed regions of the biology. White is for purification
and triggers the cells to renew.

Periodically and about 4 times around the clock the kundahlini is
added to the hot light fusion system to sustain the body temperature.
The added fire burns off density that one is clearing in the act of
light wave synergy. On some occasions the heat may become so great
that it literally crackles. The crackling heat is also known as
"defragmentation". It is as the heat is applied that the field and
form defragments from patterning that has shattered or broken the
structure due to abusive sequences that may have been harmful or
rendered the field. Generally defragmentation occurs about once per
week or more in heavier cycles of light wave synergy work and can be
intended as needed. Fragmentation requiring healing can be perceived
more greatly from within the molecular structure or from the 2nd
dimension up.

The cool fusion system is run to cool the biology down in the event
that it over heats in the process of defragmentation or application of
the kundahlini energy flow. Generally speaking healthy biology
requires a temperature that is even from head to toe; as excessive
heat and excessive cool regions can become diseased over time.
Therefore the cool fusion system is for those times that one requires
cooling down due to overheating the biology; or also for the purposes
of rest or deep sleep. The cool fusion system can be run during
bathing or swimming. It is not recommended that you run the hot
fusion system while in water as it causes problems for the skin. The
hot fusion system causes water to vaporize and this can cook the


As the light moves through the body and in particular when the
kundahlini is applied, carbon based molecules begin to heat up and
burn off. As this occurs many gases form that exit through the skin
into the living environment. Gases that form can be lethal in the
sense that can create asphyxiation. Many gases can be produced also
that are quite smelly and a few are odorless and very toxic in
nature. One suggestion is to move the gases from the premises through
intention and out the window or the door over the land surrounding the
home. Another is to retain an open window if at all possible; have
many fans in the premises. Also an ionizer is helpful for aeration
and air cleansing. Having many live plants in the room that one
transfuses is also helpful to provide lots of oxygen needed to sustain
the health of a light worker body. Some of the gases released can
smell like burning wood, charcoal or methane along with petroleum,
chlorine or helium. The toxins burned off in the act of light work
will depend much upon what one has been exposed unto in living and
work environments over time.

The body may swell as the gases form. The gases may puff up the belly
in particular. The puffiness is generally short term and releases
through movement. Some genealogies are more prone to swelling in
light work; and often they arise out of Polynesian, Hispanic or
Aboriginal descent. Those of Tibetan descent will tend not to swell.
Often light workers access ancient lineages of indigenous origins as
they are the most magnetic in nature to ascend into.


Great light synergy work is for the act of mastery through
transformation of thought form loops that are held in the difficult
emotional sequences of experience in the cellular structure. The
experiences are often from ancient times. As the light penetrates the
cells the memories are released along with the associated karma. As
the memories and karma defuses through the application of light the
body releases its density and another cellular structure can be
ascended into. The DNA is recovered through the blood itself which
acts as a holographic record keeper of one's ancestral experiences of
DNA through time.

Real mastery involves sequences of new DNA that forms outside of the
small fusion body. The DNA is accessed through a fusion of light into
the blood. As the blood illuminates the DNA archives are drawn upon
for the purposes of ascension. As the body ascends one also masters
new energetic movements and expands the light work synergy. Light
work synergy is measured to assess the level of mastery fulfilled
upon. As light workers evolved, the large fusion body expands in size
and light waves are spun through the field. The waves are constructed
from a woven tapestry of light and hold a light language that commands
one's creation. The field and body are considered a creation that
fulfills upon a particular physical and energetic dream. Mastery
calls a dream of a mastered state of existence into the life.

A mastered state of existence has to do with the thought-form thought
within. Thought form is associated with the cortex of the brain and
the synapses that grow in the act of evolution. At this time many are
moving into light wave brains. The light wave brain hosts sequences
of brain waves that allow for another level of thought form to take
hold. The thought form of mastery is associated with fusion. Fusion
thought form is in unison with itself and as such the concepts of
polarity cease. As polarity ceases the belief in light and dark
ceases and love and compassion is born. Out of a state of love and
compassion, those who master perceive life from a new platform and co-
exist in a state of synergy together.

