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What We Put Out is What We Get Back

What We Put Out is What We Get Back
by Joe Weaver
January 29, 2012

What we put out is what we get back. A lot of people may relate this statement to a job or how hard you work at something. This type of mindset of keeping your nose to the grindstone and you will succeed has been brainwashed in the people for many lifetimes. The pattern of work and consume, work and consume, don't cause any trouble and keep your nose to the grindstone, work and consume. You will be happy and will succeed just play along with the program. Don't rock the boat just find something to do in the system and live within the program, all will be fine. Most people have been so conditioned into this mechanical system and program that it is very hard for them to see it for what it is. The veils of these programs are held in place by the peoples "beliefs." The stronger the peoples beliefs are within the program the stronger the veil is. In most cases also when someone within the program sees someone else operating out-of this program or pattern they are viewed as abnormal, an outcast or a threat in some way. However it has been the great minds/souls that have stepped out these traditional programs are the ones that change the world. Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi and Jesus are only a few examples that stepped out of the program and changed the course of the program. Each one was also viewed as abnormal, an outcast, or a threat in some way, simply because their actions went against the peoples traditional beliefs within the constructs of the program at that time.

Today large amounts of people across the Earth are now waking up and are no longer willing to play along with the old program of control. We have now reached the critical mass of this change-over to a new system. There are higher frequencies of energy now present on Earth that are assisting the people in "seeing" beyond the control that has been in place within the old program. In most cases this type of mindset of keeping your nose to the grindstone has do with "serving someone else" not the highest interest of your own Self. The old programming has been used throughout history to control slaves. You work hard and we will take care of you program. This is no longer acceptable to large amounts of people/souls that are waking up. The new system that is now coming online has to do with empowerment of Self, collective service and love with-out conditions. Let me explain what I mean when I say "waking up." In order for a consciousness to see beyond it's own constraints it has to have the willingness to see beyond these constraints. Second it has to choose to move beyond these constraints with-out fear. When this happens the constraints will no longer work and control the people to operate within a given program. This old system for which I am speaking of has controlled the consciousness of most people with fear. What is different today is the program of fear if being dissolved from the inside out. The heightened frequencies of love with-out conditions are flowing through the grids and re-programming the collective computer. The fear program/matrix is no longer operating like it was last year or in the past. The framework from which the old program existed is almost completely dissolved. Therefore the only thing currently holding the old program in place is the peoples beliefs of what they "think" is real. As we move forward through this year and into the next, the expanded frequencies of the new program will start becoming fully online. When this happens the choice that many have had up until this point to go back and forth between the two programs will be no longer be present. The framework of the new program within the New Earth crystalline grid will be fully operational. Those that have chosen to integrate the philosophy of the new program and release the old program will have a much easier time adjusting to this new environment. Know that what I am describing here has to do with inner-change and alignment with the new program then the outer changes will be reflected. Most people are looking for the changes that are to take place this year of 2012 as outer change. Yes, the outer changes may start becoming more prominent but right now we are working on aligning the inner Self. All change starts within and then is reflected throughout.

What I would like to do now is ask you to observe the feelings that you are having within yourself at this time. How have the words I have written reflected within your own being, are there fears present within you, anxiety, or the feelings of opposition due to your own beliefs. What ever is present know you have the choice to hold onto it and the power to release it. I am not writing this to "create" beliefs or fear but to simply shine light on what currently exists. There are no right or wrong beliefs, they are only beliefs and it is these beliefs that create the veils of our own perception. The new program that is now coming online is "beyond" our beliefs in many ways and as I mentioned the old system is only in place because of our combined beliefs. So let's let go of the beliefs now and change how we relate with each other and the world. The integration into the new program will go much smoother for all if we each let go of our beliefs, judgments and dualistic views of each other and this realty. Let's be flexible and fluid like water in how we relate to events and changes in our lives. All is going through an alignment process that will take time. What we do during this alignment process is up to each one of us. Yes, the changes that are currently taking place are very exciting for many of us that have been on this path for some time, but please remember the evolving into the new program is a not an escape from the old. We are moving into the new program because we have outgrown the old one. It is time for us to experience and learn new things.

So going back to the title of this post "What we put out is what we get back." We are each responsible for our current frequency of Being. It is how we relate with the energies that exist within the program, environment and reality that depicts what we experience. If you put out fear vibrations you will get back fear vibrations. If you put out feelings and thoughts of separation with something else within the Universe you will experience the energies of separation. If you put out the energies of love with conditions attached you will get back the energies of conditions. But if you put out the energies of love with-out conditions to all beings and all energies, you will get back infinite amounts of love with-out conditions and in turn experience balance. We have the choice to react and live as One with All or separate. The choice is ours individually and collectively. Be the change you wish to see in the world! Step out of the old program of fear and separation. All is One and all is a reflection of Source Light.

Quotes to ponder.

Albert Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Mahatma Gandhi: A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks he becomes.

Jesus: Become an open vessel and you will be filled.

The following link is to a phone talk and meditation from last Monday that is very much aligned with everything I have described in this post. It is how we relate to the reality for which depicts how we experience the reality. When we let go of the separation we become One with our environment and reality. Oneness and love with-out conditions is balance and when we put out the energies of balance in our daily lives we live in balance. So I invite you all to listen to this video and share it with others.

Being more One with change also releasing karma with forgiveness and gratitude.
Phone Meditation 1.23.2012 * *

Shamballa ON to all that would like


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