Friday, September 7, 2012

Restoring Spiritual Freedom and Limitless Potentials through Time Exchanges by DL Zeta

Restoring Spiritual Freedom and Limitless Potentials through Time Exchanges

by DL Zeta

The New Time on Planet Earth is based on each person reuniting with

their multidimensional self, collaborating with aspects of their

consciousness that exist throughout time and space. As we create inner

unity, the remnants of old ways of being based in isolation and

separation disappear into the dim tides of history.

The arrival of this new time does not signal a dangerous apocalypse as

is sometimes foreseen. In our timeframe the word "apocalypse" has become

associated with the dawning of a chaotic and dangerous future but this

hasn't always been so. The original meaning of the word apocalypse is a

time filled with discovery of marvelous and hidden realities that allows

one to actualize their highest potentials individually and collectively.

This change in connotation shows how far we have drifted from our

purpose of uniting heaven and earth.

So how have we drifted from our soul understandings? Over centuries,

parasitical influences have kept us from remembering the greatness of

our being and held us in limited timelines. Believing our future is

filled with pain, suffering and even violence has opened the door to

negative collective potentials. Cataclysms in the natural world are the

offspring of beliefs steeped in destructive future potentials. Slavery

as it exists in the physical world reflects the inner state of

enslavement to false pathways that rob one of spiritual freedom.

Parasitical Frequencies Seek to Emulate Spiritual Sustenance

To gain deeper understanding of the nature and origin of parasitical

frequencies, we point once more toward the ability to download spiritual

sustenance during dream states.

When we enter deep sleep states, we are able to meet with our future

self in our dreams and receive guidance and instructions essential to

our present moment. The downloads we receive provide food for our soul.

Information from these downloads stokes the fires of our imagination.

This is where great works of all forms come from. These downloads allow

us to expand and radiate our light to all the world.

When one fails to achieve these time exchanges with their future self,

they contract rather than expand. This contraction sets up a vacuum that

attempts to pull in the energy around it -- to feed off the energies it

encounters. When one is unable to receive the spiritual food needed

through inner unification, they subconsciously feed off the energies of

others, therefore becoming parasitical. Those with energy fields

weakened by doubt and fear are easily preyed upon while those with

strong spiritual connections are hardly impacted. From this perspective,

it is clear that parasitical frequencies are manmade. They exist as

attempts to emulate the process of spiritual unification in the absence

of the real thing.

Our Beliefs Determine our Ability to Download Spiritual Sustenance

So what determines whether a person receives true spiritual sustenance

through meetings with their future self or whether they tune into

parasitical frequencies? In all cases it comes down to one's belief system.

We have said that tuning into parasitical frequencies provides a barrier

to receiving guidance from our future self in dream states. These

disruptions occur because parasitical influences reprogram our belief

systems so that we navigate along a false path.

Whatever we believe becomes real and true for us. For a future to become

possible all we need to do is believe in it. If we believe it is

impossible it is wiped from our field of potentials. If we believe in

something, we will manifest unshakable proof that our belief is

worthwhile. Too often people adopt the belief systems of those around

them and manifest future potentials that have no relationship with their

life purpose. If you were taught as a child that you are "no good" or

that "fate is against you", you may continue to spin out futures based

on those beliefs. If you have been indoctrinated into religious beliefs

that instill fear about non-physical realities, you will block whatever

you perceive as fearful and dangerous.

Throwing off the Shackles of Belief-Imposed Limitations

The good news is that at any point in time we're able to throw off the

shackles of belief-imposed limitations and focus on the information our

future self brings us in dream states and begin to navigate by the light

of this higher vision.

Each person holds within them the potential to believe in positive and

acceptable futures and become a force for change in this direction.

Information exchanges with your future self in sleep states is key to

seeing through parasitical thoughtforms and actualizing your highest


Our future self is an aspect of our own consciousness that is free to

travel time and space. In these travels our future self witnesses the

future potentials we are setting up and provides feedback and guidance

to our present-moment self in our dream states. This vital information

both heals and restores us and helps us seed, cultivate and actualize

the highest and best futures we are creating in our present moment.

Our Future Self is our Direct Link to our Mastery Self

Our future self is our direct link to our ascension or mastery self. Our

future self has a future self which has a future self and so on as we

move through what we think of as time until the moment of ascension.

Each future self holds guidance that is "stepped down" from the one

before it so it is meaningful to us within each manifestation of our

present moment.

Our mastery or ascension self has the information we need at every point

along the way in our earthly journey. When we ask for divine assistance,

our linkage of future selves provides an infusion of information and

cosmic life force energy to heal, balance and restore our physical bodies.

Each present-moment self along the way is a steppingstone on our journey

to become one with our mastery selves. The person who works with their

future selves is tuned into the frequency of their mastery/ ascension

self and over time is empowered to work together with others to jointly

set into motion the highest and best potentials on earth. In this way,

our apocalyptic new time is restored to its intended meaning as the

marvelous discovery of our limitless potentials.

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