Synergy can be equated to being at peace within oneself. As the
master masters peace, the experience of life alters. A state of peace
requires balanced male and female sequences. Sequences of light wave
synergy form in male and female components that are united to create a
whole and complete light wave. Light wave synergy is about learning
to manifest both the male and female counterparts of waves so that a
light wave language can spin within the field. The light wave
language then directs the dreams into further sequences of mastery of
compassion and love within. It is soul that requires love and
compassion to sustain a light wave energy flow.

It is soul that sparkles upon the light infused field that calls the
magic of dreaming into the experience of life. A soul infused
experience causes dreams to align in a sequence that co-creates divine
timing, beauty and fulfillment along with health. Soul infusion has a
particular energy. Soul infusion occurs through the etheric breath
and infuses into the physical breath with each breath taken. Soul is
a nonphysical effervescence that infuses the field with golden octaves
that are Tao based. Golden octaves call a golden dream into the
life. Golden dreams are filled with magic and alchemy.

Love unites alchemy and magic into new sequences to be dreamt that
bridge upon ecstasy. Ecstasy is a state of being that allows the
love, joy, union and freedom frequencies to adjoin into a burst of
soul infused consciousness that enlightens. Enlightenment is a state
of being that illuminates one's thinking. Illuminated thoughts find
the compassion and peace in all circumstances. Light synergy thought
form is also a creation based experience in which the creator commands
and expresses within its own creation. Creation based light wave
thought forms are Tao based.

Tao thought form is a beautiful sequence of synergies of flow that
unite past present and future a state of fusion. Fusion thought form
allows the love to flow throughout time and into sequences of dreams
that one is dreaming in a state of ecstasy. In a state of ecstasy
there is only love; love that is superfluous in its manifestation. As
enough humans master a state of ecstasy, collective illumination shall
be brought forth. It is a collective state of illumination that leads
to another state of being that transcends the mediocrity of the
current state of human civilization. In a state of bliss there is
enlightenment. A collective state of enlightenment can foster level of
love that heals the human consensus. This is the purpose of Light
Wave Synergy


The era of enlightenment is about to unfold. This era is about many
in light wave synergy uniting to enhance the light grids of earth into
new frequencies that allow for transfusion home. Transfusion is a
state of being that causes light to become so infused into physicality
that another state of being that is semi etheric is born. This is
real ascension and it is into semi etheric physical structures that
many shall move into within the era of enlightenment. As increasing
numbers of light workers advance into a state of synergy, the entire
human civilization shall be synergized into another level of
possibility that includes world peace.

Humans today long for synergy but do not know what they long for.
Synergy causes languages, thought-form, energy flow and truth to align
into a superfluous momentum that is quantum in nature. Quantum
thought form is expansion without bounds. Current human thought form
is in extreme limitation being born into less limitation through the
absolute commands of the Tao. Absolute commands are thought forms
that direct creation and are light wave based. Human form is a
creation in its own right and the absolute commands direct the
creation into life rather than death through light wave synergy.
Quantum thought form commands the creation into the next direction
which has to do with esoteric physics. Esoteric physics expands the
creation to the next height.

Earth has known only non-synergy for a very long time. Non synergy
leads to fall after fall towards extinction thought-form. Synergy
leads to rise after rise out of extinction and into the expanded
possibility towards freedom, evolution and love. Freedom is a state
of being that allows for ongoing synergy. Love is pivotal as it is
love and freedom ignites that life can be born and evolutionary
fulfillment is fulfilled upon.

For those new to our experience of expanding consciousness, it is the
purpose of our materials to anchor planes and light waves that can
assist you personally in expanding in synergy. This information is
offered free and from the Tao; a loving and neutral expression of
eternal ecstasy open to those willing to attune unto the experience
that expansion causes. Attune to the Tao flow available and expand
into octaves of light infused states of being that shall enlighten
your awareness.


Lilliya Nita Mahalani