Friday, November 19, 2010


We welcome you to the continuation
of Part III of our journey through the Arcturian Corridor. Since you
re-entered our Corridor, we have been educating you about the many
inter-dimensional portals found on the body of Gaia. We wish now to
educate you about the inter-dimensional portal in your own physical
body, your pineal gland. In preparation for the activation of your
Personal Portal, we wish to expand a bit more about the many vortexes
that are opening in your reality.
Because of the progressive
altering of the third dimensional laws of space and time, more vortexes
are becoming visible, but usually only in the corner of your eye. Until
you can "believe" these visions, they will disappear when you
look at
them straight on. Auspiciously, there are many events that will soon be
occurring which will stretch your ability to believe in the
"impossible." For example, your Galactic Family is communing
with more
and more of its ground crew in human form, as well as making their
presence more visible in your daily life.
Furthermore, as more of you
awaken, you will discover the truth of the many patents for technology
that have been suppressed. Once this technology becomes available, it
will change your world. These patents include, free energy, anti-gravity
automobiles, the use of known minerals that absorb toxic substances,
the creation of inter-dimensional portals and much more. Those who
function from "Service to SELF" have too long governed your
world. As
more citizens of Earth commune with their Multidimensional SELF, other
awakened ones, Gaia and their Galactic Family, they will regain the
power and courage to confront the lies that have ruled them.

There are two parts of a vortex. One part is the unseen source
that generates the vortex. The other part is the outer appearance of the
spiraling arms of energy that extend out from that source. These
swirling arms, much like those of our galaxy, make the vortex
perceivable. A vortex in the Northern Hemisphere will rotate in a
clockwise fashion, whereas a vortex in the Southern Hemisphere will
rotate in a counter-clockwise fashion.

A vortex is also known as a wormhole, portal, corridor and/or
stargate. A wormhole is a hypothetical tunnel connecting two different
points in time space, which allows you to travel through the wormhole
free of the third dimensional limitations of time.
Portals are vortexes that exist in
"places" where the transmutation into the fourth dimension has
completed. Gaia resonates to the fourth and fifth dimensions in
differing areas of Her planet, at differing times. The times and places
change according to the beliefs and expectations of the Beings in the
area, along with stellar influences. Certain Portals are only open
during certain lunar and stellar alignments, whereas others are opened
solely by the expectations of the Beings in close proximity to that
"possible portal."
We use the term "Being" for there
are many life forms of great power that visit and live on your Earth
that can only be perceived by your expanded perceptions. Many of you are
beginning to perceive these Beings now. Through the corner of your eye
or in a sound so subtle that you may believe your thought it instead of
heard it, you can perceive these inter-dimensional Beings.
Because these Beings are fully
connected with their Multidimensional SELF, they are not limited to
cars, planes, trains or any vehicle that moves sequentially across space
in order to reach its destination by a certain time. Instead, they can
easily perceive Portals, just as many of you are beginning to, and can
open them with their expectation. However, as we stated, some Portals
will open only when there is a celestial influence. These Portals are
usually inter-planetary and inter-galactic. The intra-planetary and
inter-dimensional Portals are typically independent of celestial
influence and open with the expectation of the Being whose consciousness
resonates to a high enough frequency to recognize and open the Portal.

Basically, if your consciousness is high enough to perceive the
Portal, you can open it. We say "perceive," as it is not just
vision that determines the location of a Portal. To perceive Portals,
you may feel them, hear them, Know they are there or see them with your
expanded perceptions. At first, you will only perceive them with your
imagination, as you may have to release old programs of third
dimensional thought before you can allow yourself to fully identify
Part of the reason why
transportation on your planet has become so problematic is because it
forces your mental programming to allow the concept of the ease of
entering a Portal. If you think something is "possible," you can
calibrate your consciousness to the frequency of reality in which it
naturally occurs. On the other hand, if you think something is
impossible, it is. It would be wonderful if you could easily make the
shift in thinking to "possible," but while you are still holding
a third
dimensional brain, some concepts must be gradually accepted.
Fortunately, you are all
downloading your Multidimensional Operating System. However, the
Collective Consciousness is still using the Third Dimensional Operating
System. Since you are all ONE, the force of the collective beliefs is
still restraining those who have fully integrated the Multidimensional
System. You, dear ones, are the pioneers who are shaking off the
influence of those who still believe in, and live, the old paradigm.
There are also places on the land,
which are temporary Portals, such as our crop circles. These Portals
are inter-dimensional. However, if a Being, such as a Being from another
planet and/or galaxy, is not bound by Earth's collective
it can use our temporary crop circles as an inter-dimensional Portal.
Beings who KNOW they can use our crop circles for that purpose can open
an inter-dimensional Portal through which they can teleport themselves
to their Star Ship or Homeworld with the power of their expanded
thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations. They can also transport to
Star Ships other than their own, as we in the Federation cooperate and
assist each other in every way. We also assist and cooperate with our
many grounded ones. Some of our grounded ones are visiting your planet,
and others have been "born" into an earth vessel.
For more information on crop
cirlce portals, click the link below to listen to an episode of the
Arcturian Ascension Process. The show features an interview with Jacqui
Callis and a guided meditation through a crop circle
portal.http://www.multidim players/Show3Jac quiCallis. mp3


