Sunday, February 15, 2009

SaLuSa 13-February-2009

SaLuSa 13-February-2009

The frequency of energies being boosted upon Earth increases, and will
continue to do so as more openings are made. It is speeding up the
growth of your Light, which is lifting you into the higher states of
consciousness. Such a momentum cannot be stopped, and it will continue
until you reach the point of Ascension. At each stage in the process,
every soul will be given the opportunity to link with the energies, as
it is a simple choice whether or not to draw it to yourself, as it is
not imposed upon anyone. Yet to otherwise remain in it without doing
so can lead to uncomfortable experiences, and you will have
consciously chosen to stay at your present level.

As individuals, you will register the changes in energy if you are
already on the path to Ascension. With each upliftment you will find a
clearer recognition of how they are affecting you, and your task of
keeping in the Light becomes much easier. You will find yourself
moving away from your old attachments to the 3rd. dimensional energies
that will become noticeably less fulfilling. Creating your own space
around you also becomes less difficult to maintain. You each carry
what may be called your signature that is unique to you. Yet there are
sufficient similarities with others that you should find yourselves
drawn together. This reasoning also applies to your Guides, who may
change when you reach certain troughs or peaks in your evolution. The
Universe is very orderly and when understood will be your passport
into the future.

As you now clearly know, you are in the midst of quite enormous
changes but all for good reasons. When you are understanding of the
Light, you will see a purpose in allowing the old energies to implode.
The changes have never been so far reaching, with every good intention
of clearing a way forward that lifts you to a higher level. The
opportunity is arising for all who are of the Light, to see their
vision of the future manifest as the outcome of the cleansing. You can
do much more good than you might imagine, and do we do keep reminding
you of how powerful you are. You were never meant to stand aside and
allow others to decide your future for you. You have always been
responsible for your experiences, and you keep coming back to Earth to
find out what that entails. Even where the Creator calls "time", the
manner in which it occurs is still largely influenced by you all. What
use otherwise to give you freedom of choice if it is always taken away
from you?

You cannot always have what you want exactly when you feel that you
need it. Often your desires are shelved for a time that best serves
your quest for experience. Before you come to Earth you are aware of
the manner in which your life plan is set out, and you will have
agreed to it. The ultimate aim is to move forward through your
spiritual experiences, so that your freewill choices are understood at
that level. You want to be rich, but how would wealth cloud your
judgement and feed the ego instead of the soul? You want to be
successful but would that go to your head so much so, that you look
down on others less fortunate? Dear Ones the pitfalls are there for
your understanding of how Universal Law applies to all equally, and
you cannot escape your responsibilities. There is no punishment for
making mistakes, but you may have to experience the consequences of
them where others are concerned.

Many of you have passed beyond the need for further examination and
testing in the lower vibrations. You can now walk freely within them
knowing that you cannot be enticed by them. It is this air of calmness
and certainty about your person, that is noticed and no doubt you have
already seen how people are curious about you. You stand out at a time
when others are bemused and upset by the apparent collapse of your
civilization. They see no future, whereas you do and are carrying
those new energies around with you. This is why it is vital that given
the chance, you enlighten others as to how they can emulate your
approach, and stay so calm and composed. You can give others faith and
hope, which is greatly needed at such a traumatic time on Earth.

We say all is well, because we know you have already won the battle
between the dark and Light. However, until you have your proof
whatever form that may take, the way forward is not going to be
crystal clear. Look at us figuratively speaking as we are your future
selves, and you will eventually join us because it has been divinely
decreed as your next evolutionary step forward. What a big one it is,
and so important for those who are intent on taking this opportunity
to leave duality for the higher realms. It can be achieved
individually at any time, but this particular cycle is offering
everyone the same choice of ascending. A special time indeed, and one
so many of you have planned to take for eons of time. Now it is at
your feet so step on the magic carpet of Light and Love that will take
you there.

There are genuine mysteries as to what creation is all about, and even
we do not yet have all of the answers. You have less understanding,
simply because your true selves have been languishing in the lower
vibrations for far too long. You have been mislead and misused for the
benefit of the few, who have craved power and control over the masses.
The Light has been severely dimmed as you dipped into the pit of
darkness, yet you have risen up to rejoice these coming days of your
salvation. We too rejoice and feel so privileged to be the ones to
finally set you free. We will surely celebrate in style on the great
occasion of our coming together. Our plans are to make it a joyful
time, where freedom can be seen to be once more returned to you. No
more shall your lives be constantly lived in a state of fear, and the
perpetrators of it will have been devolved of their power to cause any
more mischief.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and the members of the Galactic Federation
are one in their resolve to lessen the damage, death and injury that
may yet occur as the Earth puts its house in order. We will work with
Mother Earth but as with you there is freewill at work, and she must
be allowed to cleanse the Earth as she feels necessary. There is much
work to be done, and we will be so delighted when the path is cleared
to enable our completely open contact with you. We see and feel the
Love and Light now that will be released in a great sigh of relief.
How joyous and wonderful that time will be, and it is looming large as
it gets nearer and nearer each day.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.