Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hathors April Message

Welcome to the bridge to eternity. We Cat Beings see this artificial Earth Time as a doorway between the past and the future with the power to alter reality in the present moment of the NOW! Many of the ancient teachers await the call from members of the Human Kingdom for them to return now to facilitate this time of preparation for the changes that are to come.
Each member of the Human Kingdom is in an assessment phase during this false time on earth for what is recognized as your calendar month of April 2008. Doors, windows, pathways and portals are open between what has been and what is to be. This limbo time, this in-between time, is a perfect opportunity for each member of the Human Kingdom to look at his or her life evaluating what requires change. This is being dealt with from a very deep feeling emotional level bringing up past insecurities, fears, worries and concerns that have not been addressed.
The activation of Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn - that continues until June 15, 2008 when it returns to Sagittarius for the last time - affects the emotions as well as desires for change. This is not a time to stick your head in the sand ignoring warning signals pointing the way to necessary shifts and changes in your life and world. To do so sets up the need for sudden and disruptive change brought about by outside forces during the coming eighteen months.Call upon the wisdom, energies and guidance of Me, the Cat Being Hathor. I carry the knowledge of joy, juiciness, passion and love upon the earth. Sing My praises. Come dance and drum with Me. Let me guide you as you move across the Chasm of your old Fears upon the Bridge of Truth. Together let Us discover the new music, rhythms, patterns and dances for the future of all of Us as We expand into the multi-dimensional beings We are all destined to be. Together We are family - evolving on the upward spiral to eventually return to Source.
A recalibration of Human Time - that is currently calculated as false time - is necessary to realign with Cosmic Universal Timing. The Universal Laws are moving all into perfect harmony. To go against this is insanity. Call upon Me the Cat Being Hathor to assist you in your own recalibration so that you move into being in synchronicity with all that is. Through My wisdom, I, Hathor shall share the new rhythms, patterns and harmonies designed to reconnect all the Kingdoms of the Earth so there is a cooperative expression flowing in and out and between each. Together we shall sing the songs of new vibrations built on love and a passion for all life and all living beings. I, Hathor, shall share with you the mysteries of the journey of the moon in her 28 day cycle of 13. Together We shall blend this knowledge with the wisdom of the solar seasons igniting the ancient rhythmic wisdom of the Universe within Us.
Many members of each of the Kingdoms - Devic, Imaginal, Elemental, Angelic, Human, Integral and Creator are coming together now in conclaves at all hours of the day and night to assess, discuss and decide what the next phase of integration shall look like both upon the earth, within its expanding dimensions and throughout the Cosmos. Any member of the Human Kingdom that feels drawn to these gatherings may attend just by going within, finding their harmony and linking through mind and emotions. This may be done in prayer, meditation or during the dream time. It can only be accessed through love. Fear closes these doors.
It is extremely important for each member of the Human Kingdom to focus on what they want, desire, dream, hope and pray for. Empowering these with emotion during this time brings them to fruition quickly. The turn around time between emotional expression and response from with the environment is rapid during April 2008. The key to the creation process is always - remain present in your presence. Be in the NOW!
This is an unpredictable few weeks that shall bring with them many surprises - some incredibly wonderful and others that shall elicit great disappointment - in people, places, things, situations, circumstances, beliefs and commitments. Many of the frameworks accepted as solid and secure shall show their cracks and wear and tear warning of a potential future colossal break down if the restructuring, reordering and reorganizing required remains undone. No longer shall the rose colored glasses filter out or cover up what is True.
If you have not already done so, this is a good time to do a small journal on each specific aspect of your life making a list of what you want to get and what you want to give with the figure 8 flow so that your life is full, whole and abundant. You will want to get at least five small journals with a dozen or so pages in each one. The first one is for your sense of purpose, your life's work, your career, the second for your love relationship(s) and partnership(s). The third is for your environment - both living and working, the fourth is for your friends, family, sense of belonging and support network, and the fifth is for your health. If there are other areas that are important, do a journal on them, too. On the first page of each journal write 'these are all the things I need to get from . . . . . . . . . . . . .' fill in for the appropriate journal. Then start making your list. When you run out of ideas turn to the back of the journal and write at the top of the last page 'these are all the things I need to give . . . . . . . . . 'fill in for the appropriate journal. Then start making that list. Eventually the lists will meet in the middle of the journal and a picture will have emerged of what the balanced flow looks like for you on a daily basis.