We will speak now of Corridors, such as our own. A Corridor is a
Portal that is not connected to a landed area. It is a Portal in outer
space. There are other inter-dimensional Portals/Corridors such as our
own, but we are in your area because your planet is on the verge of
ascension into a higher dimensional expression of itself. We can move
our Corridor, for our resonance is beyond the limitations of time and
space. Therefore, we can have as many Corridors in as many
"places" as
are required. However, because we resonate to the ONE, we perceive that
we have ONE Corridor with openings to many differing realities.
We understand that many of our
messages are not easy for you to understand. On the other hand, the
primary reason why you cannot understand our meaning is because they are
new concepts. When a new concept enters your cognition, it is not
linked-into your cognitive format. Therefore, it is difficult to
understand or seems impossible. However, if you repeatedly accept this
cognition into your awareness, you will gradually link it into your
operating system. As more and more of you activate your Multidimensional
Operating System, the Collective belief in "impossibility" will
overwritten by the Knowing of your Soul.
Stargates are gateways for inter
planetary and inter galactic travel. A Stargate is circular objects
constructed of the elements of the world on which it is placed. These
Stargates are constructed by technology and are not naturally occurring
as the above vortexes are. There were many Stargates constructed on your
planet that connect you to many other worlds, most of which are of a
similar resonance to your earth vessel.
Stargates are based on the fact
that space and time are illusions of the third dimension and primarily
operate by confusing the consciousness of the ones entering the stargate
to believe that they traveled far through space. In reality, they
traveled through the NOW of the ONE to enter one of the myriad parallel
worlds that resonate to each frequency band of reality. If the traveler
is not conscious of multidimensional nature, their earth vessel can be
greatly confused and harmed by the misuse of a Stargate.
Those in leadership of your world
discovered these Stargates long ago. Unfortunately, they used the
Stargates, and other similar devices that come in varying shapes and
sizes, with negative and selfish intention. Therefore, they caused
damage to the holographic matrix of your third dimensional reality,
which could be disastrous if their mal-intended use continued.
Fortunately, most of these Stargates have been disassembled. It is best
to travel inter-dimensionally via the multidimensional consciousness of
your Soul/SELF. The third dimensional ego/self is far too prone to seek
power-over others. Since all energy travels in circles, that negative
intention will return to the location of the sender, and they will
receive that which was sent.


All of you have a Person Portal, which is your pineal gland. Your
pineal gland, crown chakra, is in the center of your brain, behind the
pituitary gland of your brow chakra. When your Kundalini Force has risen
from your first chakra at the base of your spine into your sixth charka
at your brow, you are able to open your Third Eye. This opening occurs
by combining the physical energies of your first through sixth chakras
with the multidimensional energy entering the pineal gland of the crown
chakra. When your Third Eye is opened, your Pineal Portal begins its
slow or swift return to full activation.
To fully understand the process of opening the Third Eye, please click:

