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The Energies of September 2012 by Jamye Price

The Energies of September 2012

by Jamye Price

September 3, 2012


August Review

We continued clearing family karma in August, just as we had done in July. What you had avoided, whether consciously or unconsciously, came to surface (I typo'd service there, how appropriate!). Our family holds more meaning than just the actual people we are related to, they represent the family of Life. If you have a great relationship with your mother but some unconscious challenge with the Feminine, it has been surfacing, perhaps through your family, co-workers, friends or even through movies, dreams, etc. Teeth and joints were some ascension symptom themes, as we clear past patterns that cemented through resistance and resentment. The denser structures of our body hold the denser emotions, so I recommend tapping and toning to help vibrate those denser structures. We also had a brain capacity upgrade. While its manifestation will be different for everyone, you recognize that you are having it by transposing words, momentarily (or permanently - depending on your needs) losing vocabulary and memory. Some may also be noticing vision changes, which temporarily results in blurred vision, as we open to more interdimensional sight.

Most importantly in August we were breaking through a lot of Orion karma that needed to be cleared. The Orion challenges (not the only Orion experience) were about extremes of domination and control, mainly through war, though integration and Ascension were also big Orion themes. Either one went to the extreme of abuse or self-denouncement. We also cross-reincarnated to help heal the rifts and often incurred more karma. There was a lot of manipulation of the belief structures as it pertained to sovereignty of the soul. You see these patterns manifesting here as many Lightworkers (both awake and asleep) incarnated here to clear those patterns from their karmic experience.

It's important to understand the true meaning of karma. It's not just you do something bad, something bad happens, or if you're good enough you avoid bad experiences; karma is a non-judgmental law of cause and effect. It generates expansion, creation and an empowered, sovereign soul. I have been guided to view it as the 'wealth of experience' and to look at the whole picture instead of just what is spoken, felt or serves a moment. This requires wise perception of the gift of expansion that is offered on a soul level, not just the human level. This requires patience, careful discernment and the courage of forgiveness and inspired action. We are in rapidly moving times, and as we create the Golden Age, we are becoming responsible for the entire vibration that we emit so that we are creating powerfully. In August we were reminded to BE the Builders of Form that we are. In September we will be guided to peace-Making.

September Energies

September is about creating as we set a path for the final quarter of 2012. We have the Equinox on September 22, when day and night are equally balanced in time. This prepares us for the final 2012 phase of creative movement. There is a balance point within you that you are constantly expanding for a stronger foundation. As we lean with our experiences, we incorporate the new balance point and the tipping point becomes the choice point as we perceive our world into Being. There is no right or wrong within our experiences, only opportunity. A peacemaker recognizes the opportunity for peace and leans with time to carry the new load. As you observe the news of the world around you, brimming with greed, injustice, hatred, suppression and abuse; do you feed the Light by allowing your emotional response to move from sorrow to compassion to focus on new solution with the swiftness of a warrior of peace? That's September; the wisdom of past meets future in the now moment (Sept=7), and we honor this cycle of 9 (ninth month in our current calendar) completing. Endings overlap beginnings as the spiraling cycles in our lives compress us into a new level of beginning bursting forth (10). Finding your balance within the compression (Saturn) is what we've been doing at an increased pace since July, and we come to the precipice of expansion in September. Find the peace within, Knowing that All is Well, and experience and create from that (ad)vantage point. This month will feel still in comparison to the rest of the year.

Our work in September will require our empowerment of our individuality within a unified collective. We see in the news around us, as is the habit of most societies, that creation happens through aggression - either in the overpowering of another (losers/winners) or the overpowering of obstacles (pushing up a hill). We change the aggression energy by releasing it from within the self and not matching it when we meet it. You will naturally know the balance of that. When your survival is at stake, you will protect the self; when your boundaries are too weak, you will feel the leaks through fatigue, unclarity and lack of manifestation. It also requires the focus of amplifying your desires through mediation, visualization and vocalizing and actualizing the Truth of your desires. Thus any manipulation of the Truth within you will impede your progress. When you are not in full alignment with your empowerment, you can expect that your Higher Self will guide you toward it. That often comes through overcoming obstacles. Instead of aggression, seek the powerful action of one that understands quantum creation.

The Astrology

September is the last month this year of principally 'going within.' That is a continual process for a Lightworker as we balance our inner world and our outer world to create our own heaven on Earth, however, we will see more outward energy playing out on the world stage (d.r.a.m.a!). At the end of September, as we pass a few astrological markers, we will start to see more movement forward each month, until we are ready to move into 2013 with a new vigor and upgraded perspective. Hard to imagine now? Focus. Because the news won't pacify you into an outer world of peace, you are to sculpt that masterpiece from the mud slung for money and control. The Virgo new moon on 9/15 offers us a reset to focus on our health, both physical and collective. Your food, your exercise, your rest and your emotional/mental patterns should anchor well being that emanates from you to inspire others. You national pride should extend to humanity's pride that begins to recognize its responsibility as a galacitic citizenhood. Around this new moon Pluto and Uranus stop flaring each others shadow. Pluto goes direct in Capricorn on 9/18, beginning movement that starts to fell the restrictive structures (let them go!). Don't allow the news to lead your mood, allow it to enlighten your focus. Much will be uncovered and exposed during this time. On 9/30 the Aries full moon opposite the sun in balancing Libra heralds the movement of the equinox into action. Where is your judgment and balance shaky or your Mars too little or too much? Allow this merging of the signs of Mars and Venus to unite you in the blissful merging of opposites creating Wholeness. Onward then, to a new height of ecstatic creating in October!

The Summary

September will cause you to effect your creation again and again and again. Watch adroitly as your wealth of experience enriches the vision of your future. You are an individual that is affecting the collective. Know that SO fully that the Love of Self surges into the collective as the natural breath it was meant to be. Allow time to be your ally and speed it in your favor through your focus, while respecting the wisdom of its delayed response. You are vital and valuable within your powerful Loving release. Allow karma to flow through the deluge of forgiveness and the wisdom of unity within diversity. Allow September to show you that your Light works to illuminate new possibility that isn't a miracle, it's a natural progression of aggression's balance. Show the way!

Have a great September!

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