Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Messages from the Masters

Messages from the Masters
Received by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.
February 5, 2012

Ansi, Anshallah! Asi, Asi, Asi

Greetings to you from the light, with the light and within the light.

You live in a powerful time, one that few human beings before you have ever experienced. It is a time in which your consciousness arises to meet the divine you in such ways that you can be cognizant of not only your own divinity, but also your intricate and indelible connections to the living One.

In this time, this cosmic now, you are relating on levels of reality that previously you only had perhaps glimpses or ideas of, or that they even existed. It is al real. It is all available to you because in this cosmic now, pathways that have been obstructed for many millennia are open to you.

To gain access to these wondrous journeys is not a process but rather a being, a doing. The more open and relaxed you are in your being, the easier it is for you to soar into greater awareness. In doing so, your lives become affected as well. Your experiences and relations will become more positive. Your possibilities endless, and your powers of manifestation unlimited in their reach or scope. The only thing ever keeping you from this is your need to know and your doubt that you can. You are not separate from creation, you are a living aspect, a reflection of your very source embodied as a living feeling being who has the possibility of living your greatest potential.

By potential we do not mean your achievements or accomplishments. What we mean is giving yourselves full access to your vast being, letting go of the human fears and limitations that are only perceptions and by no means realities. This requires faith and commands action. To live your lives believing that the worlds will come to you will not bring you what you seek. You must gather yourselves and move forward, doing your part in relation to all of the opportunities that you have available to you. To do that is to know without a doubt that you can. You are capable of great things and those only come from living the lives you have created for yourselves.

Many of you have expressed to us over time that you are tired, that you want to go home, but you aren't sure where home is. The truth is that you are home and home is you. Since you are truly a reflection of the living one, an essence of the greater consciousness, you are always plugged into the constant stream of ever changing information and guidance that is part of your very make up.

Do you realize that you are such an important and intricate part of creation that without you it would implode? It is true. Each of you holds a precious place in all of creation. You are priceless, powerful, harmonically relevant beings, each a symphony that is yours and yours uniquely and yet performs amongst the infinite symphony of all that is.

During the coming times, there will be changes within you that you may not necessarily understand. You do not need to. There will be new and different feelings in your awareness as well as your bodies that will be both validations to your progressions as well as signposts of what comes. These feelings will be vibrations within you, intensities of energy building within your bodies, knowings, intuitions, physical changes in how your bodies operate, your senses, and even down to what you desire to eat (or not), and your physical needs will also change.

Sleep patterning will change. You may find that you require much more sleep in these nows. If this is so, then do that. You may find that you are operating well with much less sleep. If this is so, then so it is. You dream times are and will be very busy. Pay close attention to your dreams as some of them will process your daytime dilemmas more easily than you did in your days. If this is the case no need to dissect or understand, your subconsciousness has a great knowing of this. What will be happening more and more are two things.

First, you will find that you are out of body and experiencing other places, times and events past present and future. These are not dreams, but are you free from your physical encumbrances, stretching our etheric wings and expanding your consciousness.

Secondly, you may find yourselves either in class settings of various types, or experiencing other people and situations. For instance you may find yourselves standing witness to others crossing over and leaving their bodies, assisting, or holding space for those left behind.

You may find yourselves witnessing events or participating in moving energy to assist events to process and perhaps even souls within those events. You may find yourselves in cosmic classrooms with many others, learning in ways that your mind does not understand, but somehow your entire being knows. All of these kinds of situations and more are very real. In your sleep time, you are much more likely to leap out so to speak and to become free to experience in such ways.

If this is the case for you, there is no reason to become emotional in any direction. These are experiences that you have always had but now you are becoming aware. You are becoming. You are remembering your true natures. Let it be what it is. What you need to know and when you need to know it will come forward at the perfect time as is needed or desired. These types of experiences require no trying, just being.

Beginning in April there will be a series of three dimensional alignments in quick succession that will culminate in June. This is a triad, a trinity, of dimensional shifts on levels beyond your reality that are one of the last phases of trans-dimensional change prior to the major alignment that comes in December of your current year.

As the triad comes into action you are going to experience a cosmic whoosh of time speeding up, clarity beyond anything you have previously experienced and a wave of energy that will continue to occur until the end of June that will carry energies in their most pure path for the first time in over 100,000 years of your earth time. This is the same type of energy wave that your predecessors utilized to open their awareness and the expansion of technologies. It is this kind of energy wave that the Atlanteans utilized in setting the crystalline earth grids and generator sets.

Ridden well with the intention of unification of humanity and responsibility of technological growth and utilization, this wave can carry humanity to places beyond your current comprehension, all in a positive force and manner. What you must remember is that intention and clarity has everything to do with success of your utilization of these powerful energies. It is that you must begin to come together as a unified planet of beings of light, for common goals such as everyone having basic needs, food, shelter, water, clothing, safety, and universal peace, not just peace on earth. Everything you do on your earth affects all of the rest of creation. When you live intentionally for positive outcomes, everyone wins. No longer is there room for competition or discord. It is one thing to have opinions, but truly another to fight to the death to feel right. Honor each other, live from your heart of hearts, but most of all participate. Don't wait for others to do what you see can be done now. Vast changes always begin with a singular thought and intention. Everyone is not a leader but all are created of that which is light and therefore contribute to the entirety of every outcome.

There are a multitude of beings of light assisting in your transitional time. We are guiding, holding space, contributing and living toward your positive creations. You are not now and will never be alone. Choose responsibly; choose wisely, for wisdom is gained only by doing and never simply from being a bystander. Wisdom comes in many forms, often in silence and sometimes in acting now rather than reacting later.

The way to maintain your balance through the coming times is to get right with yourselves. Be honest in your hearts first then with others. If you eliminate the illusions and dishonesty, all that is left is truth and light.

We are grateful to be of service in this now. Be in peace.

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