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You have all taken myriad
inter-dimensional journeys through out your life, especially when you
were a child. However, you have forgotten most of them because you could
not incorporate these experiences into your daily life. Now, more and
more children are being born with opened Third Eyes, and fully activated
pineal glands. Since your reality is more "awake," these
children will
not have to "shut down," as many adults needed to do in order to
continue with daily survival.
Dearest ones, we wish to remind
you that "survival" is a term that will soon be deleted from
vocabulary, for you all will remember that you cannot die. You are on
the cusp of fully remembering that you ALL are Infinite Beings of the
ONE. Your pineal gland is the inner vortex that allows you to travel
inter-dimensionally while still maintaining a physical earth vessel. At
the time of planetary ascension, your physical body will be replaced by
your light body and inter-dimensional travel will be considered

the meantime, your pineal gland serves as your Personal Portal through
which your Multidimensional SELF enters your earth reality. It is also
the Portal through which you return to the myriad realities of your
SELF. Your Pineal Portal is filled with a liquid light and
micro-crystals of calcite. A crystal is a solid substance in which the
atoms, molecules or ions are arranged in an orderly, repeating pattern.
Dr. Marcel Joseph Vogel (http://www.vogelcry legacy_of_
marcel_vogel. htm
demonstrated that crystalline growth could be modified by patterns of
human thought waves because humans think in patterns. These patterns of
thought travel energetically and have certain frequencies. Fear-filled
patterns of thought carry a low frequency, whereas love-filled patterns
of thought carry a higher frequency.
Because thought waves travel
energetically at a certain frequency, they can be picked up, stored and
transmitted by crystal, such as the micro-crystals in the pineal gland.
Furthermore, crystals have a memory. Therefore, just as crystals can be
used to hold a computer software program, they can be used to hold a
pattern of thought. In this manner, the habit of fearful or loving
patterns of thought is stored within the "hard drive" of your
brain to
encourage you to repeat that pattern. Therefore, a history of fearful
thinking creates a habit of living in fear, whereas a history of loving
thinking creates a habit of living in love.
The micro-crystals of your pineal
gland serve in much the same way as an old-fashioned crystal radio.
However, most of the frequencies received via your pineal gland are
outside of the human perceptual range. Therefore, they can be perceived
as colors and sounds. Because of this, many of the messages you receive
from the higher dimensions are colors and tones. Also, if your thought
patterns are fearful, they carry a low frequency, which calibrates your
Pineal Portal to a lower frequency of light. On the other hand, when
your thoughts resonate to the frequency of love, you calibrate your
Pineal Portal to the higher frequencies. As you gain Mastery over your
thoughts, your Pineal Portal will be calibrated to the higher
frequencies of loving thoughts. Then you will be able to translate more
of these light and sound messages into Light Language.
When you first open your Pineal
Portal, you may primarily receive auditory messages. If you wish to
convert these messages into light, actually Light Language, you would
need to raise the frequency of sound by forty octaves. How can this be
accomplished? The answer is that as you expand, you surrender to your
Soul. Since all energy is related to the speed of light, Einstein's
squared, when two frequencies meet, the higher frequency will raise the
resonance of the lower.
Therefore, when you surrender to
your Soul/SELF you allow the cosmic light and unconditional love to
enter your Pineal Portal, and this energy will raise the resonance of
your brainwaves, consciousness, thought patterns and perceptions.
Hence, by surrendering to your Soul, you will raise your consciousness
enough to perceive the higher octaves of Light Language. In fact, it is
common to experience a download of Light Language once you have fully
opened and activated your Pineal Portal.

Another important point regarding your Personal Portal's ability
to receive light messages is that your pineal gland's micro-crystals
have piezoelectric properties. Piezoelectricity is the charge which
accumulates in certain solid materials, such as crystals, some ceramics,
bones, DNA and various proteins. It is because of this property that
certain crystals are used for pressure gauges, oscillators, resonators
and wave stabilizers. Crystals also have the ability to rotate the plane
of polarization of light into the higher frequency of ultraviolet.
Ultraviolet is the highest frequency of the third dimensional light
spectrum. Therefore, it serves as a gateway into higher dimensions.

