Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lord Buddha: Planetary Balancing Light Fusion

Lord Buddha: Planetary Balancing Light Fusion
Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Many blessings and much love is shared with you now; the humanity of the Earth and great lights of the Creator's soul, all separated but working as one to gain greater unity, understanding and embodiment of love. I honour you all now. I am Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, I come to you now with a special and important message that I wish to share with you as a gift and a great healer in these times of change, upheaval and transformation in preparation for greater love and the heart of the Creator anchoring onto the Earth, manifesting around and within all.

As Planetary Logos and overseer of the Earth at a planetary level, I am constantly receiving, aware of and sharing the will of the Creator as it descends through the many levels and dimension of the Creator's universe. I have become aware that the Creator wishes a special synthesis of energies to be anchored onto the Earth but also to be made available to humanity for their use as comforting and healing energy. This synthesis of energy is named the Planetary Balancing Light Fusion. It is a special fusion of light energy that has been manifested to assist all who are following a path of spiritual growth to gain healing and to remain balanced, centred and harmoniously healthy in all ways. When a person embarks of a spiritual quest of opening themselves to the light, love and wisdom of the Creator, whatever path they chose to follow, this can create transformations within their energy field, chakras, physical body and the way they view their surroundings. This is natural because by simply breathing deeper and meditating you are absorbing greater amounts of life force energy or Creator's light, this can create a deep cleansing process allowing all negativity to be dissolved. When a person continues to anchor and invoke the Creator's light, whatever form it takes, the person can begin to embody greater volumes of universal light/life force energy/ god presence, it doesn't matter how you choose to title it. The more that you focus on self discovery, devoting yourself to the Creator and accepting that the Creator is within you as your soul, the more transformations can occur. Transformations such as a build in the amount of love, light and wisdom you hold, and a deeper connection with your soul or an intense sensitivity. Everyone has unique processes but these can sometimes be difficult at first to comprehend and deal with, many people do not have anyone to turn to, this is why we have manifested and anchored this light fusion energy, it is to help people deal with the energies around them and that they may be experiencing.

As a greater amount of love is anchored onto the Earth and more people are awakening to the light, the speed of spiritual advancement on the Earth is accelerating. Many are achieving growth and awakening practices that previously would have taken years to develop through, but are now being grasped in months. Everything is quickening on the Earth, it is because we are moving closer to a period when a new level of consciousness and energy will be anchored and will remain within humanity and the Earth. As we move closer to this period it is as if it is a magnet drawing us forever closer, activating numerous divine energies and skills from within that have been previously ignored. It is the speed that people's spiritual growth is accelerating at that is causing discomfort and uncertainty, we don't wish for this to manifest as fear as it will only cause blockages and boundaries that will have to be dissolved once more. We, the many light beings, guides and mentors of the Creator's universe wish to support humanity, we wish to cradle you in the light of the Creator that pours through our hearts and hold your hands to assist you carefully and easily along your spiritual path.

I, Lord Buddha, as a representative for all light beings of the planetary level, bring forth to you the Planetary Balancing Light Fusion. This is a beam or source of light which is predominantly composed of the planetary white light but holds a thread of sea foam green eighth ray light which runs as a core through the white light. It is a deeply cleansing energy that assists in removing blockages and negativity as well as refreshing and revitalising your energy systems. The Planetary Balancing Light Fusion balances your energies and connects all new energies that you have received and integrated into your being to your soul. When a person integrates or anchors new energies into their being to aid their spiritual growth this can sometimes cause an unbalance, disruption and a feeling of being unable to settle. The energies simply need time to melt and become peaceful within your being. The Planetary Balancing Light Fusion which has been manifested due to the will of the Creator can assist in bringing balance, calmness and stability to your energy which will in fact make all integrations and anchoring of energy, light and wisdom much easier in the future. The Planetary Balancing Light Fusion can be used as a tool throughout your spiritual growth process, it can be called upon after receiving healing, spiritual activations, integration and upgrades as well as after meditation to enable any necessary energy within your aura to connect with your soul and unite with your entire being. It is important to realise that the energies of the Creator, in whatever form they manifest whether as light from angels or consciousness from ascended masters, are extremely intense and powerful, truly divinely influencing your life. The Planetary Balancing Light Fusion can also assist those who are connecting with their souls and inner truth as it brings forth greater clarity and awareness.

I wish to encourage you to begin to and routinely use this energy in your life as a natural and important foundation to your spiritual development, akin to brushing your teeth or getting dressed in the morning. It is my belief that this is an essential energy that needs to be experienced by all to support and nurture their spiritual growth, it is similar to a healing balm that assists you in focusing always on your core; your soul within. If you wish to invoke and experience this wonderful and essential energy you may simply call on me, Lord Buddha asking me to align you to and anchor the Planetary Balancing Light Fusion into your entire being to manifest a greater balance and healing process within your energy. You may also use this invocation to assist you;

'Beloved Planetary Logos Lord Buddha, I invoke your energy now to surround me and oversee my spiritual development on the Earth. Please align me to the white and sea foam green energy of the Planetary Balancing Light Fusion. Allow me to experience this cleansing and balancing light pouring into my chakra system, body, aura and soul. Thank you for your assistance.'

Then simply imagine, sense or feel the white light with a core of sea foam green light pouring into your being. Let yourself bathe in its light experiencing its influence as you absorb it deep within you. You can use this invocation after healing or meditation to ensure balance, experiencing the energy for a few minutes before you continue with your daily routine. You can always call on me to anchor this wondrous light into your being as it extends from the planetary logos ashram on the inner planes of the Creator's universe. I wish to make you aware that we are also anchoring the Planetary Balancing Light Fusion into the Earth to assist Mother Earth in coping with the changes that are occurring as the energy vibration of the Earth and humanity are evolving and the truth of the Creator is emerging.

I hope you will take advantage of this new light source and that it brings you much healing, comfort and stability in your life.

I share my divine expressions of love with you,
Planetary Logos Lord Buddha

Best wishes and blessings,

Natalie was born in 1984, UK. Over seen by Archangel Michael, she now works as a channel for a vast variety of spiritual beings and Masters in the spiritual hierarchy. Through her website she shares the channelled messages of the Creator's helpers to expand the awareness of humanity and assist in the raise in energy vibration of the planet. She offers a service of channelled readings from Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, Unicorns and Fairies.

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