Friday, February 18, 2011

Understanding Yourself as an Energy System

Understanding Yourself as an Energy System
Records of Creation thru Meredith Murphy

Message from Naeshira
Telepathic transmission 17 February 2011
Meredith Murphy |

Choreographing existence has been occupying the energy of many aspects
of source for far too long. This is a supreme distraction from
participating as an element of creation and the illusion that one can
orchestrate the whole mix -meaning the behavior and connections with
specific others (individuals or civilizations)-is an illusion,
naturally, which gets you veering off track when you allow this to be
in your focus.

Life is, instead a dance of mirrors, a fundamental ground created by
all and which you are certainly part of and also all of and yet there
is not an element of control in the innate workings of the Universe.
The Universe is free-wheeling and in this state, thrives!

So today, we wish to speak to you of mirrors, of carefree living and
the creative powers which come forth in the presence of these aspects
of experience.

Mirrors create reality.

The concept of mirrors and holograms must be understood in order to
realize the ease of creativity and also what disables you from being
able to manifest the experiences that you are drawn to and which serve
you. In orienting to the knowing that we will share you will find
ease open up for you and also an enormous physical relief; as most of
the non-ease (or dis-ease or tension) which you experience is in your
body and undermines the physical radiance and thriving which are also
innately yours.

Let us begin.

In October of this last year (2010), you experienced the powerful
portal of the 10-10-10 Stargate. This triple-date portal is one of
three huge timeline shifts taking place over the years of 2010, 2011
and 2012. Each of these Stargates offers the expanded potential of a
new timeline, as you increasingly merge with the targeted New Earth

This point of alignment-on 10-10-10--provided an opportunity to tap
into a broader band connection with your Divine I AM Presence-the
closest individuated aspect of focus to Source which you are. In
liberating this connection in an expanded fashion, you then went
through a series of physical upgrades which gave you the physical
capacity to experience (receive), integrate and comprehend this
expanded perspective.

This was supported by the 11-11-10 and the 12-12-10 gifts. In
particular the 12-12 alignment then brought an expanded and direct
connection to the Christ Consciousness into your available spectrum of
energy. This was the most powerful support in you connecting directly
to your I AM Presence, for the Christ Consciousness is in effect, an
intercessor or intermediary energy system which steps down the energy
of your I AM presence in a form of compression so that you may access
the expanded availability of bandwidth, without blowing your circuits,
so to speak. {Smile, as Michael would say.}

Then upon the December Solstice, the shift to the New Earth timeline
was anchored, and this anchoring period lasted through the January 4th

Major accomplishment! SO now envision, picture, this:

There is source energy flowing into a specific I AM Presence, then
through an intercessor energy system then into the crystalline Earth
Grid and into you and through you to the center of the Earth and
informing the whole energy system which is the Earth Civilization in
dynamic, real-time fashion.

So, as you, in your focus move into greater alignment with this
bandwidth, it's like stepping more and more into a ray of brilliant
flowing light.

As you allow your heart to lead the way-the spirit flowing through
the orientation of love and the expanded multidimensional heart vortex
emerging and being resurrected in your energy field from dormant DNA,
then you have created a mirror of the intercessor energy. This mirror
becomes more clear and precise as the balance between the male and
female energies within you emerges; and this expanded connection
supports you in becoming a unified version of your I AM Presence
within; replicating the twin flames qualities of your essence. And as
you increasingly realize your own value and worth, your oneness and
power-not conceptually, but energetically; you FEEL your glorious
radiant beauty. Then in those moments you are a perfect mirror of
your I AM presence, and as you are grounded and a mirror of the
intercessor energy system and the energy system known as your I AM
Presence, you innately, flowing energy-source energy from the Great
Central Sun-through this pattern of mirrors-become POWERFULLY

And so it is. This is the emergence of the New Human; potential
expressed through Divinity as Human point of focus. From this
spectrum of consciousness you naturally "see" ways to bring more
harmony into existence and in imagining these creations, in this
alignment - you effortless create. You do less, choose more and let
things come to you.

Bringing forth newness! It's your way. And you've found it once

Naturally this slips away. Comes and goes. But we wish today for you
to begin to grasp the energy systems you are in various points of
focus and how these energy systems function and amplify and
collaborate to form lenses, which give focus to light/energy/
information, to create reality and experiences, expanding and
diversifying all that is!

It is time to begin to think of yourself AS an energy system, dwelling
in many locations of focus and connected. Like a scalable
constellation of energy replicated in variations as suits the
locations you choose to be present and creating/harmonizing in.

You are fundamentally carefree in your nature, as you exist in
totality and trust.

You are fundamentally playful, free, alert and independent. There
would be no word for trust from a non-local perspective-it is so
pervasive and elemental as to be beyond articulating. Eternal and
identifying with your eternal non-local energy system is the doorway
to releasing all fears and suffering which have distracted humanity
for a long time now. In realizing the carefree, joyous nature of your
essence, your soul, your I AM Presence, you move further into
alignment as the energy system which creates worlds! You do not worry
about other energy systems-either them doing something for you or you
doing something for them-you are each of you entirely perfectly
capable. You may share ideas, enthusiasms, and understandings, in
support of freedom and creativity. But you certainly would not spend
too much time pushing your ideas on others or being concerned that
their focus was different than your own. You would simply get ideas
from this and be grateful and delighted by the gifts inherent in a
richly complex universe!

Carefree is not the same as care-less. Careless is a perspective
ignorant of wholeness, and the Law of One. Carefree is innately wise;
fundamentally attuned to the perfection of everything with an
enthusiastic joyous approach to awareness and in human form,
aliveness! Carefree implies presence, total attention to the moment
without diffusing the focus with a mix of time/space locations. You
exist as total; carefree is the quality of this reflected in
humanity. Carefree focus allows the prism of individualized divinity
to refract light into form and ideas, creating vectors and energetic
pathways available to others for joy and inspiration. Within your
soul lies an endless quality of appreciation for the creativity you
are and a leisurely ability to appreciate, deepen and recognize the
implications of your own presence and the radiance you are both light-
wise and in the forms you create. This brings a gentle touch to self-
awareness, one that is nourishing, curious, persistently encouraging
and generous with recognition.

You are and experience yourself this way as fundamentally, entirely

Oneness emerges into newness through the lens you are.

Yield to your own glory beautiful ones.

For I am you and you are light.

I speak to you as the soul of creation in the encouraging focus of
Naeshira. Bring forth your light!\