Scientists have theorized that the Global System for Mobile
Telecommunications (GSM) waves constitute a new mechanism of
transduction on the pineal membrane via the micro-crystals. GSM is a
digital technology that enables up to eight simultaneous telephone
conversations to be held on the same channel. This indicates the
potential of your Pineal Portal to receive multiple messages within the
NOW. In fact, your pineal gland controls your focus of attention on the
inner worlds of sleep and meditation or the outer worlds of physical
reality. Therefore, this ability to perceive multiple messages can
assist you in tuning into your inner SELF while you simultaneously
maintain a connection with your physical life.
The cerebrum of your brain is your
personal "sleeping giant," as it the center of your earth
electro-magnetic resonating power. The pineal gland is the positive
contact point and acts as the neuro-endocrine transducer, which
transmits its multidimensional information to the pituitary gland. Then,
your pituitary gland acts as the negative contact point to receive the
information and distribute it throughout the cerebrum. Next, the
cerebral cortex gathers the various frequencies of information into the
brain cells that are designated to convert electro-magnet frequencies
into electrical currents. These electrical currents dictate your
thoughts, actions and behaviors and are projected out into your reality
via your intentions.

When this transmuted cosmic energy collides with the current
Earth grid, it is re-absorbed by your pineal gland in such a way as to
create the illusion of the linear space/time of third dimensional
reality. However, a new Earth grid
will be activated in 2012 that will allow your brain to absorb at least
two more octaves of light waves through your pineal gland. A new
receptor will then grow in order to accommodate the added frequencies of
light waves. This will produce an additional dimensional experience and
dramatically transform our reality. (http://hiddenlighth ouse.wordpress.
com/category/ earth-grid/


To assure a higher state of consciousness, the hormones of your
pineal gland create a sense of peace, calm and even bliss. The hormone
melatonin collects the light into the "eye" within your Pineal
It is this light that you see within when you are meditating or in
states of bliss. Serotonin, the hormone that makes you feel calm and
centered, is also found in the pineal gland. Metatonin assists you in
being "awake" to your dream state, and DMT (dimethyltryptamine )
found in the Ayahuasca plant used for Shamanistic journeys, allows you
to "see" other dimensions and realities during sleep and/or

As your pineal gland shares the incoming light messages your
pituitary gland, your pituitary gland (Master Gland), shares that gift
with your entire body via the ductless glands of your endocrine system.
As this cycle of multidimensional light and unconditional love produces
higher consciousness, and thus loving thoughts and emotions, the
resonance of the matter of your earth vessel continually raises. In this
manner, you are gradually transmuting your physical body into a light
For more about the pineal gland please the below excellent youtubes:
Pineal Gland Awareness + Awakening Third Eye com/watch? v=TN1reb_ Lzi8&feature= related

Pineal Gland 101: Pineal Gland Activation com/watch? v=V5c4qoG8fZM& feature=related

To summarize, you were you born
with your Pineal Portal opened, but life in the third dimension has all
but closed it. However, many of you have re-opened your Personal Portal
by raising your resonance through meditation, spiritual practice and
healthy living. Furthermore, due to Gaia's higher frequency, many
children born today are far more likely to be able to maintain a fully
functional pineal gland and opened Pineal Portal.
This opened portal sets their
baseline brainwaves, not on the 3D beta brainwaves, but on the
multidimensional theta brainwaves and above. If you had a choice of
traveling through the cosmos and speaking with your Soul, would you want
to clean your room, do your homework or get ready for school? The
Universe is the school for these awakened ones, and few members of your
educational system are awake enough to connect with these children in a
meaningful way. Parents also struggle with this challeng.
However, this issue will soon
change as more and more "adults" awaken and awakened children
grow into
adults. These awakened adults will also prefer to soar the higher
dimensions and visit with their Galactic Families. Going to work,
driving in traffic, paying bills and cleaning the house will not hold
the same attraction as traveling inter-dimensionally and
multidimensionally creating a new reality. Thus, what are you, the
conscientious parents and workers of Earth do? The answer is, YOU
change reality, which you are doing NOW.