The Human Kingdom has from now until June 15, 2008 to tear down the towers, walls, barricades, barriers and other structures - be they physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or etheric - erected to create fear, separation, division, protection and generate differences. November 11, 2008 is the closing point for members of the Human Kingdom to become actively involved with the other Kingdoms in the co-creation process expanding the dimensions, vision and responsibilities of all of Earth's Kingdoms. This is when the final window closes before the karmic repercussions of the Human Kingdom's solo ego creation of fears and their fallout must be dealt with. The more healing, harmonizing, clearing, cleansing, transforming, transmuting and neutralizing that is done prior to November 11, 2008, the less it will be necessary to make dramatic traumatic adjustments to harmonize the Human Kingdom with the rest of the other Kingdoms and the Earth.
The New Moon on April 5, 2008 acts as an emotional challenge or flash point for those holding on to the old emotional dependencies, needs and expectations - whether they are on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. Passions are apt to run high causing fiery words to be spoken leading to intense emotional reactions by those coming from a fear space. The key to avoid falling prey to these energies is to respond rather than react to all situations. Responding means to ponder again and again the consequences of your choices and actions before taking them. This denotes a sense of personal free will, choice and responsibility - the ability to respond to a higher call of spirit. Reacting is simply acting or playing a role rather than being True to your Soul Heart and acting fully from there.
The Full Moon April 20, 2008 is the first of two consecutive Full Moons in Scorpio. From this Full Moon to the next - May 20, 2008 - there is a huge inter-dimensional portal open between all times, spaces and dimensions energizing the power of the word to make things manifest. It is critically important that what is expressed through thought, word, action or deed be fully considered before its expression. To do so otherwise would be folly as it creates chaos and confusion generating destruction and fear instead of empowering beauty, life and love.
There will be some subtle earth movements between these two Full Moons signaling the places that require immediate attention of restructuring, reordering and reorganizing. These may show themselves in companies, organizations - both government and religious, cultures, countries and physical areas upon the globe where fine tuning is required for balancing and harmonizing to avoid catastrophic shifts in the next few years.
The energy work necessary to bring about balance and harmony may be done from anywhere for anywhere on the earth at any time. The key is to tune into what is required. Then using sound - toning, chanting, drumming, singing, humming or any musical instruments as well as essences, oils, aromatherapy, tuning forks follow your guidance as to what is needed for a specific area on which you are focusing. This guidance must come from your heart rather than your head or your ego. Maps, globes or pictures may be utilized to focus on specific areas of the world. Don't be afraid to go out to your own local parks or wildlife areas asking what they require for balance and harmonization. The more we are willing to life our voices to the wind the greater the shift in the tide of the winds of change blowing our way.
Remember: this work is being done to harmonize all the Kingdoms and the Earth with the Cosmos. This is more that finding wholeness through healing. This is discovering the role We each have to play in the next level of the Great Work. We Cat Beings welcome the companionship and camaraderie. Come join We Hathors in singing the Song of Birth into the Wisdom Energies. Let Us share our knowledge with each of the other Kingdoms weaving the Tapestry of Life and Light with new threads of our own making. Let Us bring forth from deep within Us the harmonious beingness of who We truly are - the Light of Life and Love.
Those aligned with the Oracle energies shall receive many visions, messages and information of what the near future may have in store, if the necessary harmonization does not take place. It might be wise during this time to keep notes or a journal of some sort about the visions, messages and information received.
During this time patterns will begin to emerge as to what is only an option or possibility and what has a tremendous amount of energy potential for manifestation in the coming years. At present there are numerous potentials for wondrous joy, harmony and cooperation with just as many potentials for drama trauma, fear, destruction and loss.
Remember We all are creating our future together. Let Us do it with love for all beings.
Namaste'The Hathors© Copyright March 28, 2008
All Rights Reserved
Rev Mary Elizabeth Hoffman
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