Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kuthumi: The Time is Now!

Kuthumi: The Time is Now!
Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff
April 27, 2009

Beloved Ones,

We come forth this day to speak to you about the great events that are now taking place upon the Earth, within the Earth and around the Earth. Know that much is coming forth within the next few days, there will be much truth coming to the surface. There will be great revelations that will put the people of the Earth into a tailspin. We of the Great White Brotherhood speak to you now about the great need for each Lightworker to stay centered and to dedicate themselves in the next while to consistently and persistently keep anchoring your Light into the Earth so that the Earth remains in stability and relative peace and harmony. Know that the times are upon us, the times of great change, the times of the implementation of these changes. This is what we have been working for, for so long and it is now upon us, Dear Ones.

Many of you have been struggling to adjust to the high intensity of the New Energies that are coming down upon the Earth at this time. It has been very difficult for you to rise above so that you are in tune and in harmony with these energies. Many of you have been experiencing great heaviness of Soul and this is the cleansing and the bringing forth of the Divine Feminine energy, the Divine Feminine power. This will continue in the days ahead. This will bring forth many things that have been hidden. This will bring forth the Goddess energies upon the Earth plane, within the Earth herself as the Lady Gaia.

Know that the time of the Divine Goddess energy is upon us. It is an energy that is translated into action and so there will be much taking place upon the Earth plane, that which once was hidden, will become fully in the public knowledge. As it has been doing to each Lightworker in the clearing of each of you of that which needed to be cleared, that was not in harmony and resonating with this Divine Goddess energy, so now this energy is radiating forth into the world, upon the world stage in mass consciousness. This will continue, and we, the Great White Brotherhood, ask each of you who have been heeding our Calls and answering our Calls, to anchor the Light that never fails into the Earth in the days ahead. We, of the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Great White Brotherhood are relying on you, the Earth Team members to assist us in this great endeavour.

Know, Dear Ones, that there is a Light at the end of this tunnel.

Kuthumi for the Great White Brotherhood

©2009 Marlene Swetlishoff

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