You care for your pineal portal in the same way that you care
for your physical body by choosing good nutrition, exercise, meditation,
adequate sleep, stress management and time under the Sun. Time under
the Moon is good, too. Try moon bathing. Your pineal gland is your
inter-dimensional portal to your Multidimensional SELF, and it takes a
healthy body to integrate the changes in your life when you open that
A fully opened pineal gland
creates a state of deep meditation (theta brain waves) during ordinary
waking hours. This is why you may feel "spacey" and "disorientated" as
you adjust to ordinary life at this higher resonance of consciousness.
The greatest challenge is to stay grounded in your physical reality
while living a "normal life" with theta wave consciousness.
theta consciousness can create everyday miracles by shaping energy with
positive intention and unconditional love.
The "fuel" to keep this portal
open is the body's Endocrine, or Hormonal, System. The hormones of the
Endocrine system transmit the multidimensional light and unconditional
love throughout your entire body by entering the cerebrospinal fluid and
bloodstream. These hormones regulate the energy and functioning of the
physical body. If the Endocrine system is over stimulated, it produces
energy surges and imbalances.
Many of you are experiencing
"power surges" in your pineal gland because of the myriad
electromagnetic emissions from the Galactic Center. These power surges
can easily over-stimulate your Endocrine System, which creates stress,
anxiety and diminishment of your immune system. The pineal and the
pituitary glands work together as the bio-energetic "circuit board" for
your biological computer brain. The pineal gland receives the torsion
waves from the Galactic Center and then transmits them to the pituitary
The pituitary gland regulates the
secretion of hormones for the entire Endocrine System. When it receives
the cosmic light from the pineal gland, it distributes it throughout the
entire body to maintain hormonal balance. If the pituitary is over
stimulated, it can temporarily over stimulate the thyroid gland (throat
chakra) and the adrenals (root chakra), producing surges of energy and
the feeling of being on a "high." This energy surge imbalances the body,
and if this continues for too long it can produce adrenal burn-out or
stress exhaustion.
Over-stimulation of the Endocrine
System can also produce extreme physical exhaustion as the thyroid moves
between over activity and under activity, in an attempt to regulate the
energetic fluctuations of the body. It can also produce depression and
anxiety, as brain chemicals such as serotonin are also put out of
balance. As a result, the individual can experience extreme physical and
emotional symptoms as the body seeks to cope with this new surge of
evolutionary energy.
The thymus gland rules your immune
system, and is the energy portal of the High Heart where the
multidimensional light can be experienced as unconditional love. It is
because of this connection that "love heals." The heart chakra
rules the lungs. Hence, the act of physical breathing through your High
Heart elicits the feeling of unconditional love and activates your
immune chakra. In other words, Love Heals. In fact, the best way to calm
your entire body is through your breath.
When you breathe IN through your
opened Third Eye, you pull in the cosmic torsion waves interlaced with
serotonin to calm you, Metatonin and DMT to enlighten you. Then, when
you breathe OUT through your High Heart, you expand your experience with
unconditional love, as you share your gift with all of life. This type
of breathing also courses multidimensional light and unconditional love
through out your entire body.
This feeling counter-balances the
excess electrical stimulation at the Pineal by providing a feeling of
calmness, peace and love. The more you learn to breathe deeply, to
become a "conscious breather", the more you will activate the function
of the Thymus, which not only enhances feelings of unconditional love,
it also supports your physical immune system.
Remember, your Pineal Portal goes
two ways. It takes in the torsion waves flowing from the Galactic
Center, and it takes you Home for a visit with your SELF. To best care
for your portal, visualize your self, not as a human who visits the
higher dimensions, but as a light who visits your earth vessel. In other
words, see yourself as an individual photon in the unified ONE of
Multidimensional Light.

have been traveling through the Galactic Center and have come to assist
the Earthlings in their awakening. In fact, I am seeking a human who
will allow me entrance through his or her Crown Chakra. Yes, there
appears to be a human who is ready to open their Third Eye.
Perhaps I can be of assistance. I
enter through the pineal portal and wait just inside the human's
brain. I
wish to enter this human's consciousness so that I can share my gift
multidimensional light and unconditional love. However, Free Will Earth
rules state that I can't do so without an invitation. Therefore, I
I respect humans, for they have
survived the third dimension and are in the process of Awakening. They
have been cut off from the ONE for eons. Yet, somehow, they are now
awakening. Fortunately, my wait is short because my presence in the
pineal gland has stimulated the pineal gland to produce DMT, which is
creating a sense of euphoria and consciousness expansion for the human.
Serotonin is also being released in response to the positive sensations.

