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Uriel's Message -- The Dimensions of Will

Uriel's Message -- The Dimensions of Will

Your free will is the gift of Source so that you can manage the energy of the third dimension. In this area you can do anything you wish because you have unlimited power and control over the energy here. But you often use your will in ways that do not serve you and also do not recognize that your will exists as a multi-dimensional energy which includes 5 or more dimensions of being. Each dimensional aspect has a purpose and all must be used together in order to set in motion the powerful manifesting ability that is your birthright, as well as how you fulfill your purpose of creating the energy for ascension.

In the first dimension your will exists as the energy of light and dark, which you know as love or fear. The choice you make in this aspect allows you to move to the 2nd dimension, which is structure or form. In this dimension your will creates a reality whose form depends on which 1st dimensional energy you are in. The third dimension is the energy of emotions, which is where you judge light, dark and form from how you feel about what you have created. In order to move to the 4th dimension you need to learn the energies of forgiveness and detachment, which are lessons of the 3rd dimension.

In the 4th dimension are purpose and intention, which moves you out of the unconscious energies of emotion and into greater control over your creation, which requires the lessons of the 3rd dimension, detachment and forgiveness. In the 5th dimension you have vision and knowing, which requires faith and trust, and full connection to Source and your power as co-creator. When you arrive at the 5th dimension your will is directly connected to your highest aspects, your higher self and source and this is where you create heaven on earth.

By understanding the many dimensions of your will you can know how you create and what you are creating from. Fear is the lowest level of energetic vibration and the least rewarding and beneficial energy but the choice to be in the energies of love and the light is one of humanity's lessons. Releasing judgment, self blame and forgiveness are the bridge to the highest dimensions of being. Use your will to create the reality you most want for yourself and the world will benefit from the use of your will to serve your purpose, to expand the energies of love and to experience life as the highest expression of your light.

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