Monday, October 31, 2011

Divine Trinity Returns - Preparing for 11:11:11

Divine Trinity Returns - Preparing for 11:11:11
Meg Benedicte

On the final day of the Mayan Calendar last Friday, October 28th we were blessed with an infusion of Unity Consciousness into the shifting planetary etheric field. For many, all went still as Earth absorbed the Zero Point of Singularity into the geo-magnetic core. This created a stronger contrast between where our ego pulls or pushes to control, with our more etheric nature of connectivity. As we prepare for the next sacred gate on 11:11:11, the stress of ego resistance may increase as we consciously dissolve polarity in our lives.

Friday's astrological alignment of Leo Mars squaring Scorpio Venus with a Scorpio Full Moon is suggesting we now learn how to live fully as whole beings within a greater collective - be it in a relationship, or a family, or a member of the community of Light! There lays the to maintain our wholeness within our greater inter-connection at the same time!

The human race is ascending out of the self-imprisonment of ego separation, and entering a new realm governed by heart-connection and unity consciousness. Humanity and Gaia are ascending to 5th Dimensional New Earth existence during the upcoming year and we need to set ourselves free from the shackles of Polarity. It is clearly evident that we are locked down in our minds (only using 10% of our brain power), in our Hearts (male/female divide), and in our DNA (downward spiral of double helix).

On 11:11:11 the magnetic fields of 3D density will soften their hold, so that we can access human consciousness in our minds, in our hearts, and in our DNA - so that we can change it! The veils of ignorance will thin to allow Divine Light to illuminate truth! The constraints of 3D holographic time are breaking apart, opening Earth out to the farthest reaches of the Universe and giving access to our Family of Light to enter the Earth plane.

As more and more polarized forces weaken and collapse in the collective field, humanity rises up out of darkness into the New Earth realm of Light. I invite you to join me on 11:11:11 to fire the crystalline gridwork linking the pyramid merkabas around the world to broadcast the clarion call out into the Universe to encode the human blueprint with 12 Strand DNA. This will activate the human heart template for Divine Love to be alive and expressed in the human reality - instead of competition and control in relationships.

In ancient mythology the sacred geometry of 11:11 represented two halves uniting to become whole. It is the symbol of the Twin Flames of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine awakening within two separate human energy fields, magnetizing each other so they can merge their bio-circuitry as One. Each set of 11's represents the masculine/feminine circuitry in separation, linked by the semi-colon (11:11) into eternal connection!

This coming November 11th we are blessed with a rare event on a global scale...the sacred geometry of triple 11's, also known as the Divine Trinity! The sacred event 11:11:11 ushers in the reunification of the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine with Divine Source - forming the Trinity of Sacred Union!

The emergence of the Three-fold Flame of the Divine Trinity into human bio-circuitry ignites the crystalline Light of Sacred Union into the heart chakra. Not only does this begin to dissolve all remaining darkness of polarity between the male/female connection, but it raises the vibration of the Twin Flame Love into the highest level of Source Presence. As the Divine Feminine (pink flame) unites with the Divine Masculine (blue flame) in the center with the gold flame of Source Light, the Trinity forges the eternal union in our Core Pillar - igniting the upward ascending spiral into all 12 chakras.

During this momentous occasion we are being guided to shift into an upgraded heart template of Sacred Union, so that we can live as an open conduit of Divine Love! Humanity is being directed to build a new energetic route up into the highest Twin Flame Union at Source Presence and then stream the Trinity of Divine Love back down into the human heart template. We will no longer operate as two halves seeking to merge with another's human chakra system to become whole...still living in 3D separation consciousness.

The dawning of 11:11:11 ushers in the New Age of Divine Love connecting all in the Universe in unity consciousness. Humanity is ascending into a new model of loving relationship that is fueled by our channel to Divine Source being expressed from our whole hearts. By altering the bio-circuitry of human love we ascend out of Duality and collapse all polarizing forces separating masculine and feminine energy at this time.

As we prepare for the 11:11:11 shift into expressing Divine Love, many Lightworkers are working day and night in transmuting the dark forces of polarity between the Twin Flame Union. This may show up as physical clearing of polarized energy, as well as the collapsing of all ego attachments to the Original Wound of separation. So many Genetic Pathcutters, Wayshowers, Transmuters, and First Wavers have been activated in the Refiner's Fire of purification since Oct. 17th. If you are experiencing deep, intense clearings dissolving dark polarized emotions and ego control, then you are preparing the world for the New Earth of Divine Love! Namaste!

To attend the Live 11:11:11 Broadcast at 11am, go here.

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