In response to these sensations,
the human is welcoming more. Therefore, I have been invited to enter the
expanding consciousness and rush into what appears to be a dark cave.
Shortly, I enter a huge cavern in the shape of an inverted triangle. The
entire cavern is filled with a liquid glimmering with crystals, and I
calmly enter it. Instantly, my great Light illuminates the formerly dark
cave. On the long roof of the cavern I see myriad lights that are
flashing to a frequency far lower than mine.
I contain my Light so as not to
harm this person. At what appears to be the front of the cave, a
circular vortex seems to be hanging from the ceiling. This vortex
appears to be a dispenser of powerful chemicals and hormones. Behind me,
another cone-shaped vortex hangs from the ceiling. This, too, appears
to be a hormone factory. Yet, whereas the other vortex seems to
dispense, this one appears to receive. It is this second vortex, at the
back of the cavern, that is my destination, for it appears to be the
receptor of higher dimensional Light. As I approach it, I realize that
it was also my entry point.
First, however, I feel a need to
enter the other gland, at the inverted peak of the cavern, as I know it
is the main control center of this vessel. As I approach the vortex, I
discover that this person can accept a only few amps of my Light at this
time. Therefore, after a speedy run through this vortex, I return to my
former destination at the rear of the cavern.
I find that my brief visit, to
what I now know is the pituitary gland, was enough to give me all the
information I need about this person. I now know exactly how much light
this person can accept without overloading the vessel's life
Hence, I slowly integrate my photon SELF into what I now know is the
pineal gland.
As I integrate into the Pineal
Gland, I am a bit surprised to find that I drift back into the fluid of
the cavern as a changed photon. I float through the cavern and, then,
through a small circular tunnel to enter yet another smaller cavern. I
do not linger here, as I am instantly integrated again into the humans
vascular system.
Within a flash of light, I AM the
blood flow as I enter every cell and atom of this biological vessel. It
is a unique feeling for me to experience gravity and density. I know
that even though this person may not realize what has happened, I have
initiated an extreme change in his/her consciousness. This expansion of
consciousness will, in turn, initiate a great transformation of the
earth vessel.
I feel sorry that my higher
vibration is causing discomfort, as the person now appears to be quite
uncomfortable in his/her body, mind and emotions. However, I know that
these symptoms are temporary and that the person will soon adapt to
their accelerated vibration.
Now that I have toured the entire
vessel via the blood flow, I decide that I will "set up camp"
inside the, soon-to-be opened, Third Eye. From here, I can gradually and
safely increase the frequency rate of this earth vessel. I settle in
and relax. Yes, this will be a great show. I will get to watch this
person, as well as the entire planet, raise their vibration into the
fifth dimension.
I feel good that I might have been
of some small assistance. Perhaps more of my photon friends will also
enter this person. What a party you will all have as we look out at
Earth through this person's Third Eye! I wonder if this grounded one
will ever know that I am HERE.

have been feeling as though something is sitting inside my head, making
things spin, and slowly turning up the volume. When this happens I get
snappy with any one who distracts me from finding out what is going on
in my head. Then, of course, I feel sorry, as I also know that there is
ME that no longer needs to "get snappy."
At least my heart is feeling fine
now. In fact, it feels as though something is growing or blooming inside
of it. It sounds kind of crazy, but it feels as though I am starting
to love myself. Actually, I am starting to love myself unconditionally.
Suddenly all the things that I should do, all the ways I should be, or
should know or get, are NOT important. I am fine, right now, exactly as
am. Wow, what a difference.

Now, if I can just do something about that fuzzy feeling in my
forehead, the cotton in my ears and the blurry vision, I will be fine.
No, I am already fine!! I will just feel better. I wonder if the new
love in my heart has something to do with my head. Could it be that
because I love myself now and no longer care what "they" think,
that I
am becoming a higher version of myself?

I don't know if I should say this, but I have been hearing
voices lately. Oddly enough, I hear the voices in my heart. No,
actually, I hear them in my mind, but I understand them in my heart. The
voices are saying that I am more than I thought I was. They are saying
that a light is coming into me that is opening a portal at the top of my
head. They say, if I can continue to love myself, I can follow
the "feel" of that unconditional love to find the portal of light into
another version of reality.

All right, now that the cat is out of the bag, I might as well
tell you that I actually did it. I actually followed the feeling of love
to find a portal at the top of my head, or was it the center of my
brain? Once I got close to the portal, I lost all sense of time and
space and didn't really know where I was, but it was wonderful.
first I followed the love that expanded beyond my heart space down into
the Earth. The voices told me to be sure to get grounded, so I thought
about my favorite place in nature and shared my love with it. That part
was easy.

