Thursday, April 2, 2009

Be The Creator Of The Future

Greetings Dear Ones,

.Be open to be open and explore.

We are in exciting times as we are approaching a new phase in the
history of earth and all that are involved. As we see your light
growing inside of you, we bring to you the new energies to be held.

Many of you are feeling the Love and Compassion as you move into the
higher energies. You feel the change in the energies.

We, as the ones that are here to assist you, are getting ready for the
next step in your evolution and we ask of you to be open to receive
the information needed for you and your next step.

It is time now to start building your merkabah for ascension.
Yes there have been many already teaching you the beginning steps of
this merkabah vehicle that is used for travel consciously into the
other dimensions of consciousness.

Your earth is ready to start building this vehicle as we move forward
despite all that can be influenced still. We want you in the higher
energies, you are ready for these higher energies as you have proven
Now is the time to really integrate all that you are as you move
through dimensions into your new world where Heaven on Earth becomes a

We know much of what is happening is confusing and this is where we
would like to give you more information as you are in need of this to
fulfill your mission of becoming all that you are for you and all that
are connected to you always.

We are all one as we move forward in the evolution of earth and all
life forms upon it.

One of the words we would like to see talked about at this time is the
word " duality".

As many of you are in the 3rd dimensional reality going into higher
dimensional realities, you are still using this word as it was used in
the 3rd dimensional reality.

Duality, what is it really?

It is when someone thinks, this is right and this is wrong. It is your
thoughts that make it right or wrong, so you are in duality at that
As you are all one, you are all in free will, as are all in free will.

What is happening on your earth that is seen as duality, negative,
fear, love, compassion, is also happening outside of your universe as
we are all one in being.

As you are a being with free will, you are having your own thought of
what should be right or wrong, what should be love, what should be
compassion, what should be fear and all other thoughts that are inside
of you.

As you are going beyond the 3rd dimension you still have these
thoughts, you still are in free will as all are. Yes love and
compassion are feelings, as are fear and hate. Some do not care about
others, some are completely caring of others. This is what represents
the free will.

We all left source to find our way back through all these feelings.
All beings outside your universe are in the same process of finding
their way back to source, all with different thoughts and feelings on
how to return. Some even lost the will to return as they have been
lost in their feelings. This is what and where you will go through
before you find your way back to source through all dimensions.

Much of what is being received at this time is of the old
consciousness, the consciousness that was created by a 3rd dimensional
human existence upon earth. This consciousness holds the past, present
and thought about what the future might look like, what you expect the
future to be like.

The expectancy of " it is all going to be dissolved once we go into
the 5th dimension", " everything is going to be different in the 5th
dimension". Thoughts and feelings are in every dimension until you
reach source.

It is not at all about going into the 5th dimension, it is about
bringing this 5th dimensional energy to earth, into yourselves, the
earth and your universe. Once you start bringing in even more of you
into yourselves, by this I mean the higher dimensional parts of you
that reside in the dimensions above the 5th and outside of this
universe in time, you will need to be prepared to experience and be
ready to have that full consciousness that you are bringing into

Many will say they are, but it is different than what you at this time
are experiencing with the 5th dimensional energies.

Your physical body has to prepare by allowing the higher energies to
merge with the physical body.

This requires a lot of adjustment as you allow for the merkabah to be
built through this.

By preparing consciously, you assist your earth tremendously in her
process as it allows for the earth to raise her frequencies and build
her own vehicle for ascension.

This is something that is needed, the conscious experience is required
for you to be able to at first spread your consciousness, expand your
consciousness as this allows you to regain the information needed for
you and the earth to move forward. The expansion of your consciousness
is what brings you the full experience of becoming one with everything
that you are.

The power that is generated inside you, guided by the love and
compassion inside your heart is where you spirit is and will be at all
There is so much we would like to inform you of as you grow and expand
more and more your conscious experience, we know that many receive the
messages of the progress, but it's not all about this progress as you
are in a state of love and compassion right now your power that you
are generating is getting ready to be used for the earth and all life
forms upon it.

Many will give you the message that all is moving forward according to
the plan that was created by Source. You are source, you are the
creators of this plan, and as you are the creator, you are in charge.

Not us, not source, or the one you see as source. If you are source
and you become one with source you are the one that is fulfilling the
promise to yourself.

This means you will have to regain your full consciousness of all that
is involved at this time, as you are creating with a blindfold right
We ask of you to be open to receive your full consciousness and be
ready to receive the information that is needed to complete the plan
that you created so long ago.

Life as you see it in the 3rd dimension is only a small part of what
you are and what you are becoming, this life here on earth is your
starting point, as you are bringing in truth heaven on earth.

This is your plan, your future and we see the future as you have
imagined it now for a long time. This time is for you to create the
future you imagined and created as you are now following the steps of
the plan that you created. All you need is the full consciousness
experience to follow through on your plan.

This is why you came and this is what you leave for the future.
We cannot explain to you this amazing vastness that is outside of you
as we are all watching and waiting for you to fully awaken at this
It is beyond imagination as you will see for yourself when you become
that who you are, the source of all that is.

We are here, to tell you that the future is in your hands as we are
here to assist you to become that future.

All that is happening in your universe is affecting everything up to
source, it is not just your universe that is raising its frequency as
all others are here to be part of this amazing adventure that has been
planned and has been forgotten by many of you.

Be open to be open as you are becoming more aware, as you are willing
to become more aware.

The new realities have many layers as you begin to explore them, all
you have to do is be open to explore.