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The Angels of Atlantis

The Angels of Atlantis
No. 5. The Archangel Doderiel April 2009
Channelled by Edwin Courtenay

Doderiel, Atlantean Archangel of Sacred Geometry.

My name is Doderiel and I am the Atlantean Archangel of Sacred
Geometry, I bring you greetings and love from the spiritual planes,
from the hierarchy of Angels and from the light divine. I bring you
also message, as is the way of the Angels and guidance to illuminate
and inspire and ask that you receive it in love with an open heart and

Firstly I must explain that I am not the only Angel of sacred
Geometry, there are of course other Angels and Archangels who govern
and watch over this topic, this sacred truth and power because this
topic is so important, so fundamental to the nature and existence of
reality. I however, save for Melchisadek, am the original Archangel of
this truth, the first to have been created, to have been expressed by
the Divine to become a conscious Spirit for this mystery.

Sacred Geometry is of course so much more than mathematics, so much
more than shapes and numbers, Sacred Geometry is the language of the
Universe, formulae and frequency given form, made manifest. It is the
first visible alphabet, the first visible interactive system used
within the Universe to converse directly with the Divine in your
limited reality and because of this it is indeed sacred as well as
being infinitely powerful.

Sacred Geometry extends then out into the Universe, this dimension and
those neighbouring ones, affecting all things and all life forms
within them. It is part of matter and energy, consciousness and even
time, part of Universal Law and even evolution, impermanence and
change. It is because of this that there are many Angels and
Archangels monitoring over this force, this power, ensuring that it
flows in accordance with divine will and is being used properly and
responsibly by those races that have recognised its significance. It
is the signature of the Divine running through all things, seen in
nature and the seasons and will be in time the very secret that will
unlock the mysteries of the world for man.

I then have come, partly as a result of the rising vibration of
Atlantis and partly because of the sacred geometry of timing, or
justified time, the flow of events that occur in accordance with the
divine will and plan, not only to help you better understand the power
of Sacred Geometry and work with it but also to enlighten you
regarding the nature of a particular aspect of Sacred Geometry that
you need a better understanding of now. This understanding will, it is
hoped, help you to cope with some of those present dilemmas that some
of you are enduring at this moment in time as well as those dilemmas
experienced by the rest of your fellow man, the rest of the world!

That particular law or aspect of Sacred Geometry that I am referring
to is the Law of Universal Symmetry, a law which you may be more
familiar with as the Law of Equilibrium or the Law of Balance or even
the Law of Polarity. It states that in order for everything to remain
in harmony there must be balance in the Universe, as much shadow as
there is light (depicted so beautifully by the spiritual icon the Yin
Yang), as much joy as there is sadness, as much peace as there is
aggression. I know that you might find this difficult to comprehend
when you are constantly being guided to visualise a peace filled world
and a completely harmonious Universe. This guidance is not false but
it is something to be envisioned for the future, something possible
only when the vibration of your reality has been successfully lifted
to allow it to transcend certain Universal Laws which have always been
in place, such as this one. However, for now and the immediate future,
you and your reality are still bound by this law and as a result of it
confined by its limitations and victim to its rectifying
manifestations as and when the law is displaced, imbalanced or
challenged as it has been recently.

Let me explain more clearly … recently there has been a huge focus
upon the manifestation of abundance; although humanity has been
materialistic in their consciousness for quite some time this recent
focus was held by spiritual people who were guided as to how abundance
might be achieved through the manipulation of spiritual law. Although
some focused on the abundance of spiritual manifestation, happiness
and love, most focused on the manifestation of money and financial
wealth and why not as such things, they were told, were well within
their power to manifest. This massive pull on the Universe’s resources
created a tremendous imbalance, pulling the shape of the Universe, as
it were, out of symmetry, out of balance. As most metaphysical
students know, the Universe actually runs on an economy of energy,
utilising its limited resources, for in this limited Universe there is
a finite amount of energy present at any one time, in an economical
way. Such a pull then strained the resources of the Universe because
it was made suddenly, not gradually as it had been made before.
Responding to this the Universe tugged the “shape of abundance” if you
will in the other direction creating the opposite of abundance, debt,
in order to rectify the sudden loss of balance, symmetry and power.
This then has contributed to what you are experiencing now as your
global economic crisis (though of course there are other reasons
mentioned below too) making it suddenly clear why the “secret” had
remained secret for so long: in order to ensure that such a
catastrophe did not occur when too many tried to manipulate the
Universal energy all at once.

You see, one of the most important rules in the Universe is timing and
along with this comes patience and grace, acceptance and faith. If
more people had stopped to question why they were in the financial
positions they were, accept it for the time being and work gracefully
and in a balanced way to amend it, the massive imbalance of Universal
energy your world is experiencing now might not have been!

As for those other reasons I mentioned well, the Divine always manages
to make use of most situations and this one is no exception, the focus
of consciousness now hopefully being placed on those things which are
truly valuable and precious in life: love, loyalty, family,
community, faith, rather than those things which are in truth not:
wealth, material gain, riches, money and acclaim.

What then is to be done, if anything, to amend this situation? Well,
in the past in times of crisis it was traditional to turn to God, the
Divine, not only for help but also for repentance (a word which in
truth means returning our gaze to God) in praise and worship. The
Universe is in a state of energetic debt which it needs to recover
from, humanity can help by feeding the Universe, the Divine, with love
and light, with praise and gratitude for all the good things in life
which are in fact truly abundant, those things mentioned above that
the focus of humanity is being returned to. By doing so the Universe
and your reality will recover more quickly and balance and normality
restored. Give thanks then to the Divine and having faith and trust in
the divine plan will help contribute to the restoration of balance and
symmetry and should be practised regularly, if not for the Universe’s
sake then maybe for your own.

In conclusion then as well as following these simple suggestions study
the Universal Laws again, more closely, with caution and seek a deeper
truth and understanding of them. These are Universal mysteries and
although they belong to everyone they must not be dumbed down so that
everyone can grasp them, because by doing so vital corners are often
cut which can lead to difficulties and problems such as the one in
which you find yourself now. Although the Divine is very deft and very
well practised at making the most of such situations for the greater
good of man it cannot always be relied upon that this will be so.
Humanity must, as they awaken and grow, take greater responsibility
for their awakening power and approach the pursuit and use of arcane
knowledge with the same discipline and respect that they once showed
it in ancient times. Not only so that you might manipulate them but
also so that you might ensure that in the future such calamities do
not happen again, for the Universal Laws are not there simply to be
used but to learn from and to have a deeper respect for the underlying
mechanics of your Universe and source.

Take these words, these truths and think on them well, use as always
your discernment and if you choose not to believe them, to make them
part of your reality then let this be so but know that they are
delivered not to chastise but to enlighten and as always to help.

In peace and love and truth I am Doderiel.

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