Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Power of Our Mind

The Power of Our Mind
by Mary Mageau
November 1, 2010

In these current times many wonderful avenues of learning and information are making themselves freely available to us. New ideas about personal growth and dynamic forms of spiritual development can now be accessed through a plethora of seminars, workshops, classes, books, magazines, CDs and the internet. Seek out these new opportunities and be prepared to step away from your traditional comfort zone, as many of these new practices will contribute beneficially and positively to the raising of your consciousness. Greater knowledge and positive experience begets a growing awareness, which always leads into an expanded state of consciousness.

So many times we've all experienced an urge to take a different pathway or to select another track on which to move ahead in our lives. Equally we may wonder how a beneficial future experience, one that we truly desire, can actually be attained. We know that energy always follows thought and that every intentionally focused thought, results in its manifestation at some future time. Our quantum universe allows for multiple parallel realities to exist simultaneously, to accommodate our various individual thought selections. And every time we formulate a clearly focused thought intention, we select that particular pathway or probability field which we will then experience.

We are constantly interacting with probability fields whether or not we are aware of them. When we become clear about the end results we prefer to experience, our thoughts will immediately interact with the energies that are already in motion. Perhaps there is a difficult experience unfolding for you and if so, you can interact in an instant to initiate the vision of a different outcome. You are never without power in any moment. Remember too that if a strong emotion accompanies your thought, its results will return to you more quickly. Through the process of Master Minding you can take the conscious steps to deliberately select more of what you want and choose to experience.

Master Minding is not about striving for perfection in each moment but it's about fine tuning the future you want to experience by using your power of thought. What course do you want to manifest in the immediate future? You choose and create it by 'seeing' a different outcome. The 'how' of this will reveal itself either as an inspired action to take, or will arrive as something different from what you initially thought would occur. Think of all your future realities as one immensely shimmering, dancing probability field. If you sense a glimmer of a future you do not want to happen, recognize that you are part of this field, make a conscious decision not to experience it, and know that you can successfully create a different outcome.

An interesting example of this process comes from the Louisa Rhines collection, Hidden Channels of the Mind. In it a seasoned soldier of WWI noticed that every time one of his buddies reported having a hunch that his 'number was up,' he was unfortunately proved to be correct. Usually he was seriously wounded or killed shortly thereafter. When this soldier had a foreboding that he was in for a hit he worked hard to shake the feeling. Try as he might was unable to shake it off so he began to readjust his thoughts about the probable event. He tells us, "I began to hope in my mind that I would not be crippled so as to be a burden to anyone. Over and over I mentally rejected wounds to this and that part of my body, until finally I settled for a flesh wound in the back of my left shoulder." Two days later the soldier sighted a small knoll he had been ordered to take and recognized that this was the place where 'it' would happen. Shortly after the battle began he took a hit. A piece of shrapnel had made a severe cut in the back of his left shoulder.

Since we have been given the power to actually co-create and influence our own existence, why do we so often fail to achieve the results that we desire? Is it the structure and formulation of our thoughts themselves that are the major contributing factor? How many times have you or others hoped for, wished for, wanted or needed something and still have never received it?

I wish I could find a loving partner - I hope that I'll earn a better income - I want an interesting, more rewarding job - or I need a holiday but can't afford the time right now. By simply thinking or verbally expressing these sorts of thoughts, we command into our lives the experiences of hoping, wishing, wanting or needing. If we wish we could earn more money, the creativity of our quantum selves and our thoughts will remove money in order to give us the experience of wishing for more money. Instead we must command changes to our reality that relate to what we are actually being, rather than to what we are wishing for.

If there is something we would like to experience don't want it, simply choose it. We can turn the situation around by thinking in the most positive way. Be sure to preface your request with the words, 'for my highest good and the highest good of all.' Also ask or command within a specific time frame so that results will be manifested when you need them. Such words as: now, by the end of the month, at the beginning of next year, etc. should always frame the request. To give added impetus, visualize your receipt of the request while feeling the positive emotions that will accompany it. Consciously use strong, active verbs. Use each command after carefully considering it, with power and knowing, because in our quantum universe energy always follows a focused thought intention.

We can all create the best and most positive outcomes for ourselves and others. Within our quantum universe we have been given the powerful gift of free will which allows us become a co-creator. Now we must develop the spiritual maturity and wisdom to proactively take charge of our lives and our world. We must hold our most positive vision and focus on the highest goal so as to interact more powerfully with the future that we choose to experience.

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