Saturday, April 5, 2008

Expanding Your Field of Possibilities, Part 3

Expanding Your Field of Possibilities, Part 3 Choosing the Reality you PreferWe have spoken to you about a process of adopting the reality youprefer by shifting to the identity of your self that is experiencingthat reality.Once you have made the "identity shift" to your preferred reality,trust it is a "done deal," and go about your day to day life from theperspective of this new identity.You will notice we have used the word trust. This is quiteintentional on our part for it is this word "trust" that we wish tobring into the spotlight of awareness.Many of you say you have issues of "trust" that make it difficult totrust in the realness of a new reality. We agree, misunderstandingsswirl around the word trust in your world but perhaps not in the wayyou may have come to believe.Learning to Trust in the Reality You PreferIt may seem you "lack trust," and that this lack of trust ispreventing you from fully embracing the new realities you adoptthrough your identity shifts. In fact, you are always trusting insomething. The challenge comes in trusting that which you do notprefer. Doubt is a good example of what we are talking about. If youprefer to experience a reality where you are an accomplished musicianbut "doubt" this shift is possible, you are trusting in the realityyou don't prefer - being a non-musician or at best, a perennialamateur longing to develop your talents to the next level. When youdoubt, you are trusting that the opposite of what you prefer will happen.From this perspective, you can see it is just as easy to trust thatyou can experience the reality you prefer as to trust that you willexperience the reality you do not prefer.Whenever you choose a reality and adopt the identity of your self whois experiencing this reality, take a further step of trusting thatthis new chosen reality will arrive in your physical reality withperfect timing. Next Week: Maintenancing Your DecisionsFor more information, visit