Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Uriel's Message--Create Harmony

Uriel's Message--Create Harmony
Approach your life with the intention to create harmony, to be in agreement with your true nature, to synchronize your thoughts, beliefs and actions with your Highest Good. You know what it is to live in discord, it is reflected in the world around you. Anything that is not resonating at the level of unconditional love, that is not acting within its highest purpose and that is not in the flow of the Universal energy is out of harmony. Without the intention for harmony nothing can flow effortlessly and you are not working with the Universe as co-creator.
As you raise your energetic vibrations your ability to attract harmonious people and situations becomes more focused. You are able to know whether things are right for you by how their energy feels to you. And then you can choose which path to follow, the path of harmony or the path of discord. As your vibrations increase the path of discord becomes less attractive, too difficult or does not present itself. Your intention to create harmony sets that vibration for your reality and everything in it.
When you set your intention for harmony you also create opportunities for others to be in harmony with you and you also set the energy for harmony within your relationships. Your intention for harmony creates its vibration in every part of your reality. Without harmony, relationships follow the path of karma. You are on the threshold of allowing karma to end. Choose harmony and let the karma you have already healed be completed. When you step out of harmony you allow karma to re-appear in your life because karma is discord and energetic imbalance. It is the opposite of harmony.
The gift of harmony allows you to be in agreement with your Highest Good. This means that everything that is for your Highest Good is allowed to flow to you, and those things that are not in harmony with it to flow out. This is the dynamic nature of the Universe, all things ebb and flow, move forward and move out, there is release and renewal in everything. Harmony is without detachment, judgment and fear. It is completely in balance and resonating at the vibration of unconditional love. This week, set your intention for harmony and be in the flow. Release the discord and let it be replaced by everything that resonates with your Highest Good. Create peace, joy and unconditional love in your reality by being in harmony with your true, divine nature.
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