The difficult part was surrendering to the flow of the love as
it carried me upwards into the unknown. At first I resisted and became
very nervous, even a little scared. Then I thought, "what do I have
to lose? I want a new life, and I am willing to even face my fear to get
it." It was then that the voices reminded me that I won't
"get" it, I will "create" it. Yes, that did sound much
more empowering. I am pretty new to loving myself, so my thinking
process needs a rebooting.

With a sense of inner power, I continue my journey. Once I let
go of my fear and surrendered to the love, I felt a beam of light (that
almost seemed to be waiting for me) carry me into what looked like outer
space. The voice told me it was inner space for all inter-dimensional
travel occurs within my SELF. Somehow, that gave me comfort, and I was
able to completely relax and enjoy the ride.

And what a ride it was! There is more than I can remember and much
more than I can put into words, but I left. I left who I had become and
returned to who I really was all along. The final scene in 2001: A Space
where the astronaut became an infant finally made sense. I
became an infant to my new SELF, and the beginning of my new life began.


Dear Grounded Ones, we the Arcturians, know what great fortitude
it takes to maintain faith and hope as you watch the world around you
collapse bit by bit. Every day there is a new story in the news or on
your Internet, which speaks of the downfall of yet another system that
you once thought would last your entire life. Fortunately, because of
your awakening, you are aware that this change is actually a sign that
you are correct in your knowing that Gaia is ascending, for where else
is She to go? Her holographic matrix has been tainted with the virus of
fear for too long, and the third dimensional systems cannot tolerate the
frequency and speed of the new energy that is constantly coursing
through Her planetary body.
That's why there are many new
"diseases" occurring which baffle your medical practitioners and
scientists. They are confused because there is not an explanation for
these "diseases" in their third dimensional paradigm. This is,
course, true. Your reality no longer resonates to only the third
dimensional hologram, which is upsetting the hologram, creating flickers
of disruption through the entire planet. We wish to remind you that
these "disruptions" are actually Portals into your new world.
When you catch a glimpse of a
portal, you may think, "Is this real?," which leaves you with
age-old question. "What is real?" Our dearest ones, we say that
YOU are
real. Whatever you hold in your heart and mind is REAL for YOU created
it. Yes, we know that our statement rattles the remains of your Third
Dimensional Operating System. Good! For it is within this NOW that you
release the shackles of the old paradigm and accept, integrate, ground
and live the true reality of your SELF.

We wish to give you a technique that will assist in adapting to
your "download" of cosmic light. As the greater love and light
your consciousness and form, old habits and memories of fear and
darkness are pushed to the surface to be released. Most of this fear is
ancient, but it loves to attach itself to anything in today's life
is vaguely similar. Therefore, it is best to deal with the fear as an
energy field. To assist you in releasing this ancient fear, imagine two
channels of reality in your brain.
One channel is on the left side of
your forehead, which is symbolic of the old third dimensional thinking
of duty, guilt, worry and stress. The other channel is on the right side
of your forehead, which is symbolic of peace, calm, flow and
unconditional love.
Your opened Third Eye is
in-between the two, and it monitors your myriad mental messages. As a
fearful message invades the left side of your forehead (the left/fear
channel), simply switch channels over to the right side of your forehead
(the right/love channel). Don't try to analyze the fear at all, just
switch channels! Try it...
The long-term goal is to stay
in-between the two channels, for that is the Path of the Flow of the
ONE. You can practice finding that center when you are in the process of
releasing fear.
Won't it be glorious when you
don't have to release fear? Won't it be wonderful when you KNOW
you are
safe, loved and guided in every moment of your life? When you are fully
centered, you feel connected with your SELF. However, when you are
stressed and forging your way through daily life, you feel disconnected
from your SELF, others and the planet. That is when you can change
emotions/resonance by taking a quick moment to switch over to the love
Yes, emotions and resonance are
the same. Take a moment to feel your stress, anxiety, depression or
whatever face Fear is choosing right now...

Remember that much of this fear is from the Collective and/or Planetary
Next, indulge in your fear and feel how the resonance of your body
Now SWITCH CHANNELS to love...

Feel how the resonance of your body rises and your consciousness
With this higher state of consciousness, your inter-dimensional travels
will exceed your greatest hopes.