Wednesday, July 13, 2011


by Laura Goldman Weinberg

I AM the Sounds of creation. In the trees, in the birds, in the flowers, in the grass, in others' eyes, and in others' words, I AM found.

Each essence vibrates with its own sound-making it distinct from other forms. But within the diversity of sounds is the sound of Oneness-the sound of all creation and no creation-the sound of the universal I AM as it rings through all of life.

Listen and you will know the essence of yourself. Listen to Me and know who you are. Listen.

Light And Love

I AM the Light and the Love. I glow in all creation. My Light is One Light-pure golden-white Light-brighter and more brilliant than any earthly light.

My Rays shine through all things. Look at your neighbor. Look at your friend. Look at your family. Do you not see Me shining? Do you not recognize Me?

I AM the purest Essence in all of life. I AM Love-total, unconditional, ever-flowing, unbounded Love.

Once you knew. Once you were expanded and whole as you radiated My Light for all to see. Once you knew the Truth within yourself.

Remember now as I call forth this memory buried deep inside you. Remember now the Light and the Love that enveloped you. Remember the pure Love that wrapped you in its blanket of warmth and security.

I still AM. Wake up and know that I AM still loving you always-forever and ever. Know-know that I AM here. I have never and will never abandon you. How could I? We are One-One Essence flowing in and out of all things. I AM constantly with you-forever and ever.

You can never separate Us. You can only forget the Truth of your Being. But that does not change Me. I AM the unchangeable. I AM always and forever.

There need never be a void or emptiness in your life. If there is, you are looking in the wrong direction. Look within and know that I AM. I AM the Love you miss. I AM the Love you feel. I AM the love you have forgotten. I AM the Love you remember. I just AM.

Let Me fill you. Open yourself to receive the Truth of your Being. Open yourself and know that I AM.

How To Find Me

First and foremost, be still. Be still and know that I AM. Let your thoughts settle down. Let your feelings be calm. Let your body relax. And just Be. Be in the quiet within you.

There are many techniques for relaxation. There are many forms of meditation. You may gravitate to one form or another, depending upon the tendencies of your body and what you draw to yourself in your environment. Whether you use any of these techniques or not, find the space within yourself where there is peace and quiet.

Close yourself off in a room where you will not be bothered by outside distractions. Turn off the phone. Do not answer the door. Do whatever you need to do in order not to be disturbed. Then sit quietly in readiness and talk with Me. Yes, talk with Me within yourself. Ask for Me to make Myself known to you. Ask for My Guidance in your life. Ask for what you need. Then wait. Wait and listen. Feel My Presence begin to stir within you. Hear My Words as they bubble up inside. Listen for any guidance I might send your way. Listen. Wait and listen.

If you are not aware of My Response, My Stirrings, the first time you ask, do not give up. It is not that I do not answer. It is that you do not hear. There may still be a veil of illusion separating Us. You may find yourself trying to control the thoughts in your mind. If this happens, let it go and try again another time. But know-know-that I AM always there. I always, always answer. I AM constantly speaking in and through all things-always, always, always.

One day you may be able to hear Me. But even if you don't, do not worry. Speak to Me anyway. Ask for My Guidance to be made clear to you. I speak in many ways. I may send a friend to tell you or show you something, and lo and behold, there you will find the answer you were seeking. Or there may be a knock on your door and you will be guided in some way as a result of your asking for My Guidance. Or the phone may ring or you may see something in the newspaper or you may have a dream or you may just wake up in the morning with an inner knowing. Whatever form it might take, do not be concerned. I work through all things. If you cannot hear Me within you, I will send you messages in some other form. Only know-truly know to the depths of your Being-that I AM-and I will always be.

I have never and will never abandon you. You have created separation from Me in your awareness. I AM always-whether or not you recognize Me.

So turn to Me, speak to Me, and I will answer in a variety of ways. Be open to life. Trust in Me and you will begin to see Me working in every moment.

Maybe one day you will realize that I have always been working through your life-one thing leading to another-drawing you closer and closer to Me. Sometimes the things that seem to draw you the furthest away from Me really bring you the closest-like an alcoholic who hits rock bottom and finally cries for My Help, or someone who goes financially broke and finally cries out to Me. But you do not need to hit rock bottom nor do you need to go broke to find Me.

Turn to Me now. Stop what you are doing and know Me to Be. The more you take time for Me, the more you will know Me. My Awareness will grow within you until finally you will know Me completely in every part of your life. So be still. Be still in mind and body. Be still in your awareness. And listen to the stillness within you speak.

Remember, even if you never hear Me speaking within you, trust that I AM. I AM One with the whole universe. I AM One with you. Know that I AM with you always. Then together We will create anew.

From "The I AM Speaks" * Copyright © 2011, Laura Goldman Weinberg *

Laura Goldman Weinberg is multi-talented and multi-creative. She is a poet, songwriter, artist, writer, lover of dance, and a Laughter Yoga leader. Her art, songs, and writings are universal, recognizing the oneness everywhere. She has won poetry awards, a songwriter contest, published a song with Unity Church, and has shown and sold her art. Laura is continually creating in order to inspire and uplift the world. Through her many works, she expresses the joys of life and prays for the peace and unity of all.

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